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Geri Halliwell’s Soiree Sweetie

Geri Halliwell and her adorable 4-year-old daughter Bluebell Madonna went to a summer party in London's Notting Hill today (August 16).

The former Spice Girl was carrying what appeared to be a box of wine as the pretty pair headed to the afternoon soiree.

Although Geri has remained mum on the identity of Bluebell's father, he is rumored to be British journalist, screenwriter and award-winning director Sacha Gervasi.


Emma Bunton Wants Another Baby – Soon!

Spice Girl Emma Bunton is hoping to give her adorable son Beau, 3 next month, a baby brother or sister in the very near future.

Emma, formerly known as Baby Spice, tells UK newspaper The Daily Mirror, "We're going to start trying for another one soon. I hope I fall pregnant nice and quick."

The Spice Girls have quite a brood between them: Emma is mom to Beau, Geri Halliwell has 4-year-old daughter Bluebell, Melanie Chisholm welcomed daughter Scarlet last year, Victoria Beckham has boys Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, 7, and Cruz, 5, and Melanie Brown has daughters Phoenix Chi, 11, and Angel Iris, 3.

As for Emma, she says she is absolutely loving motherhood: "Being a mum is just brilliant."


Geri Halliwell & Bluebell Take Off

Just a few days after touching down in Nice, France, jetsetting mom Geri Halliwell and her beautiful 4-year-old daughter Bluebell were seen departing from Southern France this morning along with the Spice Girl's boyfriend Henry Beckwith (July 5).

Ginger Spice, 37, has been dating Henry, 30 - who is heir to a £400m fortune - since last March.


Melanie Brown’s Girls’ Day Out

Melanie Brown enjoyed a day out with her daughters Phoenix Chi, 11, and Angel Iris, 3, yesterday, taking them to Dashing Diva nail salon in Tarzana, California (July 4).

Mel recently revealed that she and Angel's dad Eddie Murphy are now on good terms, saying, "We went to Shrek - we got invited by Angel's father and we all went and were supportive and it was great family fun. It's really cool. Everything's like water under the bridge."

Earlier today we spotted Mel's Spice Girl pal Geri Halliwell arriving in Nice, France with her adorable daughter Bluebell.


Geri Halliwell & Bluebell: Flower Power

So precious! Four-year-old Bluebell Madonna took time out to smell the flowers after she and her mom Geri Halliwell arrived at Nice Airport in the South of France earlier this week (July 2).

We last spotted the Spice Girl mama and her gorgeous girl vacationing in Monaco with Geri's boyfriend Henry Beckwith.


Geri Halliwell flashed it again

We realize it’s become a bit redundant for a washed-up British crotch to be covered in our pages three days in a row, so we promise, this will be the last post of Geri Halliwell showing off any kind of skin in St.Tropez. Because after all, we have more important things to do. Like sitting around all day drinking Jack Daniels and watching other women in bikinis. Except of course if she happens to take off her bikini top and let her Ginger Spice rack fall. Or she reaches into her bikini bottom and pulls Victoria Beckham out of it. Then we have no choice but to cover the event. Sorry.

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Ginger Spice would like you to meet ginger slice

Just when you thought you’ve seen enough of Geri Halliwell’s naughty bits for one day, along come more snaps of Miss Washed-up Spice in the south of France. It’s as if all that working out and getting fit has made her vagina crave some bench presses with her bikini bottom. Open up and say ‘ziggy-zig–aaaahhhh.’

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Geri Halliwell’s Boat Babe

All aboard! Four-year-old Bluebell Madonna was behind the wheel while out on the water with her mom Geri Halliwell and mom's boyfriend Henry Beckwith yesterday (June 18). The threesome are enjoying a sun-soaked holiday in Monaco, France.

Geri's Spice Girl pal Melanie Chisholm recently nixed rumors that the group would be reuniting for another tour, saying, "There's no chance of that happening.... We all have our own projects going on and have families too so we couldn't find the time even if we wanted to."


Geri Halliwell & Bluebell Are Curly Cuties

Geri Halliwell and her adorable daughter Bluebell Madonna, 4 next Friday, sported matching blonde curls in London on Thursday (May 6).

Ginger Spice rocked cowboy boots and jeans, while Bluebell wore polka dot tights and carried a Hello Kitty bag.

Geri, 37, has been dating millionaire Henry Beckwith, 30, since last March. We spotted Geri, Henry and Bluebell enjoying the sun - and huge yacht! - in France last August.


Geri Halliwell & Her Movie Date

Look at those curls! Geri Halliwell was spotted with her adorable 3 1/2-year-old daughter Bluebell Madonna going to the movies in London, England on Wednesday (March 24). Geri sported jeans and a baseball cap for the occasion, while Bluebell was dressed up in a pink skirt, hair bow and polka dot tights.

Ginger Spice, 37, has been dating Henry Beckwith, 30 - who is heir to a £400m fortune - since last March. We spotted the trio enjoying the sun - and huge yacht! - in France last August.


Spice Girls dazzle once more at the BRIT Awards

spice girls
The Spice Girls made a fresh dent in the BRIT Awards this year and rekindled the old spark by clinching the award for Best BRITs Performance of the Last 30 Years, courtesy of their 13-year-old performance of Who Do You Think You Are.

According to Contactmusic,

Viewers of British news show GMTV were asked to vote for their favourite BRITs moment to mark 30 years of the awards, and the Spice Girls’ 13-year-old showstopper came out on top, opening Tuesday night’s (16Feb10) event in London. The raunchy routine, which introduced the world to Geri Halliwell’s notorious Union Jack mini-dress, beat out performances from the likes of Sir Paul MCCartney, the Pet Shop Boys and Robbie Williams and Tom Jones’ bizarre Full Monty duet in 1998. Collecting the award from BRITs host Peter Kay, Halliwell and Melanie Brown thanked fans for their unwavering support.

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Geri Halliwell & Bluebell Madonna Are Radiant In Red

Geri Halliwell and her adorable daughter Bluebell Madonna, 3 1/2, made a pretty pair at London's Heathrow airport this morning, making their way through the terminal in matching red jackets (January 23).

Rumor has it that the former Spice Girl may soon be hearing wedding bells! Geri, 37, has been dating London-based businessman Henry Beckwith since last March.


White Bikini Moment: Geri Halliwell [Part II]

Here’s Geri Halliwell giving us another White Bikini Moment and proving her hotness all over again. In fact, we can term this as the mother of all White Bikini Moments, because Ginger has put her 100 percent into making this moment as memorable as possible. At one point you can notice her breasts just popping out of her top to greet us. And, of course, you can see her peeking into her bikini bottom once again to check her tw*t. Enough. Now hit the jump and let the pictures do the talking. BTW, thanks a ton, Ginger!
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Geri Halliwell gets her ass grabbed by dirty old man

geri booty grabber

While on a French boat ride, ex-Spice Girl Geri Halliwell was the catch of the day!  At least that’s what some lecherous old man thought when he grabbed her booty and held on like it might squirm away.

Geri was on holiday with boyfriend Henry Beckwith when the unexpected ASSault happened, but the star still seemed to keep her cool.  At least that’s what we assume, because there aren’t any ‘after’ shots of her giving the man a beatdown.

When you rise to fame as one of the biggest girl groups in British history, guess you just get used to all that pawing.


Geri Halliwell in a bikini: a case study of why having the face of a ferret is of little importance


Put Geri Halliwell in a berka and you’d want to add the mesh wiring to hide the face…but give her the chance to strip down to a tiny bikini and automatically our faulty brain wiring is making us think of her as a MILF. Undoubtedly, her aristocrat boyfriend is having the same conflicting feelings because in their short time together, he has searched and found every beach resort on the planet to take her to…and the couple of days when Geri actually has to wear a dress, he psychs himself up by thinking there could be worse…like being Beckham and having to touch Victoria’s titanium terminator boobs…

Here’s Geri still in a bikini, still on a yacht in Sardinia…try not to get distracted by the rat road pizza that comes with the hot bikini body.


Geri Halliwell has a ‘cool’ bikini attitude

Here’s Geri Halliwell, aka Ginger Spice, strutting her stuff in a super-sexy striped bikini and giving us a generous dose of her delicious body. I apologize for my biased attitude toward white bikinis, but Ginger is looking just too fantastic in that black/white bikini. However, it looks like she’s experiencing some serious issues with her bikini. You can notice how she’s pulling and pinching both the top and bottom of her bikini. Anyway, I don’t think we need to criticize her for this “sober” act, because that girl sure has some weird habits. At least this time she’s not checking her tw*t by peeking into her bikini bottom. I know you too well, Ginger. Scope out the gallery after the jump.
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Geri Halliwell;Sex Romp in Sardinia Part II


Here’s more pictures of Geri Halliwell still in a white bikini two sizes too small for her boobs, still making out with boyfriend Henry Beckwith whenever she can find a sunbed available. The only difference is this time the action has moved to the beach instead of the hotel’s pool. Have to admit though, her body’s not too bad for a 37-year old…now if only we could put a bag on her head and pretend the body doesn’t belong to someone we used to call Ginger Spice…


Geri Halliwell Bikini Pictures From Sardinia

Henry Beckwith, Geri Halliwell

Here’s Geri Halliwell and her new boyfriend Henry Beckwith while vacationing in Sardinia, Italy. At some point, you’ll realize that the ex-Spice Girl is checking her bathing suit, I wonder, what in a God’s name is going on down there?

Photos: BIG

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Geri Halliwell makes sure the chicken is plucked before sex romp


Looking down Geri Halliwell’s privates would feel like a health inspector entering a restaurant;rats and roaches running around, check…spoiled meat out on the counter, check…stray hair in the soup of the day, check. Not a pleasant job, but a necessary one to ensure the heath of the general population is safeguarded.

Geri Halliwell, who got rid of her Italian tycoon fiance Fabrizio Politi only three months after they were engaged was in Sardinia, Italy with new flame Henry Beckwith when she was caught checking her “basement” at the poolside of her hotel before putting his fire out  with her tongue and strapping him on a pool bed for a lunchtime sex romp.