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Cindy Crawford takes her pokies to The Red Square

Cindy Crawford took to the cobbled streets of the Red Square in Moscow, Russia, yesterday, obviously to peddle her organic, fair-trade and fairy-dust filled cosmetics to the Russian comrades who were more busy staring at her frozen nipples. We tried to do the same, since, well, we love pokies and their plight to fight through garments, but damn it, why did she have to show us her Shar-Pei knees? And just in case you missed them, we produced a close-up for you. Demi Moore, you have time and booze on your hands now, so show her how it’s done, baby.

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Jennifer Aniston’s nipples can break through kevlar

Here’s Jennifer Aniston in NYC yesterday doing some shopping and i swear this woman has the most boring wardrobe in Hollywood. Having said that, who needs an elaborate get up to showcase your assets when your breasts possess an x-men-like ability to break through barriers simply by staring intensely at them? I swear, that bra is made out of teflon. True fact. Now who’s the boring one, Brad Pitt? Can YOU do that with your nipples?

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Video: Rihanna – [Live @ Hammerstein Ballroom NYC]

Here’s Rihanna performing live at Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City last night and rocking it real hard as she belts out Hard, her second single from her album Rated R. Looks like RiRi babe is in a total offensive mode. On Monday, she stunned the audience on The X Factor by belting out Russian Roulette, and here comes the update. Incidentally, Rated R is RiRi’s first album to come with a Parental Advisory warning label. Believe me, she’s in a very fierce mood.

Best moment: Totally impressive!