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Some Vacay Swirl: Robin Thicke Posts Up Pic With Paula Patton In A ‘Kini And Their Celebrity Seed Julian Fuego


Robin Thicke has been facing tons of scrutiny for getting touchy feely with folks who are not his wife this week, so we were happy to see him and Paula coupled up and looking loving alongside their son Julian Fuego on vacation!

Screen Shot 2013-08-31 at 12.44.29 PM

Robin shared this snap via Twitter. Pretty precious right! Paula got some nice ________. Fill in the Blank!



Fill In the Blank: Devyne Stephens Looks _____________

Devyne Stephens, CEO of Upfront Megatainment (who also signed Akon), Diddy, Jason Jeter (CEO of Grand Hustle) and Chaka Zulu (CEO of DTP) all came out to support and honor Atlanta’s new mayor. As straight as he claims to be, we can’t help but to bring attention to the look on Devyne’s face.

More Suspect Pics Under the Hood

Kaleena and Dawn… These chicks really need to get it together. Dude, Where is Your Stylist, Image Consultant, Hair Stylist, Makeup Stylist, etc.????

Images via Freddy-O


Fill In the Blank: “Me & Vivica Were ______________ at the Video Shoot…”


Ol’ Bugsy is about as funny, cocky and ignorant as they come. Yesterday in Houston, he announced that Vivica Fox is his new leading lady in the video he just shot “Do You Think About ME.” Are we the only ones that recognize the comedy in the title and his choice for a co-star???

He Also Speaks on the Ciara Situation

Did he just say his face is jewelry… NO Comment!!!