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Octomom to do porn to avoid foreclosure?


Vivid Entertainment is offering Nadya “Octomom” Suleman a way to avoid foreclosure on her home if she accepts to take part in a porn movie produced by the studio. Having said that, we’re now sure drugs are passed on trays as afternoon snacks at Vivid’s offices because who in their right mind took a look at those haunting images of octomom in her bikini and thought “hmm, wouldn’t it be such a turn on for all men out there to see the birth canal out of which the entire public school of Whittier, California emerged?”. Only problem now is finding a porn star who’s not afraid to stick his penis in Octomom’s fertility clinic only to come out seconds later with 99 embryos clutching on it and yelling “daddy, hold us”.

Here’s the Vivid Entertainment press statement released today:

LOS ANGELES – (Business Wire) The world’s leading adult film studio, Vivid Entertainment, told Nadya Octomom Suleman that it is prepared to save her home from foreclosure if she signs a movie contract.

It is the studio’s latest offer to the mother of 14, who is on the verge of foreclosure on her California home because she has missed several monthly mortgage payments as well as a balloon payment.

The studio made two offers to Suleman last year to try and interest her in working on a movie deal.

“We remain interested in working with Nadya and we’re prepared to make a new offer that would secure her living arrangements by having her home fully paid for,” said Steven Hirsch, founder and co-chairman of Vivid. “We have sent Nadya a letter offering to sit down and work out details that would be most comfortable for her. We understand that time is of the essence because, according to reports, she has until Tuesday to meet her mortgage obligations to the former owner of the house. We can act quickly to meet with her and her representatives to secure her home and to work with her on a movie that she can be proud of.”

Hirsch said that he will assure Suleman that she will be supported by top hair and makeup artists and will look glamorous. As is customary with the Vivid Girls, she will have her choice of partners. “We can also schedule production so that it will take less than a week in the L.A. area. That way she can be with her children every night,” he said.

Suleman would be joining a roster of famous personalities whose movies have been distributed under the Vivid-Celeb imprint. They include Kim Kardashian, Shauna Sand, former Miss USA Kelli McCarty and many others.