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Erykah Badu’s Innovative Hair Story


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No Hair, Don’t Care: 11 Female Celebrities Who Look Fabulous With A Buzz Cut

buzz cut beauties

Who says you have to have a head full of hair (or weave) to make it in Hollywood? These beauties went with the buzz cuts and knocked the look out the park.

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Erykah Badu’s Badass Accessory Game


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Erykah Badu goes completely naked at JFK assassination landmark for new video (with video)


Erykah Badu hasn’t exactly been on the music radar for quite a while now. So what better way to shock and set the internet on fire than to walk amongst unsuspecting pedestrians slowly taking your clothes off only to reveal your wild-nature beaver, stretchmark lines and sucked-dry titties to a bunch of mortified mothers and sure to be traumatized kids moments before somebody fake-shoots you to the ground. Erykah told the press her goal was to showcase the assassination of someone’s character when they expose themselves, to prevent “groupthink” which eventually leads to hating and to evolve the way people think.Which is exactly when we realized we must be entirely un-evolved because damn it, the whole time we were watching this we were trying to figure out who to match her with for a celebrity butt deathmatch…and then we settled on Kim Kardashian and the voices in our heads finally quieted down.

FYI: Indecent public exposure is punishable by up to a year in jail, but surprisingly no cop showed up to arrest her. Guess the cops were also involved in the same group thinking as we were. Big Butt, Big Butt, baby let me slap that ass, that ass…Erika baby, you’re fighting a lost cause.


Erykah Badu’s ‘Window Seat’ video is a purpose-driven striptease, featuring the singer walking through the city center of her hometown Dallas, tossing her clothes and walking slowly to the tune of the track. Immediately after Badu goes full nude, a gunshot rings out, her head whips back violently as her body goes limp, tumbling to the ground, leaving spectating citizens utterly confounded.

And it all goes down “within feet” of Dealey Plaza, the infamous spot of John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963, the Dallas Morning News reports.

Badu told the newspaper the video was a “protest” and “about liberating yourself,” adding that she chose the grassy knoll intentionally, for its historical significance.I tied it in a way that compared the assassination to the character assassination one would go through after showing his or her self completely, Badu told the Dallas Morning News. “That’s exactly the action I wanted to display.”

After Badu collapses, blue lines spill from her head, writing “groupthink” on the pavement. Badu has used the video to unleash a Twitterstorm of thoughts about the concept of groupthink. The clip concludes with the following spoken word passage:

They play it safe, are quick to assassinate what they do not understand. They move in packs, ingesting more and more fear with every act of hate on one another. They feel most comfortable in groups; less guilt to swallow. They are us; this is what we have become, afraid to respect the individual. A single person within our circumstance can move one to change, to love herself, to evolve.

A Dallas police officer told MTV if Badu had been spotted or reported, the combination of indecent exposure and the presence of children could have landed her a maximum fine of $4,000 and up to one year in jail … or both.

“What was crazy was the fact that it’s a high tourist area, so there was patrol cars all day, and I [was hearing] sirens, looking up and seeing some kind of sherriff’s car or something,” the video’s co-director, Chike, told MTV. “So I was like, ‘This is gonna be interesting.’ Her contingency plan was get arrested — she was big on doing it.” Chike’s partner Coodie said they had bail money ready, adding, “I think she really wanted to get arrested and even make a bigger message.”

We gleaned the following facts about the video, which was shot “guerilla style, no crew, one take, no warning,” from Badu’s Twitter:

funny thing is, the physical nudity is nothing lol . i been naked all along in my words actions and deeds . thats the real vulnerable place

hours before i talked to mama. she said she wasnt fully in favor but she had my back .

we only had 1 shot to get it right. we didnt plan the shot. too busy lookin for cops and being petrified

i remember tweeting that day. “okay here goes nothing” i felt like i was going 2 do something life threatening.

the people caught in the shot were trying hard to ignore me

heard people yelling diff things @ me but i held my head up and kept moving. there were children there. i prayed they wouldnt b traumatized…


funny, i thought i was outta shape thus encouraging others toward self love .. but they think im showin off. lol. the irony .

The video arrived in tandem with the artist’s new album, ‘New Amerykah, Part Two: Return of the Ankh,’ her fifth studio release since her 1997 debut.



Chrisette Michele

Chrisette Michele Payne (born December 8, 1982), known professionally as Chrisette Michele, is an American R&B and soul singer–songwriter on the Island Def Jam Music Group. Michele was born in Central Islip, New York. She sings in a jazz style reminiscent of singers such as Esther Phillips, Sarah Vaughn, Jill Scott, Macy Gray, Erykah Badu, and Ella Fitzgerald. She won a Grammy Award for Best Urban/Alternative Performance in 2009 for her song “Be OK”.