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Victoria Rowell is an idiot


Honestly, we had no idea who this B-list soap star was…until she came to the Emmys with Obama’s mug plastered on her. And then we found out her name is Victoria Rowell…and that she’s not very smart. Don’t get us wrong…we’re not saying that anyone who voted for the Prez is of a lesser intelligent species…we’re just saying that when the campaign for “Change” is long over and the winds of “Change” have turned into a tornado of more bad news but you choose to show up in a silly, albeit glamorous ceremony meant to celebrate entertainment still campaigning and giving the thumbs up…well, then you’re a certified idiot…unless ofcourse you thought the color of the carpet and Obama’s face give the whole thing a deeper meaning…in which case also plastering the face of Castro somewhere along the hemline of the dress would make an even greater sense.