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Sextra: Fellas, Pay Attention to Her Body!

Good day Bossip readers! Here’s to another fun-filled Friday Sextra post! So let’s just dive in, shall we? Fellas go on and on in these threads about what they do and how they do it. While they’re good reads and most of you guys seem to know how to make a woman feel good, it’s barely scratching the surface as it relates to  affection. Let’s talk about the kind of connection that is built and cannot be found in a one-night encounter. Intimacy cannot be faked and, of course, from the gate, a connection and chemistry is key! A comfort zone, if you will, is the best way to ensure a platform of open expression and communication. So if you have a special lady in your life and you want to step your love game up a notch, pay attention to these pointers and try something a little different.

There are so many ways to stimulate and tease a woman’s body without aiming for the obvious erogenous zones. Think of it as art form and actually study the things that get a woman in a zone where all inhibitions are lost and she feels free enough to give you her best and know that you’re reciprocating. For instance, the places on her body where sexual nerve patterns dwell, well only a man who pays close attention to detail will be able to spark that fire in her spine. You’re catching the drift, right? Take a look and leave your thoughts!

Work the mouth piece - women love a juicy, moist set of lips on a man! And if your lips speak truth with sincerity the more delicious they become. Fellas, if you have a set of soup-coolers, work them because she’s watching them when you speak. Give her a solid stare if you catch her staring at your mouth and share them with her. Share them with her simply because you’re close enough to do so. Gauge your prowess by her breathing and how aggressively she kisses you back. If she want more, give it to her but tease her by taking your time.

Neck Nape - Keep them moist and supple. Before you go all the way live with her and are loving her slow with  your kisses, don’t forget the neck! Get up on her and with your moist lips, talk on her neck so she can feel the vibration of your voice through her body and your lips slip around  her neck and jaw line while you tell her how good she smells and how much you love kissing on her. Passion is key, fellas! So make it hot!

Don’t Forget Her Back - women love to be swooped into a man’s arms … nothing like a strong set of arms around a woman’s body; it will immediately put her into a trance. Snatch her in close to you by her waist and give her a few sturdy strokes up her body and chest. Stare at the small of her back and lightly graze your fingertips up her spine to the back of her neck and slowly work your way back down. The spine houses boatloads of nerve endings that travel to every part of the body, hence the quivers, quick jerks and weakness at the knees. This is real, fellas!

Hair Play - sadly, this won’t work for all hair styles. If your lady rocks a weave, you’re restricted to the frontal bang area. But if she’s natural, she’ll love for you to run your hands through her hair and give it a slight tug. It’s a good thing to feel taken by her man and she’ll gladly relinquish all power and allow him to be one. A steady groping at the scalp sounds primitive but it’s a good feeling and lets your lady know you’re paying attention to her entirely.

The Booty - the booty is the man’s best friend, so treat it as such and give it lots  of attention. The buns are perhaps the most erogenous part of a woman’s body, so grab it! But make sure you grab the tuck of it and give the back of her thighs and hips a good, firm squeeze. Pull her into you by her buns and thighs and caress them as if you’ll never get a chance to do so again.

You should be able to tell by now that it’s not always about the big finish! It’s the moments that lead up to it. Following that will land you in a permanent fixture position in her thoughts … which is where the attraction starts for women in the first place! Remember to take your time with your lady and make an effort to go the extra mile and your rewards will be plentiful!

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