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Kate Hudson flashed her panties

Kate Hudson was out with her baby-daddy Matt Bellamy, lead singer of the Muse the other night when she got drunk and pulled a Britney. Without even blinking. Is it me, or do chicks who have given birth to kids (ok, and Paris Hilton, but you can argue that she’s given birth to other things that still haunt/itch the brave and fool ones equally) don’t care if the world sees their crotch? So you wanna get a picture of this? I’ve had two kids, so it’s your night terror, you bastard! Hah, who has the last laugh now?? 

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Paris takes her crotch to the Miss Ukraine Beauty Pageant

In life there are many things that have no rhyme or reason, and making that argument even stronger was the fact that Ukranians paid to have Paris Hilton attend their Miss Ukraine contest and after-party. In usual Paris tradition, she drunk, she slurred and high-fived a bunch of comrades with her crotch when she attempted to dance. At the end of the night some were overheard wishing for the return of the cold war, or at the very least an embargo on cheap American products. Except of course Coca Cola and blue jeans.

PS: Jean Claude Van Damme was also there (see pic). Yes, he’s still alive.

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Ali Larter Flashes a Butt Cheek

Ali Larter from Heroes is back to playing her favorite summer game, trotting about town in little sexy outfits, and as she got back into her car yesterday she ever so slightly gave us a glimpse of one of her butt cheeks, and seeing how we are freaky voyeurs, we very much liked that.

People always say that the Butterfly effect is so hard to track and only demonstrable in fiction, but we think this is a pretty good example of the effect! A butterfly flaps its wings, a light breeze blows in Los Angeles, Ali Larter’s skirt lifts a little, blood flows to our penises thus making it erect: now tell us that’s not amazing!

Ali Larter Flashes a Butt Cheek Ali Larter Flashes a Butt Cheek Ali Larter Flashes a Butt Cheek Ali Larter Flashes a Butt Cheek Ali Larter Flashes a Butt Cheek Ali Larter Flashes a Butt Cheek Ali Larter Flashes a Butt Cheek Ali Larter Flashes a Butt Cheek Ali Larter Flashes a Butt Cheek Ali Larter Flashes a Butt Cheek

Venus Williams flashes her flesh-coloured man briefs once again


Venus Williams once again decided to wear flesh-colored, skin-tight undershorts at the French Open in Paris yesterday and by now we know for sure this is a well thought out strategic move to paralyze her opponents and force them to surrender victory. “Dear Lord! What is that??? That’s it, I’m done!! *leaves court and buries face in a bucket of tennis balls to chase away the nightmare*