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Happy Father’s Day

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Lady Gaga goes fishing in heels and underwear

lady-gaga-pic-getty-images-98201661While it shocks absolutely no one that Lady Gaga would engage in any kind of outdoor activity without looking like aliens shoved her out of their spaceship and quickly got the hell out of there before she managed to crawl back inside, it does seem a bit far fetched that she put so much effort into it for a remote village in New Zealand. After all, there’s only hobbits and elves there, and there’s a pretty good chance they mistook her for a yellow-haired orc…with his ass cheeks hanging out. As for the fish, someone should have told her killing them by inducing a massive coronary attack would be much more effective than a fishing pole.Really, all she needed to do was stick her head in the water for a second or two, or better yet, show the fish her Boy George autographed vagina (she actually asked him to do just that). But wait. Boy George backed out didn’t he? And this is a man who LOOOVES penis.

Via DigitalSpy:

The 23-year-old pop star had a relaxing two-day break on a beach in New Zealand following two performances in Auckland, but refused to tone down her eccentric dress sense.

Jason Schwarz, general manager of Waiheke’s Goldwater Estate on Waiheke Island, said: “She’s pretty eccentric, she didn’t take her heels off once.

“She went down to Onetangi Beach to go fishing in her eight-inch heels, undies and a man’s business shirt – that’s it. She still had her bright yellow hair.”

Discussing reports the ‘Telephone’ hitmaker was exhausted following her Auckland shows after she took off her headgear and lied down during her final performance of ‘Bad Romance’, Jason claimed she was fine, although a little tired when she arrived on the island by helicopter as she had been up partying until 4am.

He told the New Zealand Herald newspaper: “I think she was OK though, she was just pretty tired.”

Another source told the newspaper: “Lady GaGa on the beach was the funniest sight.

“She was surrounded by surfers who couldn’t believe it was her as she as stood completely still with a long fishing rod.”

The New York-based performer travelled to the island with some dancers and her bodyguard, where they all enjoyed barbecues with sausages, oysters and local tarakihi fish.

Gaga is now in Australia on the latest leg of her ‘Monster Ball Tour’, before she heads to Japan in April