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Pair of TV presenters are France’s answer to America’s Bride of Wilderstein

article-0-09A11618000005DC-552_468x738We know this is not directly Hollywood gossip-related, but it was too freaky to pass.

Via DailyMail:

Thirty years ago they were the heartthrobs of French television with their own prime time series on science fiction.

Now Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff look more like one of the alien life forms they used to report on.

The twin brothers have had so much plastic surgery they are barely recogniseable, proving that many male celebrities are also becoming obsessed with using cosmetic procedures to look good.

Posing for pictures as the 150th anniversary party for luxury jeweller Chopard, the pair – now aged 60 – looked stranger than ever.

They are both understood to have a number of chin and cheek implants, as well as botox and fillers.

The Bogdanoff brothers were hugely popular on French television during the 1980s.

Their boyish good looks helped them secure a number of series on science and science fiction including the hugely popular Temps X.

But in the 1990s they had their first round of plastic surgery.

They were later embroiled in controversy over problems with work they published in physics journals, which were criticised by the scientific community.

On Tuesday night the pair spent the night partying at Chopard’s 150th private party alongside stars such as Naomi Campbell, Eva Herzigova, Marion Cotillard, Kate Beckinsale and Myleene Klass.


Eva Herzigova has an itch

FP_5020288_BARM_Herzigova_Eva_0151710And cue waking up in 3, 2, 1. Good morning everyone! Coffee and an upskirt shot of a supermodel for breakfast? Here’s Eva Herzigova on a photo shoot at the Hotel Martinez in Cannes either adjusting her undies or relieving a vaginal itch Cannes gave her somewhere along the way. Lovely upskirt shots come with a set of teeth that can tear you to shreds without a moment’s notice, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers.


Eva Herzigová & Family: Monday In Monaco

Eva Herzigová and her partner, Turinese entrepreneur Gregorio Marsiaj, took their son George for a walk in Monaco on Monday (April 19). The adorable 2 1/2-year-old tot kept it safe as he scooted alongside mom and dad wearing his helmet.

Eva was featured in our 10 Pregnant Celebrity Cover Girls story. The Czech model showed off her gorgeous baby bump while pregnant with George on the February 2007 cover of Vanity Fair.


GQ Russia recycles topless supermodels of the 90’s

13768_Supermodels_GQ_Magazine_Russia_April_2010_1_122_370loGQ Russia had a spectacular idea about how to deal with the recession hitting their frozen tundras and still get their comrades’ woodpecker ready for drilling. Put a semi-current photo of three topless aging supermodels, Helena Christensen, Claudia Schiffer and Eva Herzigova as your cover and then fill your pages with topless pictures of them from 20 years ago. Hey, why not? Who said being current and factual even matters when we’re talking about staring at breasts? And on that note, if you’ll excuse us, we’re getting ready to go into our time machine and visit Rachel Welch on the set of One Million Years B.C. See, we’ve been dying to ask her out on a date since 1970.


The complete ID mag picture set of “Old Supermodels Gone Wild”


After giving you a teaser yesterday, we were determined to find the entire naked truth about whether Eva Herzigova, Claudia Schiffer and Helena Christensen are worth getting out of bed for no less than $10,000 (although nowadays and with inflation accounted for, that’s less than what Josh Duhamel’s stripper demands for giving husbands like him some well deserved relief from the penis they share a bed with at home)…that is assuming their hips don’t crackle and their faces don’t look like  Droopy The Dog in which case they might just want to stay in bed and work on their voodoo dolls that they’re going to leave on Naomi Campbell’s doorstep (because after all her ass is still the balcony of a first floor building and their boobs are now the pavement and, yes, she is dating a multi billionaire).

In Helena’s defense, she’s the only one brave enough to bare her boobs without an inanimate object to hide behind. Which begs the question as to what kind of sorry sag bags, stretchmarks and gigantic breast-feeding nipples the other two are hiding from the world…but, we’ll never know, will we?


It’s Naked Veteran Supermodel Day;they might be old, but they’re not done taking their clothes off just yet


Here’s veteran supermodels Eva Herzigova, 36, and Claudia Schiffer, 39, in their leather thigh boots looking like they had a stroke or mild aneurysm that left them with a lazy eye (or was that winking) and Helena Christensen, 40, sandwiched in between them with a migraine that Tylenol couldn’t cure. Oh, and they’re naked, like the good old days. And because we don’t discriminate when it comes to breasts of a ripe age as long as they can slap our forehead senseless we’re going to go ahead and forget that in real life Eva’s and Claudia’s teeth have gone rogue and attacked the rest of their face, that Helena’s chin is now the size of a healthy mule’s penis and that in general the three of them look like the ghosts of Vooju island in Pirates of The Caribbean and cock-us as to whether they can still make us want to drill a hole into our neighbor’s apartment with our penis just to blow off some steam.

FYI, the photo shoot was created for I-D magazine and in one of the individual shots Claudia Schiffer is completely naked let for a small handbag that’s covering her crotch.


Cannes Film Festival:Monica Bellucci shows her curves, Eva Herzigova her bones and Mimi her fat rolls (with bonus-see nipples)


When the Film Cannes Festival rolls around we get very excited because we know we’re going to get the chance to check out Monica Bellucci who at the age of 45 puts most women half her age to shame. It goes without saying that we were not disappointed.

And from a goddess we now move on to the mummy bone collection at the Metropolitan Museum…just kidding. It’s only Eva Herzigova who seems to be all head (are we the only ones to recognize a faint resemblance with Medusa?) and chest bones these days (unless they force a bra with steel push-in mechanism on the sides to hide the black hole that is her cleavage).


Not to be outchested by anyone, Mariah Carey put on her most cheerful nipples…and outfits and descended in Cannes like a truckload of jelly beans. And moo moo dresses or not, Mariah can’t hide that all the happiness she shares with hubby Nick Cannon is sticking thick to her arms, thighs and midriff…ok and maybe to her breasts (because they looked like two pregnant mammals ready to give birth in that orange dress)…