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Tuesday’s Miscellaneous Junk You Might Like (10.18.2011)

This golden statue of Kate Moss sold for almost $1million. To a Japanese. Of course. They invented golden showers, didn’t they?

Holy crap! Glenn Close in Albert Nobbs has to be one of the ugliest dudes ever!

Gene Simmons married Shannon Tweed so he can officially have sex with himself in wedlock.

Ohhhh, Justin Bieber is playing with the duckies. Twenty million girls just fainted.

Rooney Mara from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo exhibits once more the brilliant nanotechnology behind photoshop.

Oh look, Jessica Biel is sporting a dove tattoo. She made peace and the good sex with Justin Timberlake, didn’t she? That’s what she wanted us to take out of this, didn’t she?

Penelope Cruz bitch-slapping her co-star around on the set of her new movie Venuto Al Monto. Why are all the chicks in Spanish movies and telenovelas so violent? It’s starting to scare me.

Hilary Duff doing a great job making us forget she has a thing growing in her uterus.

Jason Biggs has been eating one too many pies lately.

That’s all the smiling you’ll get out of Jessica Alba. Motherhood has yet to melt the frost.

Ivana Trump was invited to Gabrielle’s Angel Ball (Cancer charity event), most likely to scare the cancer away with her face. article-2050113-02DFABA700000578-186_468x396 article-0-0E6AF72A00000578-742_634x313 article-0-0E6AF73A00000578-99_634x404 article-0-0E6AF74A00000578-931_634x360 article-0-0E6AF76A00000578-429_634x294 article-0-0E6AF75200000578-217_634x348 article-0-0E6AF75600000578-329_634x310 article-0-0E6B082000000578-774_468x474 article-0-0E6B093000000578-576_468x602 article-0-0E65B65200000578-627_634x455 article-2049804-0E65B6EC00000578-518_634x611 article-2050194-0E6A746B00000578-159_306x423 article-2050194-0E6A746300000578-401_634x451 article-2050194-0E6A747700000578-780_634x780 article-2050194-0E6AE57400000578-878_634x363 article-2050227-0E6B0C9A00000578-466_468x541 article-2050227-0E6B0D6800000578-32_468x434 article-2050227-0E6B09B800000578-642_468x672 article-2050227-0E6B09C800000578-26_468x637 article-2050303-0E6B5D3D00000578-540_634x802 article-2050303-0E6B5D4100000578-891_634x894 article-2050303-0E6B5EFE00000578-602_634x616 article-2050303-0E6B5FD900000578-364_634x557 article-2050303-0E6B60D100000578-93_634x477 article-2050303-0E6B608D00000578-318_634x861 article-0-0E6B45F100000578-457_196x571 article-0-0E6B75D300000578-440_634x778 article-0-0E6B464D00000578-811_306x599 article-0-0E6B766F00000578-749_196x571 article-0-0E6B468100000578-88_306x599 article-0-0E6B59FD00000578-974_468x529 article-0-0E6B597500000578-730_224x553 article-2050376-0E6BB90B00000578-555_306x650 article-2050376-0E6BC27F00000578-491_634x786 article-2050336-0E6BB3B300000578-230_306x696

Gene Simmons sexually assaults make-up artist, injures her with his spikes


Kiss frontman Gene Simmons is facing allegations of sexual assault and battery after being accused of grabbing a make-up artist while wearing a spiked chest plate.

A civil lawsuit has been filed in Los Angeles by Victoria Jackson who claims he groped her when she was working for ESPN Sports Center while he was wearing one of his Kiss costumes.

She alleged that Simmons approached her in “a lecherous and inappropriate manner” saying “I like you”. He then shook her hand, grabbed and hugged her, with his costume’s spiked chest plate jabbing her in the face, she claimed.

After she resisted his embrace, Jackson claimed, Simmons started grinding into her, then finally released her.

Jackson described the alleged incident as “degrading, shocking and humiliating”.

Simmons’ spokesman, Allan Mayer, said said the singer “categorically denies” the allegations and Jackson is trying to get “compensation from him for nonexistent injuries”.

He said his costume was like a suit of armour and would have made it impossible for him to grind into Jackson.

“Mr. Simmons intends to defend himself aggressively and looks forward to refuting Ms. Jackson’s charges in the courtroom,” he said.