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Kate Moss: Lila Grace Is All About Fashion

Like mother, like daughter! Model mom Kate Moss says that her 7-year-old daughter Lila Grace is a fashionista in the making.

“Lila’s already got a great handbag collection!" the 35-year-old supermodel tells the UK's Company magazine. "She’s got a mirrored Fendi bag and she’ll say things like, 'I’m not going to wear that anymore.' She knows what she likes and I can’t force her to wear anything she doesn’t want to, which is annoying sometimes."


Russell Brand and Katy Perry’s cleavage are officially dating


Russell Brand spent Friday night writing Katy Perry’s name on her breasts (trying to glue a photo on them would be too obvious…the man has a serious neck issue, especially when looking up which subsequently leads to issues when trying to remember who’s bunnies he dickslaps).

Katy Perry was seen leaving his apartment with wet hair on Saturday morning. Monday, Russell declared that he was in love with the set of breasts he had fondled Friday night…when his assistant reminded him that was Katy Perry, Russell flew to Paris to be with them. Hence the pictures of the two of them at the Fendi fashion party Tuesday night. Unfortunately, Russell was a bit dazed and confused as you can tell from the pics because his GPS was having difficulties locating Katy’s treasure chest as she was covered in a blue dress. Sources tell us he asked Katy if he could grope her just to make sure he was with the right pair and Katy obliged….ahh, love is in the air…


Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick Welcome Twin Girls (With Horrible Names)

Although the babies didn't pop out of their surrogate mother with matching Manolo's and Fendi purses, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick now have twin baby girls on their hands. We kind of figured at this point Broderick couldn't get it up since it's not far fetched that he may be playing the other field, but congratulations anyway...