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Nicki Minaj And Mariah Carey Fight During Idol Auditions!

Remember those rumors before filming for American Idol began? The ones that claimed Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj hated each other? Well, it looks like those rumors were true and now Idol is trying to clean up the mess.

During a taping of Season 12 auditions in Charlotte, Nicki Minaj went off on Mariah Carey. The tirade was so long and disruptive that producers had no choice but to stop filming for the rest of the day. “I told them I’m not f*kin’ putting up with her f*kin’ highness over there.” Nicki says at one point. TMZ actually has video of the argument. You can watch that by clicking here.

Minaj also tells American Idol producers they better “figure something out” whatever that means. It’s clear that Minaj seems to have a problem with Mariah Carey, and no one seems to be surprised by this. Nicki doesn’t seem like the type that would get invited to Mariah’s mansion for a cup of tea.

In the middle of all this are Randy Jackson and Keith Urban who were both seen trying to calm both of the women down. Randy has seen his share of arguments while being on Idol, but none quite like this. Producers are really worried that the show might collapse before it even airs its first episode. Everyone involved with Idol is concerned and we’re told they’re doing everything they can to find a solution. nicki nickii


Deion Sanders Child Support Troubles

It turns out that Deion Sanders doesn’t like paying $10,000 a month in child support; who knew? He claims that it is not fair, Sanders filed new docs in Texas Supreme Court challenging the support order that was put into place in a lower court back in May. He also claims that he pays six times more than Texas law requires and says he wants the payments reduced…by a lot.

However, Deion’s ex-wife Pilar says that Deion is worth $250 million and that the court shouldn’t go easy on the football star. She even lists all of her expenses for the kids, and the numbers below just might be a shock to us normal people. Take a look…

$2,000 a month for a “special diet” for the kids

$900 a month on uniforms and shoes for the kids’ sports activities

$500 a month on the children’s cell phone

$450 a month for their haircuts

Shocking, right? 2,000 a month for food? What the heck are the eating? Mermaid poop? And why would they need to spend $900 every month on new uniforms and shoes? How many sports could they possibly play? And $450 a month on freaking haircuts? Just wear a hat and get over it.

It always amazes me to see how rich people live; it’s all just so wildly unnecessary. Anyway, the court has not reached a decision on Deion’s request, but we’ll keep you up-to-date and let you know when they do. deion deion


Joan Rivers Wants to Slap Rihanna!

You can always count on Joan Rivers to say something stupid. The extremely old “comedian” didn’t like Rihanna’s interview with Oprah that aired last Sunday. She especially didn’t like the part where Rihanna said that she still loves Chris Brown — and she let the whole world know how she felt about it…



A little harsh, don’t you think? I don’t think slapping Rihanna would help her get over Chris Brown; if anything it would make her miss him even more. Plus, Rihanna said in the interview that Chris Brown has a new girlfriend and made it clear that they are not back together.

Rihanna responded to Joan’s tweet by telling Joan to “slap on some diapers.” It’s nice to see that they are both keeping things classy. Apparently, they are letting Andy Milonakis write their jokes for them. It’s kind of funny when celebrities comment on other celebrities’ lives, especially when you remember they get mad at us for doing the same thing.

People need to realize that life would be a very boring place without gossip. Stop acting like you’re “above” gossip; we’re all addicted to gossip.

Just embrace it! Joan Rivers Joan Rivers Rihanna


Shia LaBeouf Claims There Will Be Real Sex in ‘Nymphomaniac’

Shia LaBeouf has been known to say some pretty controversial things; like the time where he basically said that he thought his mom was the sexiest person, ever. But, let’s not bring up that story again, I am just now beginning to get rid of the nightmares.

Shia is making headlines again because of something he said about the upcoming film, ‘Nymphomaniac’ He claims that the director of the movie wants the actors to have real sex. The director Lars Von Trier wants to go outside the box by getting mainstream actors to engage in real sex acts on film,

“There’s a disclaimer at the top of the script that basically says, we’re doing (the sex) for real…and anything that is illegal will be shot in blurred images, but other than that, everything is happening” Shia told MTV News.

Wonder how Shia’s girlfriend is taking all this? Well, it doesn’t look like she is taking it very well. Shia and his girlfriend Karolyn Pho were seen arguing yesterday in Los Angeles. Karolyn looked to be extremely upset and was even pictured crying on the side of the street. We can’t say for sure that they were arguing about his new movie role, but we bet it might have something to do with it.

Although, she could have been crying because of Shia’s outfit…what the hell are those pant/short things? Is that some new style I am not aware of? He kind of looks a little like hipster Jesus, don’t you think? Shia LaBeouf Shia LaBeouf1 Shia LaBeouf2 Shia LaBeouf3


Tony Parker Suing Nightclub!

Tony Parker clearly doesn’t have enough money! Sure, he plays in the NBA and has millions of dollars, but he needs more! Which is why he is suing the nightclub where Chris Brown and Drake’s brawl took place. How much is he suing them for? $20 million! All because he was hit by shards of glass and he suffered a little laceration to his cornea.

He filed the lawsuit Thursday in NY State Supreme Court against W.i.P. Nightclub. He states in the lawsuit that the club’s security was negligent for allowing a brawl to ever happen. The owner of the club has not been served with papers, but we are sure that will change really soon.

Parker’s lawyer, David Jaroslawicz, said the extent of Parker’s wounds aren’t yet known and added that eye injuries “certainly don’t improve your outside shot.”

America, right? The only place in the world where a scratched cornea could land you $20 million. Tony Parker Suing Nightclub! Tony Parker Suing Nightclub! Tony Parker Suing Nightclub!


Jenelle Evans and Gary Head Call Off Engagement!

Raise your hand if you are surprised by this news……no one? No one at all? Yeah, we’re not either. Just two weeks ago, Jenelle Evans was ‘head’ over heels when Gary Head proposed to her. But, now their relationship appears to be just about over.

The two appear to be fighting over a Tiffany necklace, “Thanks to @gary_head for stealing my $300 Tiffany necklace…What marine does that?” Jenelle tweeted. She also claimed Gary broke her door! Gary tweeted that yesterday was probably his “worst day ever” after the altercation. He also said that her necklace was at her house hidden until he gets his ring back.

…oh to be in love again! Stolen jewelry, broken doors and shattered hearts, I am fairly certain that was the description of a recent, ’Jerry Springer Show.’

One thing is for sure, though. Gary Head will not be receiving any “head” for a long, long time. Jenelle Evans and Gary Head Call Off Engagement! Jenelle Evans and Gary Head Call Off Engagement! Jenelle Evans and Gary Head Call Off Engagement! Jenelle Evans and Gary Head Call Off Engagement!


Pregnant Man’s Wife Goes Crazy on Video!


This might be the strangest video we have ever seen. TMZ has obtained video of one Nancy Beatie’s crazy meltdowns. In the video above you can see Nancy grab her daughter and basically manhandle her, and she also can be seen hitting Thomas several times.

But the strangest part of the video comes when Nancy grabs the family laptop and threatens to throw it in the family pool. This is when Thomas starts to cry and pleads with her to stop. This is the only time in the video where Thomas actually sounds concerned and scared. Why wasn’t he this emotional when Nancy picked up their daughter? Where was all his rage and emotion then?

The computer? Really? That is when she just went too far? Please take the kid, just spare the computer! This is sadly what our world has come to. Pregnant Man’s Wife Goes Crazy on Video! Pregnant Man’s Wife Goes Crazy on Video! Pregnant Man’s Wife Goes Crazy on Video!


Nick Diaz Tests Positive For Marijuana

If you were waiting to see the rematch between Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit…well you might be waiting a long time. The rematch between the pair was set and then canceled just 24 hours later. You can thank Nick Diaz for that because a new report by the NSAC reveals that Nick Diaz failed a drug test before the fight for marijuana and will now face a one-year suspension.

The report shows that Nick Diaz tested positive for marijuana metabolites following his UFC 143 fight against Carlos Condit. Diaz will now have to pay the consequences and many people think it will likely be a one year suspension from professional fighting.

That is a big price to pay for some marijuana. At least he could have gone out with a bang and pumped himself up with heroin. But, a one year suspension because of marijuana? I am sure he is kicking himself now. A little marijuana was surely not worth all of this. He has to think about his fans, as well. Not only has he disappointed himself, but he has disappointed a lot of MMA fans, too. Obviously he hasn’t learned that much since this is his second time testing positive for marijuana.

He will have a whole year to think about it… Nick Diaz Tests Positive For Marijuana! Nick Diaz Tests Positive For Marijuana! Nick Diaz Tests Positive For Marijuana!


Katy Perry might be single Soon?

“YES! YES! YES!” was my first reaction when I heard reports that Katy Perry and Russell Brand were having trouble. Then, I realized even if she was single, I would have no shot at her, so “NO! NO! NO!” was my second reaction.  Enough about my hopeless dreams, though. Let’s get to the juicy details… Here is what we know. We know Katy Perry and Russell Brand spent Christmas thousands of miles apart, and we know there are a lot of reports saying that they are having trouble. One report from the Us Weekly claimed they had a massive fight before Christmas. A source close to the couple told the Us Weekly, “They had a massive fight. She was like, ‘Fuck you. I’m going to do my own thing’ the source said that Brand replied with his own, “Fuck you.” Which supposedly led to Katy spending Christmas in Hawaii, while Brand was still back in England.  Apparently they had plans to spend Christmas together, but they all went to shit when the fight happened. Now, to me that argument sounds completely fake. I think they are having trouble, but I highly doubt the argument when anything like that. This is my best guess at how the argument went… It took place over the phone Katy Perry: Russell, I am so excited to come and see you for Christmas! Our schedules have just been so busy and now we finally get some free time together. Russell Brand: Lollipops and rainbows, yeah? Katy Perry: What did you say, babe? Russell Brand: Lollipops and fucking rainbows, floating around, yeah? Katy Perry: Um…what? I don’t understand. Russell Brand: Are you fucking deaf, darling? I said rainbows and lollipops. Katy Perry: RUSSELL! ARE YOU DRINKING AGAIN? YOU TOLD ME YOU STOPPED! Russell Brand: Fuck you, okay? I’m not drinking…not right now at least. I’m playing with our cat. Katy Perry: We don’t even have a cat. Russell Brand: Well, it sure looks like a cat to me. What do you suppose it is then? A dog that looks a lot like a cat? Now that I think about it, I did hear something barking earlier. Katy Perry: You know what? I am spending Christmas in Hawaii where I can show off my big boobs. Russell Brand: Well, alright then. I’ll look for the pictures online, so I can jerk off to them a bit later. Katy Perry: Jerk. The end.

Brody Jenner ends up in hospital after attempting to break up Avril Lavigne’s brawl

Apparently Brody Jenner still does not recall what breasts look like because the “love of his life” as he so eloquently put it on Twitter  before they went out so she could blow off some steam by breaking up a few skulls is still Avril Lavigne. Which means that being the boyfriend of a girl with the aesthetics of a 13-year old and the sweetness of a cobra in Doc Martins involves getting your head spliced by “deadly weapons” per the police’s report. The two were partying it up at the Roosevelt hotel, when Avril got into a fight with another girl, most likely because the other girl was breathing and that pissed her off, so Brody attempted to break the fight and ended up with a spliced head courtesy of a broken bottle. Avril promptly disappeared from the scene leaving her wounded boyfriend to deal with the cops. “Oh, Brody, baby, I love you, but don’t worry you have a whole 30 minutes before you hemorrhage to death. Somebody will get to you. Baby I gotta go, I got a bitch to cut up, love you sweetie!” Yep, Brody Jenner is still a fucking idiot.

article-0-0EB1A07500000578-19_468x567 article-0-0EB1A07900000578-734_468x594 article-0-0EB19E6D00000578-434_468x676 article-0-0EB19E6900000578-929_468x534 article-0-0EB19ECD00000578-907_468x675 article-2058335-0EB252D100000578-22_468x533 article-2058335-0EB0779C00000578-4_468x515 article-2058335-0EB2536E00000578-494_224x423 article-2058335-0EB2536600000578-172_224x423 article-0-0EB1E17E00000578-570_468x424

Nicki Minaj goes Naomi Campbell on one of her maids

First of all, I’m still stuck at the fact that Nicki Minaj has not one, but several maids, which means it’s about time I started dressing up in tin cans, wearing ice-cream cones as jewellery, eating fried-chicken and busting out a hairy nipple or two all at once whenever there is a camera around, because it sure pays off. Anyway, back to the story. Apparently police was called yesterday at Nicki Minaj’s house after Nicki got into a fight with a maid she got pissed off with a couple of weeks ago and “wanted to show her how she treats animals”. Funny thing is, Nicki confused this maid with the one from two weeks ago. “Y’all Mexican bitches look and act the same anyways. Now get the fuck out and let me eat my fried chicken in peace bitch!!”

Via TMZ:

Law enforcement tells us, a couple of weeks ago, Nicki’s maid took a photo of the singer out of the trash and then asked Nicki to sign it.  Nicki got pissed and fired her.

Cops tell us, the maid did come back today, and Nicki became enraged and ordered her to leave. A source privy to the fight tells TMZ, the maid stood her ground, demanding not to be “treated like an animal” — at which point, Nicki allegedly said, “I’ll show you how to treat someone like an animal … get the f**k out of my house!”

Now here’s where the stories are a bit conflicting.  One source says — contrary to what the cops say –  Nicki actually made a mistake, saw another maid and assumed she was the one Nicki had fired.

We have had multiple people involved in the incident tell us … the maid Nicki confronted was NOT the same maid she fired a few weeks ago.  It was a case of mistaken identity.

Either way, Nicki’s boyfriend got in the act and began pushing the maid with his body.  The maid’s boss called the cops and filed a battery report.

The cops came and the maid asked to make a citizen’s arrest, but eventually decided against it so no one was taken into custody.

article-2054509-0E906E9200000578-563_468x775 0805-nicki-minaj-nipple-slip-36-480x582 0805-nicki-minaj-nipple-slip-37-480x636 0805-nicki-minaj-nipple-slip-38-480x609 0805-nicki-minaj-nipple-slip-39-480x548

Shia LaBeouf threatened to stab guy who helped him with bar fight

The man who intervened in the street brawl involving Shia LaBeouf and a fat shirtless Canadian over the weekend claims that Shia threatened to pull a knife on him.

But he said although LaBeouf made the threats he never actually saw a blade on him.

TMZ spoke with Shea Carter who said he saw LaBeouf inside the Cinema Public House before the fight occurred.

He claims that the 25-year-old had been drinking and swayed into several people during the night including one man that warned Shia, ‘Hey man, watch out.’

‘Oh yea? Or what?’ Shia allegedly replied. ‘What are you going to do about it?’

That’s when the two men apparently then took the matter outside and Shia got beaten down to the pavement.

Carter then tried to help LaBeouf and stopped him from going back inside but that only got him more fired up.

‘Well what if I grabbed my knife on you? Carter alleges LaBeouf said.

Carter said that he quickly held on to LaBeouf in case he was serious about the knife threat and tried to restrain him.

The actor finally decided to walk away but Carter said when he went back into the bar a few moments later, he looked out of the window to see LaBeouf making a throat-slashing gesture at him from outside.

article-2050411-0E6DC2EE00000578-772_634x587 article-2050411-0E6DC71500000578-582_634x447 article-2050411-0E6E2FA400000578-228_634x488 article-2050411-0E6E2EEA00000578-17_634x627 article-2051520-0E6D93E700000578-648_634x481

Shia LaBeouf gets punched in the face by fat guy. Awesome.

According to RadarOnline, that hot headed chiwawa of an actor better known as Shia LaBeouf got into a massive bar fight on the streets of Vancouver, Canada, over the weekend, and ended up getting beat up by a fat guy. The cause of the fight is unknown, but let’s just assume it’s because someone called him a brilliant actor. “Your acting sucked so much it spoiled all the fun of watching Megan Fox bending over her car. I demand satisfaction!! Ole!!”

Via RadarOnline:

The actor managed to get in not one, but three fights in the early hours of Friday morning as he partied solo on the Granville Street nightclub strip.

According to an eyewitness, Shia, who appeared visibly drunk, just didn’t know when to back down from the fight.

“He got into a confrontation with a couple of people,” the witness said. “He took a few punches to the face. He was obviously pretty intoxicated.”

According to the eyewitness Shia had to pulled away from a bar patron by security when the pair clashed inside the Cinema Public House just after 12:30 a.m.

Shia and the much larger patron exchanged some heated words before security pulled them apart and sent them both packing. However, once outside, the patron — identified only as Mike — spotted Shia waiting for a taxi, ripped off his shirt and unleashed a one sided attack on the star.

Mike ran up to Shia hitting him to the ground with at least three punches to his head before bystanders came to his aid, the witness says.

Then, according to the witness, when another bystander tried to calm down a fuming Shia, the actor once again exploded and had to be restrained.

“The guy had to tell him something like ‘calm down or I’ll have to lay you out’. Then Shia just put his hands up and gave up,” the witness said.

Photos taken over the weekend of Shia on his usual morning coffee run, show a sore and sorry Shia sporting grazes and swelling to his left side of his face.

The 25-year-old actor is currently in Canada to film a political thriller called The Company You Keep.

This is not the first time Shia has found himself in a bar fight. Earlier this year, Shia was handcuffed but later released, after getting into a fight at a bar in Sherman Oaks, CA when a fan took exception to the Transformers star refusing to pose for a photo.

LeBeouf has a history of drunken adventures.  He had a DUI arrest in 2007.  A year later, he was busted for being openly intoxicated in a Walgreen’s drug store in Chicago, and ended up being charged with misdemeanor criminal trespassing.

shia-labeouf-face-punched-1018-01-480x720 shia-labeouf-face-punched-1018-02-480x720 shia-labeouf-face-punched-1018-03-480x720 shia-labeouf-face-punched-1018-07-480x720 shia-labeouf-face-punched-1018-09-480x720 shia-labeouf-face-punched-1018-14-480x720

Tuesday’s Miscellaneous Junk You Might Like (09.27.2011)

Vanessa Hudgens almost falls out at a Cirque Du Soleil event.

Elizabeth Hurley plays a hungry cougar on Gossip Girl.

Snooki lost 15lbs after a sensible diet comprising of Dina’s saliva and whatever sperm lay on the floor every time she fell down.

Kim Kardashian continues to pollute NYC with her fake happiness. Wait, this one was genuine, someone threw a 100 dollar bill at her.

Octomom and Amy Fisher will fight it out at celebrity fight club. We’re sure it will all go down with poise and dignity.

Charlie Sheen is allowed around his kids and Denise Richards is actually smiling. We’re begging you, Charlie, bring mayhem and meltdown back!!!

Chris Brown takes a tumble on stage and almost breaks his arm.

Jessica Simpson ate a few Mexicans before she left Los Cabos.

Lady with the alien-looking baby, what have you done with Alicia Silverstone??

Leann Rimes and her nipples felt the breeze yesterday. Must be that she only has 000.1% body fat to shield her from the cold.

article-2041848-0E17311400000578-670_634x897 article-2041848-0E15F4AD00000578-147_306x776 article-2041848-0E15F4C500000578-668_634x872 article-0-0E19FD8900000578-696_634x462 article-0-0E19FD9100000578-764_634x401 article-2042147-0E132F8600000578-982_468x719 article-2042147-0E132F9200000578-211_224x761 article-2041827-0E15EAE400000578-638_468x622 article-0-0E19C61C00000578-682_468x554 article-2042171-0E14EA4300000578-823_634x891 article-2042216-0E197CFB00000578-977_634x707 article-2042113-0E18DE7F00000578-932_468x472 article-2042272-0E18EE1C00000578-823_468x1023 article-2042025-0E17CAB700000578-194_224x720 article-2042025-0E17CAD500000578-117_224x720

Bristol Palin rides a mechanical bull and fights off The Homosexuals at the same time

Click here to view the embedded video.

Since Bristol Palin’s mommy stole the limelight recently with her love of the black penis, Bristol Palin and her brand new face had to do something to get it back. Urgently. And since doing coke on top of an oil-drum has already been done, and screaming “Levi raped me, so i’m technically still a virgin” to the media is getting old, she decided to wear her best Jesus Is Cool sweatshirt and attend a charity event honoring the efforts of Planned Parenthood. Ok, we’re messing with you. She wrote that shirt to ride a mechanical bull and had a crew film it for her new reality show.

Things, however, took an ugly turn when a homosexual (it’s what they call them in Alaska nowdays) H8R started calling her and her mommy names. Which was beautiful. And poetic. Especially after Sarah Palin showed up in a helicopter and started shooting every one in the bar.


Matthew Fox Punched a Female Party Bus Driver in the Boob

Former Party of Five actor Matthew Fox (who also starred in a little show called Lost) was detained by police on Saturday night in Cleveland for hitting a woman outside of a bar. Apparently a drunk Fox tried to get on a party bus even though he wasn’t on the guest list, and the driver stopped him with a punch to the face.

We’ve all been tempted to violate the laws of the party bus, but Fox allegedly took things way too far by punching the driver in her breast and “stomach area” (Lets just assume that means the vagina, or at least he was aiming for it, drunk people have horrible aim). The woman retaliated by punching him “in the mouth … causing a cut on his lip.” Fox was handcuffed by an off-duty cop, then detained by police. He wasn’t formally arrested, but police are investigating.

Why he was trying to get on a moving assemblage of booze, strobe lights, and a stripper pole, we will never know. Nothing good ever happens on a party bus. Ever. What the hell was drunk Matthew Fox doing partying in Cleveland on a Saturday night anyway? Maybe Jack still thinks he’s on the island and this chick was really Daniel Faraday in drag and she was keeping time travel secrets from him again. Just maybe.


Ryan Gosling Breaks Up a Random Street Fight Between Artists

Ryan Gosling was caught on video breaking up a fight between two guys fighting over a painting near St. Marks Place in New York City. The Notebook actor wearing what seems to be capri pants and and old timey swimsuit top appears out of nowhere and urges the quarreling parties to hug it out. Somebody probably sent out a Gosling-signal, so he could jump into a Starbucks, quickly change into a muscle shirt and break up the fight.

Seriously Ryan Gosling, go on a coke binge or have sex with a hooker or something. I’m getting tired of your constant virtuous, heart-melting shenanigans. It’s out of control.


Ronnie Beat Up The Situation

Looks like he got himself in quite the situation… YEAAAAAAAAAAAH!!

Jersey Shore instigator The Situation and brawler Ronnie were seen arriving at their Florence apartment separately this morning. Sitch had cuts and bruises on his face and Ronnie had a scraped and bandaged hand, supposedly from beating Sitch in the face. Naturally the fight was reportedly about Sammi, Ronnie’s on-again-off-again-ad-infinitum girlfriend.

Honestly though, we really don’t care who did it, we are just glad someone FINALLY kicked this douchebag’s ass…

…No wait, we can’t go around celebrating this, can we? Beating someone that is obviously pregnant AND mentally challenged! For shame.

Ronnie Beat Up The Situation Ronnie Beat Up The Situation Ronnie Beat Up The Situation Ronnie Beat Up The Situation Ronnie Beat Up The Situation Ronnie Beat Up The Situation

Paz De La Huerta Got Arrested for a Drunk Attack

Paz de la Huerta, the 26-year-old Boardwalk Empire star and oft-nude, perma-boozed lipstick enthusiast, was arrested last night for beating up Samantha Swetra, a cast member from MTV’s The City. According to onlookers a drunken Paz staggered over to Samantha’s table at the Standard Hotel last night where a scene of drunken hilarity enfolded, NY Daily News reports:

One insider says de la Huerta, who plays Nucky Thompson’s hot-tempered girlfriend Lucy Danziger in the HBO series, approached Swetra’s table “after 3 a.m.” where she was with a group of friends that included Lindsay Lohan (who was staying at the hotel that night).
Swetra and de la Huerta had not met before Sunday, a second source tells us, but that didn’t stop the NYC-born actress from flirting with one of Swetra’s male pals.
That’s when, our first source adds, de la Huerta suddenly lost her footing and went crashing into an adjacent table.
After taking in the unexpected pratfall – which, our source adds, resulted in one of de la Huerta’s breasts “hanging out of her dress”- an amused Swetra yelled out “triple axel!”
The gibe sent de la Huerta into a rage and she threw a drink glass at Swetra’s leg and took a swing at the model’s face, the source says.
De la Huerta’s aim is apparently as good as her acting on “Boardwalk Empire.” According to our source, the actress’ fist connected squarely with Swetra’s lips and nose.
The glass, which shattered, also did some damage. “Blood was dripping down [Swetra's] leg,” the source tells us. “Lindsay was pulling shards of glass off of it.”

Samantha Swetra of MTV’s The City, pressed charges.

Wait what?! I never thought I would type these words. Lindsay sounds like she was the “sober” one in the group. That in and of itself is the most amazing part of the story. She must really be trying hard to convince the court that she has changed.

However, with only the most superficial of knowledge of Paz’s fiasco, I’m going with “guilty as sin” and “awesome as hell.” Paz seems like the kind of a lady who would draw and quarter an MTV bimbo, then spike her blood with tequila and drink it, just because she was bored. And I mean that as a compliment.

P.S. I’m only complimenting her because I’m afraid she’s going to come after my family. I heard she once shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.

Paz De La Huerta Got Arrested Paz De La Huerta Got Arrested Paz De La Huerta Got Arrested Paz De La Huerta Got Arrested Paz De La Huerta Got Arrested

Chris Brown’s Life Threatening Lip Scratch After His Fight With Rihanna

Two years after Rihanna was assaulted by Chris Brown, and last week, mere days after her restraining order against him was relaxed, Media Take Out published previously unseen evidence photographs of Rihanna’s bruised and battered face after she was assaulted by Chris Brown. Now “in the interest to providing you with ALL RELEVANT FACTS,” the site has posted  a photo [seen above] of Chris taken that night. Supposedly they show that Rihanna “busted his lip,” and thank God, because now we know who the REAL victim was. All this time I thought it was the physically smaller woman who had her face punched repeatedly into the window and left to bleed out on the sidewalk, but that scratch on his lip tells a COMPLETELY different story. Clearly we should have had a candlelight vigil for Chris Brown’s recovery at the time.

These are the pictures Media Take Out released of Rihanna last week:


Nicolas Cage Goes Crazy Outside a Romanian Nightclub

Nicolas Cage channeled none other than Nicolas Cage in a Romanian nightclub freak out last Sunday night. He was caught on tape delivering a colourful and vocal tirade that appeared to be aimed at a man and a couple of women also outside the club. The outburst was caught by a passer-by on a mobile telephone, and the video footage then made its way onto the internet. Shown on Romanian television news the next day, it required frequent use of the bleep button as Nic rounded on the strangers, shouting at them awesome lines such as “Get in that car and walk away. I’ll f**king die because of honour. I’ll f**king die right now,” and, “See my eyes – respect them as you’d respect me.”

If anything this is the best performance Nic has been seen doing since Face Off. But we all know Nic is crazy, so this is hardly news. Next we are going to tell us that Gary Busey was caught on tape creeping out the local grocery store clerks.



Justin Bieber is Going Around Punching 12 Year Olds

Justin Bieber may have the features of a petite young woman, but he plays like a mean schoolyard bully. The Canadian pop sensation was allegedly kicked out of a laser tag game this weekend after punching a 12 year-old boy.

According to TMZ:

Bieber was confronted by a 12-year-old boy at a laser arcade – and things got heated after the boy called Bieber “a faggot.” We’re told the boy repeated the comment and then put his hand out toward Bieber and Bieber pushed it away as he left. We’re told Bieber’s rep has told police this story and it is backed up by witnesses.
Bieber is telling friends he had no idea how hurtful these comments could be – but even though he’s a straight teenager, he now wants to take a stand against bullying and homophobia.
We’re told Bieber will be going public – probably within the next week – to lend his support to the anti-bullying campaign.

The definition of a “straight teenager” in Canada must be the opposite of what it is in the rest of the world.

In defense of the big scary bully, if that is what Bieber was wearing, I might have called him a faggot myself. Not faggot in the “men having rough anal sex with other men” sense, but in the sense of “you have successfully out-douched the douchebags”. Here’s a news flash, people now sometimes use the terms “gay” and “fag” without any relation to homosexuality. Getting your panties up in a bunch about it makes you look like a bunch of queers (see what I did there?).

Justin Bieber Hits a 12 Year Old Bully Justin Bieber Hits a 12 Year Old Bully Justin Bieber Hits a 12 Year Old Bully Justin Bieber Hits a 12 Year Old Bully Justin Bieber Hits a 12 Year Old Bully Justin Bieber Hits a 12 Year Old Bully

Adam Lambert Fights a Photographer and Keeps His Manicure Intact

Adam Lambert has just taught the world a lesson: Gay people can kick ass just like straight people, except sometimes they might look a little better doing it. Don’t think because a dude has his fingernails and toenails painted to perfection and is wearing what could only be described as  gay beachwear (or what a 45 year old that’s going on a gay safari might wear) that he won’t beat your parasitic ass to the ground if provoked.  Glambert unleashed his can of whoopass yesterday on a paparazzo hounding him on Miami’s South Beach.

Oh and as an added bonus some chick in a skimpy bikini decided to show her ass while all the beach buggery was going on.

Adam Lambert Kinda Got into a Fight Adam Lambert Kinda Got into a Fight Adam Lambert Kinda Got into a Fight Adam Lambert Kinda Got into a Fight Adam Lambert Kinda Got into a Fight Adam Lambert Kinda Got into a Fight Adam Lambert Kinda Got into a Fight Adam Lambert Kinda Got into a Fight Adam Lambert Kinda Got into a Fight Adam Lambert Kinda Got into a Fight Adam Lambert Kinda Got into a Fight Adam Lambert Kinda Got into a Fight Adam Lambert Kinda Got into a Fight Adam Lambert Kinda Got into a Fight Adam Lambert Kinda Got into a Fight

Scott Baio and his wife in another Twitter tussle


Some people like to duke it out mano a mano. The Scott Baio family prefers Tweet to Tweet.

It all started last week when the website posted the “Happy Days” star’s tweet:

“Taxes are DONE…That should feed, house & provide medical for a few lazy non working people at my expense. Have a great Monday!”

The star’s wife didn’t like that the site didn’t pose any editorial comments and just let readers leave angry posts.

Renee Baio took to her Facebook page to vent: “F**k you, web rag!!!” she posted. “You bunch of FAR LEFT lesbian s******s!!!!!! No wonder you’re all lesbos because what man in his right mind could put up with all your c***ness? Scott Baio has more class in his p**s than in all of you all!!!”

Half an hour later, apparently realizing that her comments may have gone too far, Renee posted: “I have lesbian friends that couldn’t be nicer. They are true loyal friends. Those jezebel lesbians are s*******s!!!!!!!”

She continues, “The haters are not the only people that can exercise freedom of speech.”

Baio later supported his wife’s rant via Twitter, saying. “We all have the right to exercise our freedom of speech, including my wife.”

This is not Baio’s first brush with Twitter controversy. In January he tweeted an unflattering picture of Michelle Obama with a comment that read: “Wow, he wakes up to this every morning.”

Reported death threats to him and his family followed.

Onlookers quickly piled on with charges that the ‘Happy Days’ actor was being a woman-hating racist. In defense mode, Baio tweeted a photo of himself with his wife’s best friend, who is black.

“Do I look like I’m racist? This is Renee’s BEST frd. STOP USING THE RACE CARD!!!” he type-yelled at the time.

Perhaps Baio hopes to shield Renee from a similar public response. On his own Twitter page, he writes, “P.S. Renee only accept frd requests on FB from actual ppl she knows. If U can’t read my twts you are blocked dumbass!”