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Random Ridculousness: Long Island Mom Accused Of Letting Her Kids Ride Around Neighborhood And Shoot Neighbors Cars With BB Guns

Mom accused of crime

This mom needs her a** whooped and thrown underneath the jail!

Mom Accused Of Letting Her Kids Shoot Residents With BB Guns

According to Raw Story:

A 43-year-old Long Island woman is accused of driving her children around various neighborhoods for weeks as they shot at residents’ cars using a BB gun.

WCBS-TV reported on Saturday that Susan Becker was arraigned on charges of criminal mischief and endangering the welfare of a child, following her arrest on Friday.

Suffolk County police said Becker is accused of driving her 13-year-old son and her 15-year-old daughter, as well as another 15-year-old boy, around the Islandia, Hauppauge and Commack areas as they shot at cars over the past two weeks. Becker is also accused of providing the BB gun used in the incidents. Authorities said there have been 60 reports of damaged vehicles during that time.

“It’s more than just a window breaking or the damage of window or a car,” said one resident, Michelle Delarosa. “You could have actually hurt someone.”

Meanwhile, Becker’s neighbor, Wendy Morelli, came to her defense in an interview with WNBC-TV.

“There must be something to it that’s missing in the story, that we don’t know about,” Morelli said. “She just wouldn’t do something like that.”

SMH! Maybe she forgot to take her medication.



Apple Customer Acting Like A Punk With CNN Reporter


Friday the Thirteenths Miscellaneous Junk You Might Like — 1/13/12

Spooky, isn’t it? This date? It makes me think of black cats, full moons, and scary, stupid celebrities. Well, it did today, anyway. Probably because there were so many stupid celebrities doing stupid things. But, I guess it doesn’t have to be Friday the Thirteenth for that to happen does it? Aaaaaaanywho, let’s get on with it, shall we? Heather Locklear, who, as I reported to you yesterday, was hospitalized after her sister called 911 due to an alcohol and drug related issue. Locklear was released from the hospital today, after the hospital spokesperson deemed the hospital visit as NOT a suicide attempt. Um… yeah, sure. You know, people don’t constantly go to the ER for the same damn ‘mistake.’ We’re humans… we tend to learn from those. Seeing how this has happened before, my guess is that it wasn’t as unintentional as people are making it out to be. Brian Austin Green — you know? The second hottest guy from the old 90210? — is claiming that one of his old 90210 co-stars jacked him out of 200k. And, damn, that must be a lot for a has-been hottie, huh? Oh, but the co-star isn’t Tori Spelling or Luke Perry or anybody important. Vanessa Marcil-Giovanazzo, who played Donna’s cousin on the show — is the money hounding hoe — and also happens to be Brian Austin’s babymomma. Yeeeeeeah. Apparently, he loaned her the money when he was dating her while the show was still going on, with the agreement that when he asked for it, she would repay the money. But, when BAG asked her to cough it up (seeing as how he’s GOT to be one broke SOB now) she refused. He’s now filed a suit against her for the 200k and ‘unspecified damages.’ lol… They always got to file for ‘damages’ don’t they? Academy Award winner old-dude, Gene Hackman was airlifted to a hospital yesterday after he was hit by a car while riding his bike. Question: What the FUCK is an eighty year old man riding a bike on a busy street for??? My God, I’m surprised he didn’t break his hip. Thankfully, though, Gene’s been released and is saying he’s ‘fine.’ So… he’s a stubborn old dude. Those are always the best! Jersey Shore’s The Situation has been slapped by a pimp!! Well, he’s been slapped with a lawsuit by Serious Pimp apparel. Apparently, The Sitch was supposed to promo some of SP’s gear on the show. But, after he got his $25,000 advance, he split. Serious Pimp is suing for the advance back and — what else? — damages! Why? Because they assumed they’d make a bunch of booty from The Situation’s promoting so they are also suing for lost profits. Hmm… I’m not sure I’d want that skeeze promoting anything of mine in the first place… Just a thought… Kim Kardashian is a selfish BITCH!!! You would think that with a fortune of nearly 40 mil, this heifer could give a little more, right? But, [...]

Rebecca Black Has a New Song…Why God? WHY?!

Have you ever wondered how shitty singer Rebecca Black would follow up on her miraculous somersault into fame, after the internet went crazy for her song “Friday“. No? Well let us tell you anyway. The answer is: With grown-up bangs.

The self-released “This is My Moment,” is a “look-at-me-now” love letter to all her haters (so every single person on the internet basically), an inoffensive, mildly catchy rehash of a dozen Justin Bieber songs past. Turns out Ms. Black is actually not a half-bad dancer, and the only hiccup of the video is the fact that her date in the limo scene looks like he’s maybe 7 years old. It may just be enough to launch Rebecca Black into mainstream success, and put “Friday” behind her once and for all. Who knows, by next Friday Frieeeday, gotta get down on Frieeday…

…ok obviously that’s a lie, after watching that whole thing, I feel kinda dead inside. YOUR TURN!


T.I. Gets Arrested for Drug Possession

The Grammy winning rapper T.I. and his wife were arrested for drugs possession overnight in Los Angeles, police said Thursday. It was no surprise, the police said, because he was a black rapper in L.A. [citation needed].

The couple were passengers in a car stopped by police on Sunset Boulevard. The officers smelled marijuana and arrested them for possession of a controlled substance.

Their next court appearance is scheduled for Friday in Beverly Hills.

There was no immediate comment from the star’s representatives.


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And the award for the sexiest mugshot goes to…

It has to be Paris Hilton without any doubts! The social butterfly was arrested for cocaine possession in Las Vegas late Friday night, and what you see above is the glamorous part of her arrest. And just in case you are thinking that I’m in a hurry to place the crown on her head, I’ve also posted her previous two mugshots from her 2006 and 2007 arrests to show you that the sexiness of her latest mugshot is not by chance but by perfection. Check out all three mugshots of Paris after the jump.
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Paris Hilton faces four years in prison if convicted

paris pot
It looks like Paris Hilton’s latest brush with law has a scary possibility of turning into a big nightmare for her. Unlike her last two arrests for possession of controlled substance which resulted in a quick release with no charge, her latest outing promises a maximum sentence of four years in prison if convicted.

The police found .8 grams of cocaine, cigarette wrappers commonly used for marijuana and a broken tablet of Albuterol in her purse when she was busted by police riding in a car on Las Vegas Boulevard Friday midnight. She was later charged with felony cocaine possession.

According to People,

Paris Hilton’s purse contained .8 grams of cocaine, cigarette wrappers commonly used for marijuana and a broken tablet of Albuterol when she was searched after a traffic stop, according to the police report. The heiress, 29, was charged with felony cocaine possession following her weekend arrest in Las Vegas. The drug charge carries a maximum sentence of four years in prison if convicted.

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And the Emmy goes to…

modern family
Mad Men and Modern Family clinched the top honors at the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards Sunday night at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. Mad Men won the Emmy for best TV drama for the third year in a row and a second Emmy for writing, which went to series creator Matthew Weiner and Erin Levy while Modern Family took home the trophy for outstanding comedy series and four more awards including the best supporting actor trophy for Eric Stonestreet and an award for writers Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd.

Glee, the musical series, which led the nominations with 19 nods, won Emmys for supporting actress Jane Lynch and director Ryan Murphy while Top Chef won Emmy for outstanding reality series. Congratulations to all the winners. Hit the jump for the complete list of nominees and winners.
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Paris Hilton once again arrested for cocaine possession!!

paris pot
The stars are definitely not in a mood to favor Paris Hilton. The Social Butterfly was once again arrested Friday night for possession of cocaine, taking the tally to three arrests for controlled substance this summer. She was arrested shortly before midnight on Las Vegas Boulevard after police pulled over a vehicle that Hilton was in, but fortunately she was on the backseat.

According to People,

Hilton, 29, was arrested shortly before midnight on Las Vegas Boulevard after police pulled over a vehicle that Hilton was in. The hotel heiress was not driving. Public Information officer Marcus Martin said the vehicle was stopped after officers believed marijuana smoke was coming out of the car in front of the Wynn Hotel, where Hilton’s boyfriend, Cy Waits, operates a nightclub. After a search of Hilton, cocaine was found in her purse, Martin said. Hilton was booked into the Clark County Detention Center early Saturday morning but later released. The male driver of the car was arrested on DUI drug charges.

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Heidi Klum & Her Beverly Hills Bunch

Supermodel mom Heidi Klum was spotted shopping with three of her kids - Leni, 6, Henry, 5 next month, and Johan, 3 1/2 - in Beverly Hills on Friday (August 27).

Baby sister Lou, 10 months, napped this one out.

The Klum-Samuels, including papa Seal, have recently returned from a European holiday. We saw the happy family-of-six on yachts, beaches and cobblestone streets in France and Italy.


Nick & Drew Lachey’s Friday Fun

Celebrity brothers and former 98 Degrees band members, Nick & Drew Lachey, were seen leaving lunch at Stanley's with Drew's two children - Isabella, 4, and Hudson, 3 months - in Studio City, Calif. on Friday (August 27).

Uncle Nick held onto his niece's hand while papa Drew pushed his son in the stroller.

The kids' mother is Drew's childhood and high school sweetheart, Lea Dellecave.


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Jennifer Meyer Totes Her Tot

Jennifer Meyer was spotted out and about with her 3 ½-year-old daughter Ruby and a friend on Wednesday (August 25).

Before enjoying a bite to eat in Brentwood, Calif., the adorable little girl helped her mama avoid a parking ticket by popping a few coins in the meter.

Last weekend we saw the gorgeous jewelry designer as she and her family – including hubby Tobey Maguire and their youngest offspring, 1-year-old Otis – as they grabbed breakfast together at the Brentwood Country Mart.

Jennifer and Tobey will celebrate their third wedding anniversary next Friday (September 3).


Janine Lindemulder Calls Ex Jesse James "Cruel And Selfish"

Looks like the war wages on between Jesse James and his ex-wife Janine Lindemulder.

Jesse recently got the okay from a judge to move their daughter Sunny, 6, to Austin with him, but now Janine is slamming her ex for not allowing her to say a proper goodbye to her daughter.

Janine thought James and his three kids were moving to Austin last Friday but was upset when she learned they did not leave until the following day, according to a report on RadarOnline.

“I gave up time with my daughter so that Sunny could travel with her dad,” Janine said. “But I could not get her on the phone until I finally spoke to her on Friday evening when Sunny told me that she had been at home in California all day.

“I sat at home crying when I could have been with my daughter but Jesse just did not care, he was being cruel and selfish.

“On Saturday she spent the whole day traveling so I never actually got to say goodbye in person to her.”

And it sounds like Janine will be busy juggling visits with Sunny as well as with her son Tyler. “I’m still trying to make arrangements to go and visit her in Texas but I may split my time in Oregon too where my son and other family are,” she said.


Ben Affleck’s Big Apple Babe

Adorable! Movie stars Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner took their two gorgeous daughters - Violet, 4 1/2, and Seraphina, 1 1/2 - to City Treehouse, a treehouse-themed indoor play area, in New York City today (August 22).

Jen gave Violet a piggyback ride, while Ben held his baby Sera close. So sweet!

We just spotted The Garflecks in the Big Apple on Friday.


Guess Who Revealed: Cinco & Naviyd Raymond!

It's Usher's two adorable boys: Usher ‘Cinco’ Raymond V, 2 1/2, and Naviyd Ely Raymond, 1 1/2.

Cinco held onto dad's hand, while Usher carried Naviyd into the CBS Early Show in New York City on Friday (August 20). The 31-year-old singer performed OMG and his new song DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love Again.

The boys' mother is Usher's ex, Tameka Foster.


Jennifer Meyer Maguire & Ruby’s Friday Fun

Jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer Maguire and her adorable 3 1/2-year-old daughter Ruby Sweetheart were photographed out and about in Los Angeles on Friday (August 20). Ruby was seen sticking out her tongue at the nearby paparazzi.

Jen and her sweet 1-year-old son Otis Tobias were spotted out shopping last weekend.

The kids' dad is Jennifer's hubby of nearly 3 years, movie star Tobey Maguire.


Jennifer Meyer Maguire & Ruby’s Friday Fun

Jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer Maguire and her adorable 3 1/2-year-old daughter Ruby Sweetheart were photographed out and about in Los Angeles on Friday (August 20). Ruby was seen sticking out her tongue at the nearby paparazzi.

Jen and her sweet 1-year-old son Otis Tobias were spotted out shopping last weekend.

The kids' dad is Jennifer's hubby of nearly 3 years, movie star Tobey Maguire.


Sisters Of Murdered Monica Beresford-Redman Think Will Has Been Forged

Survivor producer Bruce Beresford-Redman is up against a formidable force in the case of his murdered wife Monica – her sisters. Jeane and Carla Burgos who have been their late sister's biggest advocates, are trying to determine if Monica's signature was forged on a will that determines custody of the couple's two children Camila, 5, and Alec, 3, who are currently in the custody of Bruce's parents.

According to TMZ, Monica apparently had two wills - one dated in 2004 that gives custody of the children to Monica's sister, and another dated in 2008 that grants custody to the godfather of one of the children.

In documents filed on Friday (August 20) in a Los Angeles court, Monica's sisters asked the judge to allow a handwriting expert to analyze Monica's signatures to determine which one is authentic. According to the reports, they suspect Monica's signature on the 2008 will is fake.

Bruce continues to fight extradition to Mexico where he's been charged with Monica's murder.


Grove Glamour: Brooke Burke And Daughter Neriah

Brooke Burke and daughter Neriah, 10, were spotted as they attended the Wella Professionals Color Tour at the Grove in West Hollywood on Friday (August 20). The event brought together beauty professionals from some of the best salons in Los Angeles, and the mother-daughter duo looked fittingly glamorous and stylish.

The Dancing With The Stars co-host might be gearing up for her upcoming project: she'll be the new host of TV Land's She's Got the Look, the competitive reality series that celebrates the natural beauty of women over 35.


Orlando Bloom "Really Excited" Over Baby

Orlando Bloom is "really excited" about becoming a dad. The actor was at a photo call in Munich on Friday (August 20) to promote his new film, The Three Musketeers, when he talked about his parenting plans with new wife Miranda Kerr.

I'll go home as often as possible. I'm really excited about it, it's great. She'll come out here too."

Bloom and Kerr married in July after getting engaged a month earlier.

Kerr, who models for Victoria's Secret, recently revealed her baby news in an interview with Spanish Vogue announcing she is four months along.


Nina Garcia’s Times Square Bump

An expectant Nina Garcia was spotted arriving at the Good Morning America studios in Times Square, New York City on Friday (August 20).

The 45-year-old Project Runway judge and Marie Claire fashion director recently revealed the sex of her second baby:

I'm having another boy!" Garcia told People.

Garcia and her businessman husband David Conrod are already parents to 3-year-old son Lucas.


Paz Vega & Husband Head Home With Baby Lenon

Stunning! Paz Vega and her husband Orson Salazar were seen outside of a hospital in Madrid, Spain on Wednesday (August 18). The proud parents were leaving with their newborn son Lenon who was born on Friday (August 13).

Paz looked amazing in her dress with her hair done, lipstick applied and sporting heels! How does she do it?!

The Spanglish star and Orson, who have been married 8-years, are also parents to son Orson, 3, and daughter Ava, 13 months.


Kelly Preston Celebrates Her Baby Shower

Kelly Preston celebrated her pregnancy by hosting a baby shower for friends and family in Los Angeles last Friday (August 13).

In May, Preston, 47, and her hubby John Travolta, 56, announced they are expecting their third child. Preston celebrated the impending birth by gathering with loved ones for an all-girls bash at the Beverly Hills Peninsula hotel.

Reportedly, thirty guests were treated to high tea and were served finger sandwiches, scones and cakes as they mingled. The posh event cost the Travoltas $75 per person.

A source said, "Kelly's carrying beautifully. She's glowing and says she feels fantastic...Kelly received gorgeous gifts, and each guest made her an individual baby bib at the table and signed their names. It was very sentimental."

The Travoltas baby joy comes a year after the tragic death of their 16-year-old son Jett, who died in January, 2009 after suffering a seizure.

Preston and Travolta - who are also parents to 10-year-old daughter Ella - are expecting later this year.


Patricia Arquette Wants Custody Of Daughter Harlow

Looks like the split between Patricia Arquette and husband Thomas Jane might be getting a little messy. Patricia filed for divorce from Thomas last Friday, and now People is reporting that Patricia is seeking primary physical and legal custody of their daughter Harlow, 7, and is also trying to deny her soon-to-be ex any spousal support.

However, a rep for the Medium actress denies any bad blood between the couple. "The split is completely amicable and their prime focus is their daughter. They ask that their privacy be respected at this time," a statement read.

Then again, there's always the chance these two might patch things up – Patricia first filed for divorce from Thomas, who stars in HBO's Hung, in January 2009 but then the couple reconciled later that year.


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Congratulations to newlyweds Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie!

hilary mike wedding
They did it! Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie have given us a reason to believe in rumors. The couple exchanged vows Saturday in an intimate ceremony in Santa Barbara, Calif. as rumored last Friday.

People has confirmed the wedding news that was first reported by OK! magazine,

The actress, 22, and Canadian hockey player, 29, were married Saturday during an intimate ceremony in Santa Barbara, Calif. The couple exchanged vows at the Mediterranean Villa La Quinta around 8 p.m under an arch of flowers and in front of about 100 guests. “Mike held his arm around Hilary for most of the romantic, candlelit ceremony, and they both looked extremely happy,” says an eyewitness. The newlyweds spent their wedding night at the nearby historic San Ysidro Ranch.

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Ashlee & Pete Wentz’s Sex Pistols Pal

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and Pete Wentz took their son Bronx Mowgli to a party in Los Angeles, Calif. on Sunday (August 15).

The adorable tot - dressed in a cute Sex Pistols tee - was being carried down the stairs by a friend while mom and dad walked behind with smiles. The 1 1/2-year old sweetie was pointing at something and making everyone laugh.

Last Friday, the happy trio were spotted visiting a friend in L.A.


Report: Paz Vega Welcomes Baby Boy Lenon!

Paz Vega and husband Orson Salazar have welcomed their third child – a baby boy!

Hola! is reporting that the 34-year-old actress welcomed her second son via cesarean section Friday morning (August 13) at the Ruber International Clinic in Madrid.

Representatives from the hospital have said that both mom and baby are in perfect health and that they may be discharged on Tuesday. Though a name has not been officially confirmed, one journalist – from El País – took to Twitter to say that Paz and Orson’s latest addition has been named Lenon.

The Spanglish star and her hubby, who have been married 8-years, are also parents to son Orson, 3, and daughter Ava, 1.

Congratulations to the Vega-Salazar family!


Jodie Sweetin Is Pretty In Pink

Full House alum Jodie Sweetin went for a check-up at a maternity clinic in Long Beach, Calif. on Friday (August 13) with her boyfriend, DJ Morty Coyle.

The 28-year-old troubled actress was absolutely glowing is a pretty pink dress. She is already mom to 2-year-old daughter Zoie with ex-husband Cody Herpin.

Jodie and Morty are expecting their first baby together next month.


White Bikini Moment: Miss Universe Stefania Fernandez

OMG! The golden days are back again! It’s my second White Bikini Moment post in less than a week. Liz Hurley blessed us with one precious White Bikini Moment last Monday, and now we have none other than Stefania Fernandez, the reigning Miss Universe, with another scintillating White Bikini Moment. Stefania is so gorgeous and sexy... just like her name. And the white bikini just doubles up the excitement. This is another memorable Friday for me. Thanks a ton, Stefania! Check out the gallery after the jump.
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Kelly Brook topless pics

What a fantastic way to start the fun phase of this Friday! Kelly Brook topless pics from her Playboy covershoot! Kelly is just amazing to the core. Need I say anything more guys? I guess not. Sorry for the unwanted blabbering. Hit the jump and get lucky.
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Lily Allen Bumps It In Primrose Hill

A smiley Lily Allen spent some time with DJ pal Nick Grimshaw in Primrose Hill, London on Friday (August 13).

The 25-year-old singer, who is currently expecting her first child with partner Sam Cooper, was spotted checking her phone and entering a building with her friend as the two chatted happily together. Later on she tweeted her plans for the rest of the day:

On a casual friday afternoon pub crawl with the boy. Just me and him. I'm not drinking, go figure [sic].

The British recording artist is reportedly taking a hiatus from music to enjoy her journey into motherhood. She and Sam have been together since summer 2009.


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Bob Barker Hates Fetuses and the Whores Who Have Them

There are two things that people need to know about the Price is Right – it is no place for Drew Carey or pregnant women. One model claims she was fired from the show because she was pregnant. And who is she pointing her finger at? The one and only Bob Barker.

Shane Stirling, the model, claims that right after she announced that she was pregnant in December 2006, she was “forced into an early pregnancy leave, was not allowed to return to work for almost a year after her child’s birth, and was fired abruptly.”

According to TMZ:

In a lawsuit, filed Friday in L.A. County Superior Court, Stirling claims Barker had a significant role in her termination — claiming, “The host of the game show had always been very kind and generous to Stirling until he learned that she was pregnant.”

Stirling claims Barker insisted that she wouldn’t work while she was pregnant because it was “dangerous” and a “liability” … an advised her to “go home and take care of your baby.”

Stirling claims she was finally allowed to return to the show in 2008 — after Barker had left — but was soon told that the show was “going in another direction” and was subsequently fired.

In her suit, Stirling claims that if she had “been allowed to return to work sooner after having her baby, she could have become acquainted with the new people working on the game show and thereby would have had a better chance to retain her job.”

She’s now suing for more than $25,000.

The fact that she didn’t last long after a company after taking so much time off isn’t a big surprise -it happens a lot when women take off ridiculous amounts of time to give birth to their spawn. …yet, another tidbit of information is true as well – if you’re pregnant, you better damn well stay away from Barker or you’ll piss him off.


Liam & Stella McDermott: Made In The Shade

Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott enjoyed a fun Sunday afternoon with their two children - Liam, 3, and Stella, 2 - along with Dean's 11-year-old son Jack at the farmers market in Encino, Calif. today (August 8). Liam and Stella looked too cool in their shades while snacking on a frozen treat. Looks like Liam is following in Kingston Rossdale's lead and painting his toenails!

Just two days before on Friday (August 6), the Spelling-McDermotts were spotted enjoying a treat at Menchies in Encino. Liam got a little playful with the paparazzi, throwing spoons and kicking karate chops at the nearby photographers.

Dean, who recently had a dirk bike accident, said that the experience has made him want to have more children with Tori soon. "I think it did tip the scales [the accident]. I would say that I love my family so much, let’s expand it! Plus, we make beautiful babies!"


Emma Thompson Taking A Break From Acting To Spend Time With Family

Emma Thompson says she is taking a break from acting in 2011 to spend more time with her family. The Nanny McPhee actress and mother-of-two made her announcement shortly after receiving her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Friday (August 6).

"I'm not going to fundraise or perform or travel, except in pursuit of new vistas with my family," Emma told The Hollywood Reporter. I've been meaning to do this for a long, long time, but it's been like putting the brakes on a large ship because there is so much going on."

The Oscar-winning actress also talked about the toll that being an entertainer has taken on her and revealed that she suffers from depression. "I find the job I do emotionally very demanding," she said. "I suffer from occasional mild depression, which I think is a very common thing – it's fantastically common in my country and probably in yours, too – and it's a very much hidden thing people don't talk about. I think it should be discussed."

Emma and husband Greg Wise are parents to daughter Gaia, 10, and son Tindyebwa, 23, who they adopted from Rwanda in 2003.


Emma Thompson gets star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

emma thompson hollywood star
Multiple-Oscar winner Emma Thompson has been honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The 51-year-old British actress unveiled her star, located just outside the Pig ‘n Whistle pub on Hollywood Boulevard, on Friday, just two weeks ahead of the August 20 release of her latest film, Nanny McPhee Returns.

Contactmusic reports,

The actress was joined by her Nanny MCPhee Returns co-star Maggie Gyllenhaal and her ex-boyfriend, House star Hugh Laurie, when she was honoured with the 2,416th star, located outside the historic Pig ‘n Whistle pub on Hollywood Boulevard. The 51-year-old Brit won her first Academy Award for Best Actress in 1992 for her role in Howard’s End, and scooped her second Oscar in 1996 for Best Adapted Screenplay for the film version of classic Jane Austen novel, Sense and Sensibility.

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True Bod: Stephen Moyer Takes Time To Work Out

True Blood hunk Stephen Moyer took his daughter, Lilac, 8, to beach camp in Santa Monica on Friday (August 6). But that didn't stop him for fitting in a little time for himself – afterward Stephen hit the sand for a workout. It takes muscle to slay those werewolves.

Stephen got engaged to his True Blood costar Anna Paquin last August. Lilac is Stephen's daughter from a previous relationship and he also has a son Billy, 10.