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Gillian Anderson is still beautiful

I used to be a huge Gillian Anderson fan but to be honest, I kind of forgot about her there for a while so when these photos popped up (shot at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Moscow), I was excited to see how she’s looking these days. So how is she looking? Pretty darn good. I’ve always loved that Gillian doesn’t need to try to fit in with typical Hollywood standards of beauty. She has her own thing going on. Here’s what confuses me about these pictures though – has she always looked this much like Kate Winslet or is it just these photos? Or, and perhaps more likely, is the similarity my imagination. I have a hard time looking at these pictures without seeing Kate. Not really a problem for me as I love Kate but it’s just kind of weird. Regardless, she looks beautiful. I’m glad to see her again.

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Heather Graham’s nude lesbian scene in Boogie Woogie

gallery_enlarged-heather-grah1am-topless-boobs-01Here are a few screencaps from Heather Graham’s latest movie Boogie Woogie in which she plays a girl who meets another girl (Jaime Winston) at a nightclub and then has a lesbian affair with her. We’re guessing they stole the script from a teenage boy’s back pocket. That or the screenwriter was jerking off to Boogie Nights one fine evening and got the itch to see how Heather Graham’s ample chest was holding up 13 years later. And speaking of IT, it’s still awesome, so all you out there who said these babies were saggy, well, you owe Heather an apology. Delicious pancakes for breakfast anyone?

FYI, the cast of this brilliant movie also includes Gillian Anderson, Amanda Seyfried and Christopher Lee and it’s set in London’s art world in the 90’s.