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Minka Kelly is ‘s Sexiest Woman Alive 2010

The Beautiful and lusciously sexy Minka Kelly has been crowned Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive 2010. I’m happy and totally comfortable with Esquire’s choice because I’ve always been aware of the power of those toned abs and impish smile. She totally deserved the honor! If you have any problem, or questions, or if you just want to measure the validity of Esquire’s decision, then just hit the jump and check out the picture gallery followed by two sexy videos by Esquire.
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Mary-Louise Parker gets naughty for

Here’s Mary-Louise Parker ready to serve her hot pie to anyone with a heart that doesn’t ask too many questions. I mean to say, irrelevant questions (read: Is she really 44?, or, OMG! Is she naked down there?). So if you happen to be someone who finds it too hard to resist asking such nonsensical questions, then GTF out of here! She’s game only if you have a burning desire to grab some hot stuff and satisfy your hunger. I’m off to try my luck. If you need any help making up your mind, then hit the jump and get cracking.

P.S. The pie giveaway is a part of her naughty photoshoot for the latest issue of Esquire magazine.
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