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Janice Dickinson helps Haiti by allowing her silicone to be used as window sealant in rebuilted houses

FP_IMAGE_4544857/FP_SET_4543711Here’s Janice Dickinson looking like Steven Tyler had a death-match with Nosferatu in a time capsule and came back conjoined, offering her auto parts in an auction to help Haiti (worth mentioning the event was put together by Lindsay Lohan so it is plausible they came out of the fundraiser with a pallet of coke ready to be shipped to Haiti to feed the hungry children).

Granted, Janice is a helping soul since history books mention president Wilson dispatching her in 1917 to help the troops fight the Germans in WWI, but a century has passed since, and the only way she can help raise money these days is by standing in the middle of the room with her skirt lifted up and E.T threatening to fall out, until the charity guests lose all will to live and hand their wallets over. And if that doesn’t work on everyone, roofies will take care of the resilient few.