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GQ Russia recycles topless supermodels of the 90’s

13768_Supermodels_GQ_Magazine_Russia_April_2010_1_122_370loGQ Russia had a spectacular idea about how to deal with the recession hitting their frozen tundras and still get their comrades’ woodpecker ready for drilling. Put a semi-current photo of three topless aging supermodels, Helena Christensen, Claudia Schiffer and Eva Herzigova as your cover and then fill your pages with topless pictures of them from 20 years ago. Hey, why not? Who said being current and factual even matters when we’re talking about staring at breasts? And on that note, if you’ll excuse us, we’re getting ready to go into our time machine and visit Rachel Welch on the set of One Million Years B.C. See, we’ve been dying to ask her out on a date since 1970.