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The View Talks RHOA Reunion Fight And Whoopi Has Some Real Word For Kenya Moore [Video]

This like that Chris Rock bit… “We’re not saying it’s OK to kill the b***h, but we understand.”


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*Exclusive* Chilli Spills The Beans On Her Featured Episode Airing Tonight “Celebrity Undercover” [Video]

Chilli talked to Bossip about her Episode of “Celebrity Undercover” airing tonight on Oxygen.

Chilli goes undercover casting back up dancers for TLC’s new music project. Do fans really want a TLC comeback?

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Sundy Carter Goes In On People Saying She Used Larry Hughes (Who Was Married At The Time) For A “Baby Momma Paycheck” [Video]

Sundy’s relationship with former NBA baller Larry Hughes has been fodder for the haters for sometime. The two have a six year old daughter, Kennedy, but during the time of their relationship, Hughes was married. When Sundy stopped by the HipHollywood loft she was candid about their relationship. “Clearly it wasn’t immaculate conception…we knowingly did this,” Carter revealed when speaking about their affair.

youtube HipHollywood

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First Lady Michelle Obama Talks Scandal Season Finale [Video]

If FLOTUS only knew what’s been on that cheek…

ET’s own Rocsi Diaz caught up with First Lady Michelle Obama at the 136th White House Easter Egg Roll, getting her reaction to the shocking season finale of ABC’s Scandal.

NDN Entertainment Tonight


Basketball Wives LA Season Finale & Best Moments: Sundy Yells At Brandi “That’s Why You Can’t Have No Kids… I Got 3 (Baby Daddies)” [Video]

Jackie questions Brittish about socializing with the “enemy.”

Turn the pages and enjoy…


April Is Twerk Month: High School Teacher Twerking For Juicy J!! [Video]


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New Young Money Music Video “Senile” Has Nicki Minaj As A Chola (Tyga, Nicki Minaj, And Lil Wayne) [Video]

Commercial dopeness?

VEVO youtube

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Another Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Promo: Mimi & Nikko Talk Intimately About His Sex Game “You Should Teach Classes” [Video]

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Mimi praises Nikko for the magic that happens during their most intimate moments. Don’t forget to tune in to the season premiere of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta on Monday, May 5th + 8/7c on VH1.


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Lindsay Lohan Talks EVERYTHING: Defends “Cool Mom,” Discusses Working With Oprah, Coachella Rumors, And The Infamous “List” [Video]

Part I: Lindsay Lohan talks about what she learned while working with Oprah Winfrey.

Turn the pages and enjoy…

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Song of the Day: The Highwaymen “Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys”

Today I am sitting in a coffee shop down the street from the Carlsbad flower fields here in SoCal because there is no internet at my house. It’s just one of the adventures in San Diego real estate. Meh. Anyway, this song, “Mamas Don’ Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys” came on and [...]

Hi Hater: Rosie O’Donnell Fires Shots At Lindsay Lohan’s Show And She Doesn’t Care Who “OWNS” It [Video]

Well… tell us how you really feel.


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You Got Us Twisted Exclusive: Ebro Says “Bossip Is In The Blognatt” And In Cahoots With The Breakfast Club [Video]

Ebro from Hot 97 decided to talk about our senior editor ‘Janee Bolden’s’ friendship with Angela Yee being the reason behind The Breakfast Club killing them in stats and getting the kind of juice we post daily. But, he’s got it twisted…

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Proof She’s Not Perfect: Watch Beyonce Fall Down Stairs During Her Last Tour Show In Lisbon! [Video]

It looks like that fall would hinder the toughest woman and maybe that’s the reason she was crying during this show finale, but she sure played it off well.

If you missed Beyonce crying at this show… turn the page and peep.

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Sway Falls In Love With Crying Brittany Daniels While She Explains Keenan Ivory Wayans Relationship! [Video]

Sway loves him some… ripe women.

BET’s ‘The Game” star Brittany Daniel stopped by Sway in the Morning to discuss the shows new episode. Additionally, he talked about dating and working with the Wayans. Additionally, she revealed the real reasons why she left the show a few seasons ago. She also discussed how she saved her money when she was out of work. Additionally, she took calls from listeners who wanted to share their health stories as well. Catch the show on BET every Tuesday at 10/9C.

Swaysuniverse youtube

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Sunday Style: Rihanna Chose To Sport “Free Country” Jackets This Winter! [Video]


These jackets are dope and warm… how could you asks for anything better?:

As this year’s treacherous winter chill still isn’t over, it’s time to take a cue from A-list celebrities and embrace what’s left of the season by bundling up in trendsetting gear.

From Rihanna and Hilary Duff’s bright-colored coats to Elizabeth Hurley and Bella Thorne’s chic, winter white jackets, Free Country, the leading lifestyle apparel brand that produces activewear and swimwear for men, women and children, allows you to “get the celebrity look” with a wide range of fashion-forward outerwear. By combining high-performance fabrics with smart styling techniques at affordable prices, Free Country keeps you warm and on-trend with the chicest celebs this season. youtube

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Kaley Cuoco Covers Cosmopolitan Magazine: Talks Breakups, Marriage & Being Obsessed With Online Comments

I think my smile says it all #firstcosmocover Marriage looks good on her. The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco is Cosmopolitan Magazine’s cover girl for May, and she looks fantastic! In the magazine, out April 8th 2014, she talks dating co-star Johnny Galecki, Superman’s Henry Cavill, her wedding to husband Ryan Sweeting, and her obsession [...]

Kelly Rowland Is Caress’ New Celebrity Fabulista! #CaressMe

We have exciting news for all my little bees!  Caress is announcing today that Kelly Rowland (formerly of Destiny’s Child) is their new celebrity Fabulista. Kelly is excited to inspire women to enjoy every day experiences in a fresh way. She knows how important it is to start every morning feeling fabulous, which is why [...]

Exclusive: Yung Joc Talks Dating Old “Karlie Redd” And Being On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta [Video]

Yung Joc talks to us about knocking Old Karlie Redd’s backs into outer space

, Ratchet Reality TV, and Love And Hip Hop Atlanta.

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Entertainment: New Mad Men Final Season Trailer: Peace

Go ahead and pour yourself a cocktail, the final season of Mad Men begins April 13th. AMC has released another trailer for the first half of the final season. All I have to say is that it had better live up to the hype. Watch it below. Mad Men Season 7 Trailer: Peace *My Socal [...]

Entertainment: Mystery Science Theater 3000 Is Returning To TV!

This Southern California pinup is squealing with glee! The crew from Mystery Science Theater 3000 is BACK! National Geographic is bringing the RiffTrax crew — Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy (as Tom Servo) and Bill Corbett (as Crow T. Robot) — back for three episodes on April 1. While details are not yet available, the trio [...]

This Has Gone Too-Far!!: Rapper Named Richboy KARDASHIAN & Savage Qwon Drop Music “Shawty Like Burberry” [Video]

YES! Rappers have now adopted Kim Kardashian’s name!


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*Exclusive* Working Out With Terrio Ep. 1: Lil Terrio Hits The Gym With Bossip.Com And Professional Boxer Breon Smiley [Video]

Your boy Lil Terrio linked up with to get his workout on in this “Working Out With Terrio Part 1.” Folks are always talking about how “Lil Terrio needs to get fit,” so we thought we would do our part in helping the little man on his mission to wellness by incorporating X3 Sports and professional boxer Breon Smiley.

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Maury: 6 Women And 6 Babies Tested, But Which Guy Is The “Baby Daddy?” [Video]

The women on today’s show want to prove once-and-for-all who the father of their babies are! Jash is denying both Sasha and Amanda’s kids. And Charles is making babies all over town! Supposedly he has 7 kids, by two women who want Maury’s DNA test to prove he is the father. And later, although Mike has been a great father to his son, Jessica may crush his sweet dreams of fatherhood if she proves that his ex-friend JR could be the father of her child. Will the past ruin Mike’s life when the results are revealed? Shocking DNA results on today’s Maury!



Mad Men Season 7 Cast Photos

The final season of retro-vintage-mega-hit Mad Men is finally upon us. AMC has released the Mad Men Season 7 cast photos and they show everyone in a new early 70s light. Oof, the fashion of the late 1960s and early 70s sure was… um… unique. Don Draper (Jon Hamm) has not changed all too much, [...]

Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss Opens Up About “Traumatic” Marriage

When Elisabeth Moss had a quickie marriage to SNL’s Fred Armisen, this little Southern California pinup was a little worried. But you know, I hear love is a good thing so what do I know. Then came their divorce in 2010, just 8 months after their wedding, and the rumors of Fred’s infidelity and that [...]

Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Kordell Breaks His “Gay” Silence And The Question Is “Was Porsha A Beard?” [Video]

The Atlanta ladies are a little tired of Porsha Stewart constantly crying about her divorce.

Turn it for all the updates and highlights…

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Stacy Keibler Marries Boyfriend

Former WWE wrestler, and Dancing with the Stars contestant, Stacy Keibler has married her tech boyfriend Jared Pobre. “My happiness is indescribable!” Keibler, 34, tells PEOPLE. “Marriage is the ultimate bond of love and friendship. It means putting all your faith and trust into a person that you can’t help but believe is your soul [...]

Song of the day: Dean Martin Winter Romance

Spring is nowhere to be found, though it is two weeks away. So why don’t we just embrace it for now and have a retro Winter Romance with Dean Martin. I know this Southern California pinup has some vintage ski outfits around here somewhere.    *My Socal Lifestyle with Celebs, Gossip and Pinup Girls* Follow [...]

The Return Of Mad Men’s Final Episodes See Season 7 Teaser HERE!!

The is the last season of cult hit, Mad Men. Season 7 premieres April 13th on AMC, but until then, we have this teaser. Yes, it is on the short side, but at least Don Draper looks like he crawled out from the bottle of his bottle and took a shower. I wonder where he [...]

Beyonce Releases “Welcome To The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour 2014″ (Europe) [Video]

A sneak peek into the return of The Mrs. Carter Show in Europe.


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Song of the Day: “All Of Me” John Legend/Tiesto

John Legend is proving that you don’t need anything over the top to be an amazing song maker. His ballad “All of Me” is just him, and the piano, and is sure to be the wedding song of the year. All of Me is already the biggest hit of his career, and its simplicity is [...]

World Premiere: Beyonce “Partition” Music Video With Jay-Z Riding Shotgun! [Video]

bey is nasty

We placed the video on the second page… Because Beyonce’s lyrics and dancing in this video are labeled “explicit.” So, turn the page with caution…

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Christina Aguilera Is “Happy” About Being Pregnant Again

Well, I guess that explains the engagement announcement on Valentine’s Day. Can we say shotgun? Christina Aguilera is having a another baby, this time with her boyfriend. Xtina has a six year old boy, Max, with her former husband Jordan Bratman. “They’re very much in love and are really excited to take this next step!” [...]

Charlie Sheen Is Engaged Again

Cupid’s arrow is covered in tiger’s blood! Charlie Sheen got engaged this Valentine’s Day weekend to his girlfriend, Brett Rossi. In a statement only he could make, Charlie, who refers to Brett Rossi as Scottie, said told People: “With all due respect to Donna – that maiden Klay-Vinn was annulled. Therefore, if “three” truly is [...]

Meet The New Basketball Wives LA Baby Mommas Castmates: Sundy Carter & Brittish Williams [Video]

Wow, this chick sure is modest and humble…

Sundy Carter starts stirring up trouble from the moment she is introduced to the group. Suffering from one scandal after another, Sundy wishes she could keep her private life private. Season 3 Premieres Monday, 2/17 + 8/7c.

Turn the page to meet Brittish…

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Song Of The Day: “Don’t Let Me Down” John Mayer & Keith Urban

Last night, this little SoCal pinup stayed up and watched the 50th anniversary TV special about the the Beatles coming to the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. It was mostly “meh” with a few sparkles thrown in. I mean, face it, it was a bunch of bands doing cover tunes of the Beatles… and WTF [...]

New Video: Lyrica Anderson Feat. Ty Dolla $ign – “Unf**k You”


Have you ever wished you could un-love someone from your past? Lyrica Anderson ponders that in her new video for her current single “Unf**k You” featuring Ty Dolla $ign. She croons “you don’t deserve my love” while trying to move on. Her forthcoming EP King Me 2 is a follow up to last year’s fan favorite King Me mixtape. Peep the clip below:

King Me 2 will be out later this spring with features by Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign and Kevin Gates. Anderson also recently wrote Jennifer Hudson’s next single “Walk It Off,” produced by Timbaland.

What do you think of this track and visual?

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Jamie Foxx Is Looking Cray In The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Official Enemies Trailer (2014) [Video]

Jamie has become quite the actor.


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Kate Upton’s Super Bowl Party With Tracy Morgan Teaching Her Touchdown Dance Plus Michael Strahan! [Video]

Tracy Morgan tries to show Kate Upton a thing or two about a proper Super Bowl touchdown dance during some downtime on their “We’ve Got Game” Mario Testino photo shoot for Vogue’s February edition.

Turn the pages for more from Kate’s Super Bowl party…

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Budweiser’s Puppy Love Super Bowl Commercial VIDEO

Can you stand the cuteness? Budweiser decided to go for the heartstrings with their 2014 Super Bowl commercial. Puppy love … pass the tissues… I have some dust in my eye. *sniff*  * My Southern California Lifestyle with Entertainment, Celebrity Gossip and Pinup Girls * Subscribe to’s  FEED, and follow me on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, [...]