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Coco’s boob falls out during Fall Fashion Week

Coco was one of Richie Rich’s “celebrity” guests at his fashion show the other day and like her predecessor Pamela Anderson, one of her body parts escaped from the thin veil of modesty we call clothes. But unlike Pammie, this one didn’t even make it to the actual catwalk before her dress was down to her waist. All very predictable really if you think that the girl has a reality show to promote. The bigger question was, what was Kirstie Allie doing sitting in the front row of the show since we all know hell will freeze before she can fit in those clothes. “Ms. Allie, you’re sitting in A2. What’s that? No, i’m pretty sure it’s not allowed to eat the male models at the end of the show.”

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Michael Bay + Victoria’s Secret = Awesome

When a certain undergarment emporium known as Victoria’s Secret wanted to put a little oomph into its annual Christmas TV advertising (because nothing says Christmas like supermodels in lingerie), it knew exactly where to look: in the ADHD-addled brain of Michael Bay, whose junior-high-school-level enthusiasm for scantily clad hot chicks is legendary, as is his love for explosions and cool helicopters and shit, like he so aptly displayed in his 2009 Christmas commercial for Victoria’s Secret. In this years ad however there were no cool explosions to be seen… apart form the one in our pants! However we are willing to forgive him if he responds to our plea below…

Dear Michael Bay, on behalf of the straight male population of the world, we at The Daily Fix request you make a 3 hour version of this instead of another crappy Transformers movie. Thank you.

Naturally you will want to compare it to the 2009 version, so here it is:


Pamela Anderson nips out, only 20 people cared enough to pay to see it


Pamela Anderson was in Miami Tuesday in order to take part in a fashion show at The Play club promoting A*Muse Line, the clothing line she and Richie Rich created. Tickets were $25 for the event, but for anywhere between $20,000 to $50,000 someone could sit in the VIP room with her and presumably get to fondle some over-stretched titty surface (we’re just assuming seeing that these are desperate times).

Pamela Anderson did the best she could to draw a crowd (see dress tucked in g-string and torpedoes ready to go all Pearl Harbor with the sign of a camera flash), but unfortunately only 20 people turned out to see her “accidentally” stir a cocktail with her nipple while bending to sign an autograph.

At this point, and because we’re pretty sure she’d be willing to fan old-man balls with her mouth for a fiver if asked to, we’d like to chime in and suggest she starts promoting herself to the indigenous tribes of the Amazon. We heard they just got hooked up to the internet so it would be a good chance to get the uninitiated turned on to a classic.


Russell Brand and Katy Perry’s cleavage are officially dating


Russell Brand spent Friday night writing Katy Perry’s name on her breasts (trying to glue a photo on them would be too obvious…the man has a serious neck issue, especially when looking up which subsequently leads to issues when trying to remember who’s bunnies he dickslaps).

Katy Perry was seen leaving his apartment with wet hair on Saturday morning. Monday, Russell declared that he was in love with the set of breasts he had fondled Friday night…when his assistant reminded him that was Katy Perry, Russell flew to Paris to be with them. Hence the pictures of the two of them at the Fendi fashion party Tuesday night. Unfortunately, Russell was a bit dazed and confused as you can tell from the pics because his GPS was having difficulties locating Katy’s treasure chest as she was covered in a blue dress. Sources tell us he asked Katy if he could grope her just to make sure he was with the right pair and Katy obliged….ahh, love is in the air…