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Video: Shakira shakes her golden booty for George Lopez

I know it was exactly 53 weeks ago that Shakira produced this magic on Lopez Tonight, but then, I’m also aware that dates are destined to be pushed into the background when there’s so much booty shaking going on in the foreground. So enjoy this scintillating hip moments demonstrated by the one and only Shakira. Hips don’t lie!

Best moment: I bet you can’t take your eyes off even for a single moment!


Sir Ben Kingsley shows mirror to Heidi Montag

We all saw the audition tape that Heidi Montag made last week for Michael Bay to replace Megan Fox in Transformers 3, but it seems Michael is too busy at the moment. Anyway, Heidi can call herself lucky unlucky lucky because she still managed to get her work reviewed by a great person - Sir Ben Kingsley, who retorted by making his own video and sharing it with George Lopez on Lopez Tonight.

I’m not trying to prove anything here, but when your actions are dumb enough to attract a satirical attack from someone like Sir Ben Kingsley, then you seriously need to reevaluate yourself or pack your bags. Anyway, Heidi is too dumb to grasp this master stroke. Maybe she can understand the logical conclusion presented by George Lopez (check at 0:57) in plain language.

Best moment: 1:20 onwards.