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Groomzilla: Gabrielle Union Dishes on Marrying Dwayne Wade


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#Flawless Folks: Celebs Who Look Stunning Without All That Heavy Makeup

celebs with no makeup

Here are 16 celebs who do look nice with their faces beat to the gods, but look even better bare.

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#Flawless Folks: Celebs Who Look Stunning Without All That Heavy Makeup

celebs with no makeup

Here are 16 celebs who do look nice with their faces beat to the gods, but look even better bare.

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Bangers: Kelly Rowland, Gabrielle Union,Paula Patton & More Get Glammed Up For Oscars After Parties

bangersfeat copy

Kelly Rowland, Gabrielle Union, Paula Patton And More Attend Oscars After Parties

A host of Hollyweirders opted to skip the actual Academy Awards show & ceremony this year but did pop up at a few of the after parties.

OP1 copy

R&B songstress Kelly Rowland…

22nd Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing/After Party

…..and pop singer Melanie B both brought their A game for the 22nd Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards viewing and after party….

…..while actresses Gabrielle Union strolled solo to the Vanity Fair post-Oscar bash. Also seen on the scene for the festivities were actresses Paula Patton, Rochelle Aytes, ‘Scandal’ star Bellamy Young aka Mellie and a few more. Hit the flip for a look at their fashion for the night and to see whether or not the newly-separated Paula was rocking her wedding ring…

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Coupled Up: DWade & Gabrielle Union Make First Public Appearance Following News Of His Newborn Son


DWade rings in the new year with his future Mrs. and says his secret child has helped him “grow” and become a better person…

Dwyane Wade And Gabrielle Union First Public Appearance Following News Of His Lovechild

Hollyweird actress Gabrielle Union and her baby makin’ baller boo Dwyane Wade have been the non-stop talk of the town after news of DWade’s secret, 6-week-old lovechild broke last week just as 2013 was coming to a close. However, despite the unavoidably messy nature of their current situation, the newly engaged couple seem to be pushing forward.

DWade coupled up with Gabby and his fellow Miami Heat teammate Chris Bosh along with his wife Adrienne to bring in 2014 and he had this to say as the twosome made their first appearance together since news of his secret seed broke.



Do you think Gabby will really ride this whole thing out with DWade, Bossip fam? Guess only time will tell…


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What Secret Baby? Gabrielle Union Says She Has No Worries While Flossing Her Bangin’ Bawwdy On Vacay


Gabrielle Union Flosses On The Beach

The soon-to-be Mrs. DWade isn’t letting something like a lovechild bother her.

gab union

Maybe Gabby is smiling through the pain. Somewhere psycho Siovaughn is laughing.


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Gabrielle Union Engaged to Basketball Star Dwayne Wade *see the ring*

A very merry Christmas indeed! “Being Mary Jane” actress Gabrielle Union is reportedly engaged! She posted this photo on her Instagram last night, 12.21.2013, with this caption “Sooooo this happened… #Yessss” Her now fiance, basketball star Dwayne Wade, posted the same photo saying “She said YES!!! @gabunion”. The pair have reportedly been together since 2009, [...]

Congratulations: Dwyane Wade Asks Gabrielle Union To Be His “Basketball Wife”

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 8.46.09 PM

He finally put a ring on it!!! And not just a championship one. Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union hit a few bumps in the road this year but it looks like they are ending 2013 on the upswing cuz the couple just announced their engagement via instagram.

photo (5)

photo (5)

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 8.24.50 PM

Good job D-Wade. Because once “Being Mary Jane” takes off next year Gabs is gonna be killing the game. And you know you got them old knees and stuff. Time to sit on the sidelines and be on Daddy duty with Zion, Zaire and all those precious chocolate babies you and Gabs are gonna be making.

Hit the flip for a photo from the engagement and a closeup of that ring.


40 & Fit: Gabrielle Union’s Great Body


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Gabrielle Union Still Has A Killer Body

I just don’t understand what people want. I was browsing another site the other day when I came across an article that was basically about women who “used to be hot” but are now “past it”. First, I’ll never get why people feel the need to be that mean spirited but I suppose I’ve been guilty of that kind of snark a time or two around here so I guess I can’t say too much about the topic. I can, however, express my awestruck horror that Gabrielle Union somehow made the list. That’s right. The gorgeous woman in the photos below was included on a list of women who, apparently, let themselves go. What? On what planet is anything about this woman unattractive. She has a beautiful face and that body of hers is killer. If this woman is past it, I demand to know who is in their prime. Gabrielle is far hotter than a lot of the newcomers just breaking into the industry. Nope. Sometimes the world makes my head hurt.

Gabrielle Union Still Has A Killer Body

Gabrielle Union Still Has A Killer Body Gabrielle Union Still Has A Killer Body Gabrielle Union Still Has A Killer Body
See the rest of Gabrielle Union Still Has A Killer Body pictures

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Babies: Daddy D-Wade Better Get To Work… Gabrielle Union Is Ready To Tote A Gut Full! [Video]

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 9.01.55 AM

At the tender age of 40… Gabrielle Union is finally ready to be knocked up!

During an interview with Extra’s Maria Menounos, Gabs confessed that she’d like to have a child soon:

“I always knew I was going to wait really long, and I followed the Halle Berry example, and I think in the next couple of years, if I’m lucky, I will make that a reality, hopefully.”

“I think the industry that we’re in, it’s not taboo to be an older mom. You’re not alone. There’s such a huge support to start a family a little bit older, and it’s okay.”

“I knew I wasn’t going to be the kind of parent I would want to be. I would be way too selfish and resent having to miss out on things. Now, I’m in a place where I’m happy and still wanting adventure, but I want part of that adventure to include a child.”

Watch the full interview below, where Gabs also discusses yelling at her boo D-Wade on the court…

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Pretty sure if they have a kid she will be doing a lot more yelling at him. SMH.

Hit the flip for some memorable pics of Gabrielle with D-Wade’s kids.

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Shots Fired: Gabrielle “Break A” Union Puts Dwyane Wade’s Nutty Ex-Wife On Blast And Says He’s Happy Without Her!


Gabby says her man D-Wade is happier without his crazy ex-wife Siovaughn!

Gabrielle Union Talks About Dwyane Wade’s Ex Wife

Many have speculated for years that actress Gabrielle Union homewreckin’ hoed her way into Dwyane Wade’s marriage to his ex-wife Siovaughn.

Well, to show her baller boo some love and air out his ex in one instagram caption, Gabrielle took to her account and posted an altered photo of D-Wade’s Jet cover, making changes to it by crossing out “The Ex-Wife” and replacing it with “Happy,” showing Siovaughn how “happy” Wade is without her in his life!


“I like this dude… My lil #JetBeautyOfTheWeek #proud”

Gabby, we get it! Wade is your man and Siovaughn is his ex blah blah blah. Gabrielle is starting to look like a petty highschool broad who is happy she stole the football player from the next chick. Calm down boo.


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Age Ain’t Nothin’ But A Number In Hollywood: Older Actors Who’ve Portrayed Significantly Younger Characters

Young characters older actors

Directors have cast actors and actresses into roles based significantly on talent, often letting factors like age fall by the wayside.

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Gabrielle Union Rocks a Bikini in Miami!

Where do all the hotties in bikinis go? Alaska? No. Russia? No. Miami? Ding, ding, ding! Gabrielle Union soaked up the Florida sunshine in a nice little bikini. It’s no surprise that the 39-year-old has kept in such great shape, after all she is best known for her role as ‘Isis’ in the movie, ‘Bring It On’ where she plays a cheerleader.

It wasn’t all just fun and games for the actress, though. She did take a break from all the fun in the sun to tweet a very nice Memorial Day message, “Some military members fight a mental, emotional, financial, spiritual war when they return home, let’s take care of our troops!”

What a nice message and we’re sure most of the troops appreciate your Memorial Day bikini contribution. Gabrielle Union Rocks a Bikini in Miami! Gabrielle Union Rocks a Bikini in Miami! Gabrielle Union Rocks a Bikini in Miami! Gabrielle Union Rocks a Bikini in Miami! Gabrielle Union Rocks a Bikini in Miami! Gabrielle Union Rocks a Bikini in Miami! Gabrielle Union Rocks a Bikini in Miami!


The Spank Bank for 12/23/11

Hello, all! Slight name change from, “Hotties of the Day!” Testing out which titles work best. Let me know if you have any suggestions, but in the meantime…let’s get to the sexy ladies! First up… Gabrielle Union: Do you remember her? She was one of the cheerleaders from the original, ‘Bring It On’ movie! She was 28 when the movie was released in 2000 and now she is 39! Don’t worry, though. She still looks like the hot cheerleader she was back then. I think they should have a reunion of Bring It On stars and have a big pillow fight. Miranda Kerr: Ah, yes. We can always count on Miranda Kerr to provide us with some hot pictures. You can see her in the pictures below in some very sexy lingerie. Orlando Bloom is one lucky man. Erin Heatherton: I don’t know much about her, but I do know she has one amazing body. Apparently Victoria’s Secret thinks so as well, since she is posing for their VSX workout line. You know, she almost makes me want to work-out…almost. Rihanna: Rihanna is debuting her new music video for her song, ‘You da one.’ And, of course she is dancing around in little outfits, shaking her beautiful ass and doing other things that make us drool. You can watch the video below and look at some of the stills from the video below in the gallery.

Divorce Turns Ugly For NBA’s Dwayne Wade

Actress Gabrielle Union, who is currently dating Miami Heat's Dwayne Wade has been thrown into the middle of the NBA stars divorce to Siohvaughn Wade. TMZ is reporting that Siohvaughn is suing Union for $50,000 in damages caused by emotional distress on behalf of the ex-couples' two sons, Zaire, 8, and Zion, 2.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, Siohvaughn is a claiming that Union "engaged in sexual foreplay with Dwyane Wade" in front of the two boys while they were on an unsupervised visit with their father. Wade has spoken out about allegations, saying,

I am shocked that Siohvaughn Wade has brought this baseless and meritless lawsuit in the name of our children against Gabrielle Union. I am deeply saddened and disappointed that Siohvaughn has used our sons once again as pawns and is now lashing out at Gabrielle, who is an innocent party. It is clear that this is a desperate attempt to retaliate against me for seeking sole custody of our children and requesting that the court have her undergo a psychiatric examination."

There is a slew of additional allegations in the suit, including neglect and upon one occassion the suit claims Wade introduced Union to the boys and said, “that is why your mom and I are going to divorce."

Wade, now 28, had been with Siohvaughn since the age of 15.


Dylan McDermott & His Pretty Preschooler

Actor Dylan McDermott was on the school run yesterday, picking up his 4 1/2-year-old daughter Charlotte from her Santa Monica, California preschool (April 20).

Along with other celebs including Gabrielle Union and Kevin Bacon, the Dark Blue star has teamed with RAINN, the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization, to launch a new campaign aiming to assist survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Dylan also has 13-year-old daughter Colette with his ex-wife Shiva Rose.


Homewreckers R Us: Gabrielle Union Blogs About Chris Henry and Tiger Woods

Gabby decided to blog about the Chris Henry and Tiger Woods situation. She enlightens us with the same speech that she probably gives herself every morning to justify the fact that she’s a homewrecker. Guess she’s taking the approach of, “If you can’t beat em’… Join em!!!”:

Why are we all so quick to stop looking in the mirror at our own troubled lives…bad credit, lack of education or job skills, poor choices with the opposite sex, trying to live like Diddy when our homes are getting foreclosed, gossiping, jealous ranting or hating, or even not communicating with loved ones…its soooooo much easier to be obsessed with Tiger and Elin than dealing with our own troubled relationships…why get counseling for your daddy/mama/brother sister/relationship issues when we can hunt down a distraught woman and her 2 young children like animals??!! Why worry about how to pay for healthcare when we can laugh and joke about Lindsey Lohan. Journalists COULD do their jobs and sift through fact from what’s in the National Inquirer but why when it’s sooooooo much easier to print lies/half truths or straight up fairy tales to sell newspapers or magazines…forget about journalistic integrity when you’ve got to compete with the internet…who needs truth and compassion when we can’t wait for the next senseless tragedy or starlet scandal??!!

When will we come together and demand more from ourselves…more love and less hate…more fact finding than dirt digging…more lifting each other up and figuring out a way for life to improve than kicking people when they’re down…hold yourself to the same high standards we set for people on TV that we’ll never meet and don’t put food on our tables…be the person you always wanted to be…I’d like to think we were all born inherently good and on occasion make mistakes…stop looking in your neighbor’s backyard or Tigers’ or the girl who got the guy you liked or the dude who got the promotion you thought you deserved…we can only control ourselves…KEEP LOOKING IN THE MIRROR…that’s where the answers are that can truly change your life. In fact, lemme get off this damn blackberry and help my niece figure out how we’re gonna pay for college next year…tiger can’t help me with that…that’s all me :) peace and love and many blessings!!!

Gabby sheds some well thought out inspiration but you can’t help but think, this is exactly how she justified her actions when everything first went down with D. Wade.



Homewreckers Get Props Too…

Gabrielle Union was spotted at the Hennessy Black event in Orlando looking real chopworthy.  They say you can’t turn a ____ into a housewife, does that also go for homewreckers???  More flicks for your viewing pleasure under the hood.


Which One Would You Hit???

GQ “Men of the Year” Drake and Wale hit up the GQ Men of the Year celebration in LA last night. Ladies, which one would you let….well, you know the rest…

More pics including Kobe Bryant, Morgan Freeman, Gabby Union, etc. when you…