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Hilary Duff in a bikini is like thick-crusted pizza


It’s thick and it’s got a lot of cheese…it’s still pizza though and you’ll eat it…although you’re afraid you’re going to end up with indigestion afterwards. So in other, non food terms, Hilary Duff’s bikini body is neither here not there…

Hilary put it on display in Hawaii where she’s nursing her meltdown with boyfriend Mike Comrie. A mental breakdown almost brought about by Faye Dunaway who got some of her facial staples unhinged when she found out Hilary would play Bonnie in the remake of Bonnie and Clyde (she was the original Bonnie back when she didn’t look like a dog sticking his head out of a racing car).

The 68-year-old actress sniped: ‘Couldn’t they at least have cast a real actress?’

Hilary responded to the jibes by deeming them: ‘A little unnecessary, but I might be mad if I looked like that now’, in reference to Dunaway’s platinum membership card to the plastic surgery society.

As a parting shot, she added: ‘I think that my fans are going to go see the movie don’t even know who she is, so you know…’