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Now That’s A Falsetto! Male Singers Whose Voices Get Them Confused For Women

male singers

You know your ears were duped when you first heard songs by these artists…

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Celebs Who Had Affairs With Their Nannies, Body Guards, And Other Employees


These stars got a little more “help” than is part of the job description from their household staff and employees.

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“Is That Booty Still On Loan?” Apollo Says He “Built Kenya,” And NeNe And Kandi Got At It; RHOA Reunion Part III


And Apollo says that if he goes to jail for bank fraud/identity theft, Kenya can put money on his books. Ugh.

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That Ain’t Right: Good Shows With Black Leads That Were Canceled Way Too Quickly

canceled shows

These shows had potential. But what they didn’t have was viewers and network support.

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#Flawless Folks: Celebs Who Look Stunning Without All That Heavy Makeup

celebs with no makeup

Here are 16 celebs who do look nice with their faces beat to the gods, but look even better bare.

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#Flawless Folks: Celebs Who Look Stunning Without All That Heavy Makeup

celebs with no makeup

Here are 16 celebs who do look nice with their faces beat to the gods, but look even better bare.

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“Cynthia Is No Angel”: Ladies Talk Porsha, Tipsy Mama Joyce Defends Herself, NeNe & Cynthia Have Beef; RHOA Reunion Part II


While Part I had the “action,” Part II had the real drama.

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Now That “Scandal” Is Off…11 Obscure But Entertaining Shows You’ve Been Sleeping On

obscure but awesome shows

Hey, there’s nothing else on TV right now. Give these randomly awesome shows a chance.

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Don’t Just Stand There, Bust A Move: Famous Folks Who Started Off As Dancers

Michael k

These famous folks broke it down like crippled clowns on stage and as choreographers.

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“Choosey Lover” And “No, No, No”: 9 Songs You You Probably Didn’t Know Vince Herbert Wrote And Produced

Vince herbert PF

Say what you want about Vince, but he’s quite the talented (and wealthy) fella.

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No One Is Safe: 13 Celebs Who Fired Their Parents As Managers


Here are 13 celebs who’ve fired their parents as their managers and never looked back.

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“You’re A Sl*t From The ’90s!”: The Ultimate Shade Is Thrown And Kenya’s Hair Gets Snatched In RHOA Reunion


And all of this occurred in part one of the three-part reunion…

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Ya’ll Smart: Celebrities Who Left Hollywood Behind To Get An Edumacation


Here are 10 who left Hollywood to get an education at Yale, Princeton, Harvard and more.

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“I Stopped Respecting You”: Todd Confronts Mama Joyce, Cynthia & Peter Deal With Foreclosure Drama: RHOA Ep. 21


And RIP to Kenya’s beloved dog, Velvet…

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I Saw The Light: Celebs Who Left The Industry Behind For Jesus


They used to put out raunchy music and play some interesting characters on TV, but the faith of these celebs made them walk away from all that.

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“I Want To Ask Beyoncé If It’s Okay If I Stick My Butt In Her Childs Face Like She Did Mine?”

Beyonce Grammys complaints PF

A month after the Grammys, it has come out that quite a few indecency complaints were filed to the FCC, complaining about Beyoncé’s “Drunk In Love” performance.

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Proceed With Caution: 15 Types Of Guys Who Aren’t The Easiest To Date


These guys aren’t impossible to date when it comes to relationships, but be prepared for what they bring to the table.

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Married Celebrity Men Known For Flirting With Women Who Aren’t Their Wives


Check out 10 famous married men who are known for letting their eyes wander and need to get it together.

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Happy Birthday JT! Songs You Didn’t Know Justin Timberlake Wrote

Justin Timberlake

To help him ring in his 33rd year, we found a few songs by the singer that you might not have known he wrote.

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That Was Quick: Celebs Who Dated For 2 Seconds Before Getting Engaged

sean and naya

These famous couples wasted no time moving from dating to engaged within a matter of months or even days.

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Celebrities Who Should Be Featured On Unsung’s Spin-Off, “Unsung Hollywood”

Unsung Hollywood

Who do you think they should feature in the new TV and film star-centered “Unsung”?

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Stay With A Check: Actors Who Starred In Two TV Shows At One Time


While other actors say it’s hard to get good work in Hollywood, these stars have more than one job. Can we hold a dollar?

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Enough Is Enough: 2013′s Most Played Out Celebrities


These are the most played out, most just-get-out-of-our-face, most overexposed celebrities of the year.

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Why Is K. Michelle Mad?! 10 Thoughts About The 2013 Grammy Nominations


There were some surprises, some injustices and some people, who perhaps, got too much love.

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Where Are They Now: The Cast Of ‘Soul Food’ (The Show AND Movie)

Soul Food

Let’s look and see what these characters have been up to since we last saw them on the big and small screen.

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Celebs Who Are Related And You Ain’t Even Know It


From first cousins to father and daughter and more, these celebrities have family in popular places…

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Where’s The Fun In Forever? Celebrity Rebound “Relationships” That Didn’t Last Long

Ciara PF

Where’s the fun in forever?


No Hair, Don’t Care: 11 Female Celebrities Who Look Fabulous With A Buzz Cut

buzz cut beauties

Who says you have to have a head full of hair (or weave) to make it in Hollywood? These beauties went with the buzz cuts and knocked the look out the park.

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Chanel Iman Channels Minni Mouse for VOGUE Germany

Chanel Iman is constantly making moves. In the December issue of Vogue Germany, she channels Minni’s steez. Doesn’t really seem like the words Minni, Disney and Couture go together. Are you feeling this???


2009 African American Critics Association Awards

Images from the 2009 African American Critics Association Awards, December 14, 2009 in Los Angeles


D. Wade Kickin’ It In Miami without Gabby… Doom Doom Doom Doom

Dwyane Wade was kickin’ at Trina’s birthday party and took a pic with this little fluffy. Now, we can’t confirm that he was there with this chick, but they appear to be a little comfortable with each other. On another note, Officer Ricky’s baby mama was in the building. She looks good standing next to 50, but alone, now that’s another story.

Pop it for Tia’s Thug Mug and Pleasure P but No Bria….MMMMMM

Images via 400Life


Rihanna Poses In Damn Near Nothing and Gets Down Right Grimey and Gutta for New Video with Young Jeezy

Rihanna is shooting her new video, GO HARD, with Jeezy. She gets down and dirty and is covered in mud but poor Jeezy didn’t get to see her in the costume with the bullet cache and booty shorts.

Grimey Rih Rih brings a whole new meaning when it comes to rocking Mickey Mouse Ears!?!?!

We also have some pics from her album release party at M2 in New York. Peep Tahiry doing what she does best… Showing her Assets.

Rihanna is making an appearance on SNL tonight. From the looks of the preview… She doesn’t have much to say. Click HERE to watch it…