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Emily Mortimer: "I Bore People With How Brilliant The Children Are"

Shutter Island star Emily Mortimer can't help but gush over her two children with husband Alessandro Nivola - 6-month-old daughter May, and 6 1/2-year-old son, Samuel. The actress has revealed that she did have one concern, however, while pregnant.

In an interview with The Guardian via Contact Music, Mortimer revealed that she was a bit worried that her daughter would inherit her grandfathers "odd-shaped" jaw!

It was such a freak jaw. I was living in dread that was going to emerge, but she's gorgeous. I bore people with how brilliant the children are. Because it doesn't seem like they are connected to you at all. It's like a stork brought them.

Mortimer then continued to gush, saying, "You realize this the minute they come out. This person is already who they are and they are already brilliant and I've had no impact on it whatsoever."

Nivola and Mortimer were married in 2003 after meeting on the set of a film 3-years earlier.


Emily Mortimer Talks Motherhood And Diaper Cream

Actress Emily Mortimer recently sat down with Babble to talk about her two children, and getting her body back into shape after her latest pregnancy.

On her husband's role around the house:
"When my last baby was being born, my husband was doing a play so he didn’t get up in the night very often since he was in the thick of an intense and very brilliant performance. He’s more than made up for it now. He’s very peaceful and sweet. May very cleverly saves all her best smiles for him, so he’s fallen madly in love."

On her favorite baby products:
"Jurlique baby cream for diaper rash. It’s wonderful and smells of lavender. It’s brilliant. I’ve been putting it on everyone and everywhere. I put it on my son’s lips, and he was so pissed that I was putting diaper rash cream on his lips, but it completely worked. I had a zit which I squeezed, and I put it on there and it worked. Everyone in the house is being smothered by the Jurlique diaper rash cream."

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Emily Mortimer Shares Motherhood Woes

It has been only a few months since the birth of Emily Mortimer's second child, May Rose, and the actress is experiencing what most moms feel at some point, little time for herself! In an interview with Hollywood Life, Mortimer shares the details of motherhood saying, that “days go by without having a shower," and "You’re lucky if you get to brush your teeth before about 6 o’clock in the afternoon."

The actress, who recently confessed her pregnancy faux pax, and husband Alessandro Nivola are also parents to 6-year-old Samuel.

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Emily Mortimer: New Daughter May Is “Very Advanced”

Actress Emily Mortimer was on the red carpet for the New York premiere of her new film Shutter Island, though the mom-of-two admits it was hard to leave her new daughter May behind.

“The new baby is so sweet,” the British-born actress told OK!. “It’s heartbreaking leaving her [for the] evening. I feel like it’s going to be such a long night, but I can’t wait to see the movie.”

The proud mama - who recently confessed to dining on raw chicken during her last pregnancy - was happy to boast about the family's newest addition: “She’s smiling. She’s very advanced. She’s only a month old, but she’s very advanced.”


Emily Mortimer Confesses Pregnancy Faux Pas

Just two weeks after welcoming her daughter May Rose Nivola (who she describes as "so bloody sweet I can't get over it") in January, actress Emily Mortimer somehow found time - and energy! - to chat with Vanity Fair about her highly anticipated new film Shutter Island and a few of the ups and downs of pregnancy and motherhood. The British-born star and her husband, actor Alessandro Nivola, are also parents to 6-year-old son Sam.

On how things change after kids: "With [the new baby] it’s not yet difficult, because all she does is sleep and eat, but I can remember with Sam… After I had Sam my teeth were just rotten, because the doctor - my very posh English gynecologist - told me not to bother taking any vitamins while I was pregnant, that it was totally unnecessary, and that I was welcome to carry on smoking if I needed to. I gave up smoking, but I didn’t take any vitamins, and because of that I had to get a mouthful of fillings. So I went to the dentist for a three-hour session where he just put fillings into my mouth, and I can remember thinking as I sat in the chair, Oh, this is nice! Three hours to myself when I can sit in the dentist’s chair and not be worrying about the baby! And so there’s that - when even horrific visits to the dentist become a treat."


Emily Mortimer Welcomes Baby Girl May!

Congratulations to Pink Panther star Emily Mortimer and husband Allesandro Nivola have welcomed their second child!

According to the UK’ Telegraph, baby May was born via c-section on January 15 in New York City, reports the UK’s Telegraph.

“It’s been a very exciting few days,” says the happy mom-of-two. Exciting indeed! Just three days later, she became an aunt as her sister Rosie welcomed a baby boy in London.

Emily and Allesandro, who have been married since 2003, are also parents to 6-year-old Samuel John.