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Hollywood, Then and Now

I can’t believe it’s been almost 20 years since my senior year in High School.  I knew back then that when we gathered for the reunion,  we would probably need a few name tags to identify one another.  Generally we’ve all changed to a certain degree,  but at the 20 year mark,  we’ve all changed to the point where it would deem necessary the use of name tags.  I walked into a grocery store the other day and saw a Facebook friend of mine that I had not seen since high school and didn’t recognize him.  I wonder how many other people I’ve seen out and about and didn’t make the connection.  I know some of us have lost our hair, gained some weight, grew some facial hair (and that’s just the women) even came across a few, “HOLY Sh*t!  WTF happened to you?”  moments.  All in all in the end,  it’s always good to see an old friend. 

Even though we didn’t have any celebrities from our class,  I wonder even if we did, would I even recognize them?  I’m glad that I treated people kindly, the same way that I do now, cause you never know when you will run into a ‘blast from the past’.  Imagine if you were the guy in H.S that dated Octo-mom with thoughts of one day raising a family.  Imagine if you were someone that laughed at Bill Gates for being a nerd way back when.  Imagine if you made fun of Angelina Jolie for having big lips.  I find joy in knowing that a few of the ‘unpopular’ kids are now so rich they could buy the venue our reunion will be held in.  I smile from ear to ear when I hear stories of ‘fat’ girls becoming ‘sexy’ movie actresses,  hanging on a poster in your sons bedroom as he tells you to ‘knock’ before you come in.  Gotta love karma.

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Tori Spelling: I see dead people!

Today Show Tori Spelling Dean McDermottTori Spelling’s hunger is getting to her brain matter, because she’s seen things. Dead things. Like Farah Fawcett who came to her for a chat: “Listen up Tori. Tell that fat bastard Ryan, nice going with Cheryl Tiegs. And going at it behind my casket at my OWN funeral is sooo not cool. Your testicles are mine to haunt forever!! Oh, and you should probably stick to sweaters. Darling, those things on your chest were never meant to see the day of light.”

Via Fox News:

While promoting her memoir “uncharted terriTORI” (her spelling, not ours), Tori Spelling spilled on one life experience that didn’t make it into the book.

She met Farrah Fawcett – after Farrah was dead.

“I was talking to a medium,” Tori told Access Hollywood Tuesday. “I was hoping my dad [‘Charlie’s’ Angels’ producer Aaron Spelling] would come through.”

Nope – she got former neighbor Farrah instead!

“Farrah Fawcett came through in my reading loud and clear,” Tori said. “It was really awkward for him as well. He’s like, ‘I have never had this happen.’”

Tori said she had known Farrah for years, as her dad had produced “Charlie’s Angels.”

So what did Farrah say? Tori’s not saying.

“She wanted me to give a message to her family about how she was doing,” Tori said.

Tori relayed the information from Farrah’s spirit to longtime compantion Ryan O’Neal and son Redmond.

“I haven’t heard from Ryan so I don’t know, you know, I’m hoping you know he understood what I was trying to say and doesn’t think I’m some loony.”


Ryan O’Neal was banging Cheryl Tiegs to get over his grief for Farrah Fawcett

Oscars Elton John Party

Listen, this should come as no surprise to no one. After all, this is a guy who admitted hitting on his own daughter at Farrah’s funeral and asking her to have sex with him (sure, we’ll buy the excuse that he hadn’t seen Tatum O’Neil in years and he passed her for a Swedish chick). As a matter of fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t sweep Cheryl Tiegs off her feet right there at the funeral: “Listen baby, my back is hurting from carrying a hearse with a dead body. Damn she weighs too much even as a corpse! So anyway, why don’t you and I book a nice room in a motel and you can rub those knots away for me?”

Via OK! Magazine:

Actor Ryan O’Neal has found love with former supermodel Cheryl Tiegs, almost a year after losing his longtime partner Farrah Fawcett to cancer.

The Love Story star, 69, reconnected with old pal Tiegs last June (09) when they paid their last respects to the tragic Charlie’s Angels star at her funeral.

But their relationship soon took a romantic turn as the 62-year-old beauty comforted a grieving O’Neal and they are now an item, according to the National Enquirer.

The stars went public with the romance earlier this month (May10) when they attended the Hollywood launch of Raquel Welch’s new book, Beyond the Cleavage, together at an event co-hosted by Fawcett’s best friend, Alana Stewart.

An eyewitness tells the tabloid, “He had his arm around Cheryl’s waist, and it was clear that they were very happy together.

“They both are in their 60s and have been around the block – but they are thrilled to have found each other.”

Fawcett died on 25 June (10) after a battle with anal cancer.


Ryan & Tatum O’Neal: Reunited At The Runaways!

Reunited and it feels so good!

Maybe it was the death of Farrah Fawcett? Or perhaps it was just the perfect timing. Whatever the reason, Ryan and Tatum O’Neal have made peace after years of being estranged. The father-daughter duo were photographed at The Runaways premiere in Hollywood on Thursday (March 11).

When Ryan was asked how it felt about seeing his daughter again, he replied, “Scary.” In turn, Tatum responded, “Real scary. Yeah, it feels beautiful, you know.” Ryan added, “It’s over due."

At the age of 10, Tatum won an Academy Award for her performance in Paper Moon. Ryan is also an accomplished actor, having appeared in numerous films such as Love Story, Paper Moon and Oliver's Story.


Celebrity Parents Attend The 2010 Academy Awards

Call the babysitter, Mom and Dad have a date night!

Some of our favorite celebrity parents hit the red carpet at the 2010 Academy Awards last night (March 7) in Hollywood, Calif. Dressed in their Sunday best, celebrities such as Sandra Bullock, Matt Damon and his wife Luciana Barroso, Jennifer Lopez and Sarah Jessica Parker and her hubby Matthew Broderick rocked the red carpet at last night's awards show.

Sandra, who won an Oscar for Best Actress for her role in The Blind Side, gave a touching acceptance speech in tribute of her beloved mother. When asked how she picked her gorgeous Marchesa gown, Sandra revealed her very special stylist: “Somebody helped me decide – my oldest stepdaughter [Chandler]. It was her favorite.” Molly Ringwald's 6-year-old daughter, Mathilda also had her say in mom's gorgeous gown: "I was choosing between two dress colors, and she decided on this. She said this was the way to go. I always listen to her, she's a 6-year-old fashionista."

Who was the best dressed? What were some of the biggest surprises? Does anyone agree that The Hurt Locker is actually better than Avatar? What about the Farrah Fawcett snub?

Check out the 15+ pictures of the gorgeous celeb parents in their fancy duds....


The Oscars Left Someone Out


Every year at the Oscars, there is a heartwarming montage of celebrities that have died in the past year. It makes thousands of fans tear up and remember better times – that is, if you’re some kind of emo pussy. For about 5 years or so, this montage was filled with older actors that most people were too young to remember. Then all of the sudden, the shit hit the fan and cool celebrities were dying left and right. John Ritter, Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy, Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett… wait – who was that last one?

Oh right… one of the most beautiful and famous actresses died after her battle with cancer last year. And oopsie, she was completely forgotten in the tribute video. It’s understandable that some celebrities won’t make the cut – but there is no excuse for leaving her out. Sure, the king of pop died so everyone has their panties in a twist over that, but it’s unfair to leave out a huge star like Farrah.

Hey Academy, you kind of dropped the ball.


Farrah Fawcett Back In Hospital, May Only Have Days Left

In a sad turn of events, Farrah Fawcett is back in the hospital where friends and family of the 70s icon poster girl have gathered round for their final goodbyes. Fawcett has been diagnosed with anal cancer. After recently being hospitalized and placed in ICU with long-time partner Ryan O'Neal by her side, the Charlie's Angels alum is said to be in her final days...

Farrah Fawcett Has Died @ 9:28 AM

In a sad turn of events, Farrah Fawcett has passed away this morning @ 9:28 AM. Friends and family joined the 70's icon poster girl at the hospital during her final moments. Fawcett was diagnosed with anal cancer back in 2006...

Farah Fawcett hospitalized;Ryan O’Neal to marry her on her deathbed


Ryan O’Neal is set to marry Farrah Fawcett on her deathbed, before the Charlie’s Angel succumbs to the cancer that is ravaging her (an emotional O’Neal revealed the wedding plans to Barbara Walters on 20/20).

‘I’ve asked her to marry me again, and she’s agreed,’ O’Neal, 68, revealed.

O’Neal also described Fawcett’s deteriorating condition, saying the 62-year-old actress is now ‘fighting for her life’.

‘I used to ask her to marry me all the time. But it just got to be a joke, you know. We just joked about it,’ O’Neal told Barbara Walters.

‘We will [marry], as soon as she can say yes… Maybe we can just nod her head,’ he joked.

O’Neal also said he has his wedding outfit prepared: ‘Like a gigolo. A little thin moustache and slicked-back hair. I don’t know. We have fun, we tease about that.’


Farrah Fawcett has reached the end of the road


The weekend is expected to be a somber one for friends of Farrah Fawcett. Her longtime partner Ryan O’Neal told People magazine that Fawcett “stays in bed now,” and her treatment “has pretty much ended.”

According to a friend of Fawcett’s, O’Neal’s interview also is a cue that it was acceptable to begin preparing for the inevitable.

“When Ryan spoke out like that, it was like a sign that it was OK for the goodbyes to begin,” said the friend. “We’ve all wanted to remain positive for as long as possible.”

According to the friend, Fawcett isn’t totally aware of how much the public cares about her. “She knows there’s tremendous support, but really right now is about being with her family and close friends.”

The actress, 62, was diagnosed with anal cancer in September 2006. After undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, Fawcett was declared cancer-free in February 2007. However, in May 2007, she was informed that her cancer had returned.

By Courtney Hazlett
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