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Demi Moore visits Haiti


Demi Moore was in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, recently, and one of her stops was at the Paediatric Malnutrition Ward of St Damien’s children’s hospital where she visited malnurished children and burnt victims. Moore twittered some of the pictures she took with the children, including one of a boy named David who was burned and lost three fingers when the earthquake hit Haiti. ‘Yes, he was burned and lost 3 fingers but his joyous spirit was untouched!”, she posted.

On Monday, she posted another photo on her Twitter site of herself with Ben Stiller and Elizabeth Preval, the wife of Haiti’s president Rene Preval.

Moore’s accompanying message read: ‘Discussing end of restevac system & improving education 4 the children of Haiti w/First Lady Preval & @redhourben’ (Stiller’s Twitter name).

A restevac is a child in Haiti who is sent by his or her parents to work for a host household as a domestic servant because they lack the resources to support their child themselves.


Jessica Simpson NOT using her breasts to bring Haitians relief


While we’re all disappointed that Jessica Simpson did not hop on John Travolta’s private jet to assist starving children in Haiti by means of breast-feeding them (which is not really far-fetched if you think about it…Salma Hayek did it, so why not Jessica?), at least her humanitarian efforts are making more sense than John Travolta’s attempts to have Haitians look at trees and dirt while his scientology “ministers” work up a sweat stealing their thoughts and soul so they can offer them to their alien galactic ruler Xemu.

Jessica is organizing a shoe drive (together with Nashville-based shoe charity soles$souls) to collect at least 50,000 shoes in 50 days for Haiti which will be a big help for victims walking amidst dangerous earthquake rubble…that’s of course assuming she doesn’t send over 4-inch platforms in which case we’re going back to her breasts and urging her to urgently send those down…they’re definitely a much safer relief tool.