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Michelle Bombshell McGee to box porn star


Michelle “Bombshell” McGee has found another way to keep her 15 minutes of  whore fame going (we were going to say “15 minutes of shame”, but that’s not applicable to this one), and earn some more cash in the process. McGee will be boxing porn star Gina Lynn today (May 7). The fight will be sponsored by as a “celebrity boxing match” called Celebrity Boxing 19. The event will be held at Pennant East in Bellmawr, New Jersey.

McGee has been training at Undisputed Gym in San Diego to prepare for her upcoming boxing match…not counting the cardio workout she’s been getting at her regular job as a stripper at the Las Vegas strip joint Deja Vu (she uses German heavy metal like “Feuer frei!” by Rammstein to get her in the mood for leg spreading).

This week McGee has been on radio shows to promote the match including the Howard Stern Show. Below are some excerpts from the classy interview:

On her opponent:

“If she pops my implants, I’m going to be pissed.”

On the first time Jesse James banged her:

“He was going to show me around and show me some stuff.”  “On the couch…it was hot. Yeah. It wasn’t excellent. It was fun…I think I got bent over the coffin couch.Michelle said Jesse’s penis was “very average” but his hands were strong: “He literally ripped [my leggings] off because they’re spandex…ripped them right off.”

On why Sandra Bullock and her 9 dogs are to blame:
Michelle refused to say whether or not Jesse used condoms when he was with her, but did reveal that he was able to have sex with her 4 times a night–twice a week. When she’d ask about Sandra he’d brush it off: “He was always, ‘I can’t talk about it. Shh.’” Michelle said she felt for Sandra Bullock (”I feel bad for her. I do.”) but thought she should share the blame: “They slept with 9 dogs in the bed…she liked to sleep with all the dogs in the bed.”

On Jesse James being a cheapskate:

“He’s kinda hard to get stuff out of, but when he opens up, he’s a real funny guy.” Michelle said she’d been in it for Jesse, not what he could give her: “He gave me a t-shirt once…it had wolves on it.” He never even took her out to eat: “I didn’t even get a slice of pizza.”

On being a white supremacist and a fine lady:

“It was just something I did. Young, stupid, naive…started running with a bad group of kids, got into stupid stuff. Things I regret.” Howard wondered what led her to embraced ‘white supremacist’ ideas, so Michelle clarified: “No, not very white supremacist. No. No, more like white pride stuff.”
Howard also asked about the ‘cunt’ tattoo on her thumb, so Michelle clarified: “It says ‘evil cunt.’ I’m absolutely an evil cunt.”