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Stop The Violence: Woman Leaves Estranged Husband Chilling Note Before Killing Their 9-Year-Old Son


Why shoot your son to spite your husband? Sad.

Woman Shoots 9-Year-Old Son

According to The NY Daily News

A Colorado mother who shot her 9-year-old son five times did it to get back at her husband, according to police documents.

Lisa Marie Lesyshen, 45, was taken into custody Friday and charged with first-degree murder, child abuse leading to death and domestic violence. She is still being treated for a self-inflicted gunshot wound at a hospital in Denver, where she reportedly confessed to shooting Asher Lesyshen-Kirlan.

Asher, a third-grader at Soda Creek Elementary School, died early Wednesday morning. According to the arrest warrant obtained by CBS Denver, the 9-year-old was shot three times in the chest, once in the head and once in the leg, likely at close range.

While searching the house, police discovered a note on Asher’s nightstand that read, “Remember you are responsible for what has happened here and you are the person that caused it.” The letter was addressed to Michael Kirlan, Lesyshen’s husband, and signed “Lisa & Asher.”

Lesyshen and husband Kirlan, 46, were separated but living in the same house in Steamboat Springs, Colo., according to the warrant.

Kirlan told police he woke up to the sound of gunshots around 3 a.m. Wednesday. He raced upstairs to find his estranged wife leaving their son’s room. He saw that Asher had been shot multiple times and was covered in blood. Kirlan said he carried the boy to the front entryway and then heard more gunshots.

He asked Lesyshen why she would do something like this, and she reportedly answered, “To hurt you.”

The woman also told Kirlan to kill her.

Officials found Lesyshen unconscious in the master bedroom and transported to a Denver hospital. On Thursday, she told an officer she shot her son before turning the gun on herself.

On Tuesday, Lesyshen asked a coworker at Bud Werner Memorial Library where she could purchase .22-caliber ammunition, the document said. Lesyshen bought the bullets that afternoon.

It is always sad when mothers kill their kids.



Charlie Sheen: I Didn’t Shoot Kelly Preston, It Was Toilet Shrapnel

You know how Charlie Sheen allegedly shot then-fiancée Kelly Preston in the arm way back in 1990? Well, he claims he didn’t fire the gun. At a recent stop on his Violent Torpedo of Nonsense tour, he explained he was making coffee while he thought she was asleep and (according to E! online)…

“I was downstairs early in the morning making coffee and I thought she was still asleep upstairs,” he said, regaling the crowd. “And I heard a f–king gunshot go off. I thought, ‘She did it, she finally f–king did it. She killed herself and they’re going to f–king blame me.’

“So I abandoned the coffee, because a gunshot in the morning will wake you up better than a nice cup of coffee,” he said, drawing increasing laughs from the crowd.

“I come around the corner and there’s naked Kelly Preston at the top of the stairs, holding her wrist, staring at me, covered in blood…and I thought, that’s pretty f–king hot,” he explained, before quickly adding, “I didn’t. I didn’t.”

“She explained to me when she lifted my pants off the scale in the bathroom…the tiny revolver I used to carry…it fell out of the back jeans pocket and hit the floor and shot a bullet right between her legs,” he explained amid much interjecting from his onstage cohort. “So she got hit with shrapnel from the toilet bowl.”

When refuting accusations that you shot your fiancee make sure to casually drop that she’s a crazy bitch who was going to kill herself anyway. For the benefit of the dudebros listening to the story mention that she was like totally naked and covered in blood. Like in horror movies man, it was so hot! Haha, kidding, but not really. Blahblah blah, she set of the gun (maybe purposefully, right?). Then BAM, toilet shrapnel. Totally foolproof story. Next time try to include how she just made it up to get your money for that extra touch of douchery that makes a story credible.


Malcolm at the End – Frankie Muniz Hit His Girlfriend Elycia Turnbow

Frankie Muniz allegedly put a gun to his head and threatened to pull the trigger during a fight with his girlfriend Elycia Turnbow at their home in Phoenix, Arizona on Friday night. I guess he wanted to make a stand that she was not the boss of him, now… More like “Napoleon Complex in the Middle”. Amirite?

100 bucks says he will be joining Macaulay Culkin in a Barcelona sex club by Friday and then Charlie Sheen in rehab on Sunday.

TMZ reports:

TMZ obtained a police report filed in Phoenix, AZ last Friday. According to the report, Muniz and his girlfriend, Elycia Turnbow, were arguing in their home about “prior relationships.” Elycia told cops, Frankie “grabbed a gun and held it to his head, possibly with the intent of committing suicide.”
Elycia says she became worried and called one of Frankie’s bandmates to take him to the hospital.
Frankie tells a different story, claiming Elycia was screaming and yelling at him when he “fell and hit his head.” Muniz says that’s why he went to the hospital. Muniz denied putting a gun to his head, but did say, “I grabbed the case, but not the gun … it isn’t even loaded.”
In fact … the cops did find the gun and it was loaded.
Muniz was released a short time later, went home, and just after 10PM the same night, things exploded back at the house. According to the police report, Elycia says, Frankie “punched her in the back of the head, and threw her into a wall while in the downstairs bedroom.”

Dear Frankie,

I know exactly what you’re going through. Women just don’t understand­. No one does. But If you ever need to talk, grab a drink or yell at some prostitute­s, I’d be more than happy to help you get through this.

Charlie Sheen

Frankie Muniz and his girlfriend Elycia Turnbo Frankie Muniz and his girlfriend Elycia Turnbo Frankie Muniz and his girlfriend Elycia Turnbo Frankie Muniz and his girlfriend Elycia Turnbo Frankie Muniz and his girlfriend Elycia Turnbo Frankie Muniz and his girlfriend Elycia Turnbo

Lindsay Lohan had gun fired at her in Morocco…and no, it’s not Gerard Butler avenging his infected penis


Don’t get too excited. The gun’s bullets were stopped by the padding of coke bags tied to her chest (it’s Morocco and she went prepared…drug supply is not as dependable as it is back home) so Lindsay Lohan is still alive and carrying on with her mission as a penis pesticide (fingers crossed the dude she banged at the Chateau Marmont on Friday managed to get to the ER in time before his buddy fell off from gangrene).

Jokes aside, the gun was fake. Not a joke, she’s still alive.

To explain, Lindsay was in Morocco for the opening of a luxury beach resort when a prankster showed up with a fake gun and aimed it at her.

 She wrote on Twitter: “I was walking with the security guard & some guy was following me, then pulled up in his car & pointed a GUN at me!

 ”I was on the phone with my mum & I screamed and ducked & the guy started laughing & pushed the trigger & it was a fake gun.

 ”I was crying… he scared me.”

Apparently Lindsay got over the episode quickly enough because she was later seen sucking Gerard Butler’s face who was also in Morocco for the opening of the Mazagan Beach Resort.

The new Beach Resort, which Daily Mail noted was lit by 100,000 candles and scattered with 100,000 red and white roses, was “the most romantic place in the world,” Lindsay said. Before leaving the party in a golf buggy accompanied by Gerard, Lindsay told the Mirror, “He’s hot, he’s mine! I’ve got no ring on my finger so I’m going to have lots of fun.”

“I just want to find someone who loves me back,” she told the British paper. “I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack every time I think about the break-up (talking about Samantha Ronson). I came here to get away from it all. I’m ready to have fun now.”