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Pierce Brosnan’s wife sues restaurant after being “injured” from food poisoning

Pierce Brosnan’s wife Keely Shaye Smith is suing a restaurant in Santa Monica after claiming their food made her ill.

Keely has claimed that after a visit to R & D Kitchen in Santa Monica, California, in October 2009 she was left ‘sore, ill and injured,’ according to TMZ.

It is not clear what food Keely ate while at the restaurant but she claims she ‘sustained serious and permanent injuries to her health, strength and activity’.

Ok, first of all, she looks like she could skip a meal or 10, so i fail to see how not being able to shove more crap down her throat for a couple of days was not beneficial.

Second, unless the chef came out and shoved a spatula up her ass when she complained the lava cake wasn’t buttery enough and then opened her mouth and pushed a meat cleaver down her esophagus I can’t explain the “sore”, “injured” and “permanent” damages part. And judging from the pictures below, it seems her mouth is in perfectly functioning order since she seems to be eating whole piglets for breakfast. “But Your Honor, the chicken was spoiled and now i can never go near a deep fried wing again. It hurts every time i think of it. My life is in absolute shambles!”

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Daniel Radcliffe Very Ill, Probably Puking


It has been reported that Daniel Radcliffe, aka Harry Potter, has been very ill as of late. He is probably just nauseous from no longer being the favorite pale little boy for fangirls now that Twilight is out. Either that or he had some very bad shrimp. Or he had a run-in with Lady Gaga’s va-jay-jay. Regardless, the fact is that he was seen on a flight coming back from the USA staying mainly in the toilet – and not just to get rammed anally, either. He was violently ill for hours; doctors forced him to stay in a New York clinic for 2 days because of severe dehydration.

The strange part of this entire story was that he was on his way back from a charity event involving both the homosexual and suicidal community. He was supporting the Trevor Project, which is a non-profit US suicide prevention charity which works with young gay and transgender people. No one likes suicide, so it’s nice of Daniel to offer his services like that. But he was quoted on saying:

“The fact that I am straight makes not a difference, but it shows that straight people are incredibly interested and care a lot about this as well.”

Yes, Daniel. Profusely swearing to be heterosexual doesn’t make it seem, at all, like you’re hiding some pee pee-gobbling tendencies. Oh, and we did mention this: