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Kelly Brook gets sexed up for

The sparrow just chirped into my ears that Kelly Brook is not looking for love after splitting with her beau, and this new photos from Maxim prove that the thing might just be true. She looks better off alone and her hotness has increased by amazing proportions in these couple of “single” days. Don’t get carried away by the pic where she’s riding a Harley behind that lucky dude, because she’s using that dude just a medium. The last pic shows her romancing the Harley (after kicking away the dude) and keeps our belief alive that she’s enjoying her single status. As you like it, Kelly. Just be sure to keep your fans thrilled. Check out the gallery after the jump.
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The Rossdale Boys Love Their Boots

Whether it's chilly or sunny out, Kingston and Zuma Rossdale have been rockin' their boots. Get these cool boots for your little one too.

Kingston's boots are Harley Davidson Kids Patches Boots ($49.99) and Timberland Asphalt Trail Tall Boots (41.99). Zuma's are John Deere Toddler Green Boots ($54.99).


Mischa Barton hits parked car then her own dies

article-1276519-097DFDAB000005DC-626_468x331Mischa Barton managed to hit a parked car and get her car towed away, all in one day (Sunday, May 9). Not surprising really since she doesn’t even have the basics down, like opening her own car’s door (hmm, says here “oil change”. Wonder if dog biscuits would do). Now, someone please tell us there was evidence of a roach, or at the very least an empty bottle of glue involved at the crime scene so we can all go “another typical day in Mischa Barton’s life” and get back to staring at Marissa Miller’s body lying on top of a Harley. Really, there’s not even a choice here: Walking mess of cellulite < Marissa Miller. We are as sensitive and delicate as rose petals, after all.


Marissa Miller voted Sexiest Woman On The Planet by FHM

millermain_1041073aVictoria’s Secret Marissa Miller won over Megan Fox as Sexiest Woman On The Planet in a poll by FHM that drew in more than a million votes and here she is receiving the prize in her underwear (because doing so dressed would be a blasphemy). If you’re unsure as to whether she deserves it or not, check out the latest Harley-Davidson campaign for 2010. On that note, we’re launching a contest as to whether anyone can figure out where her legs end and the machine begins. Winner gets a paper clip and a 25cent off coupon for Balmex chafing cream. Hey, nobody said we make money on this site. Now can we borrow your car because we have a date tonight?


Marisa Miller revs it up for Harley-Davidson

Here’s the sexy Marissa Miller getting uber-hot for the new Harley-Davidson ad campaign and confirming her hot status with deadly precision. Knee-high boots, short shorts and leather jacket is a combination that never fails to send a million eyeballs racing into the space, so you can easily imagine the impact when it’s Marissa donning the deadly attire and combining it with the killer looks of a Harley. Both are drool-inducing; both are in a class of their own! BTW, these pics go perfect with the sexy news of Marissa clinching the tenth position on Maxim’s 2010 Hot 100 list. Go Marissa! Scope out the gallery after the jump.
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Amy Winehouse falls on her boobs, ends up in hospital

alg_singer_amy-winehouseAmy Winehouse is like a centipede with implants. Sooner or later, gravity and a bottle of scotch were destined to work their magic and land those jugs on the pavement. Which in fact happened on Monday night. Surprisingly, the fall didn’t cause the boobs to spring a leak like a vandalized fire hydrant, thus saving Amy from a trip to the horse dentist. She did run around topless and frantic after the incident though, which means she didn’t suffer any head trauma. Although she did ask if she could use the toilet (instead of shitting on the floor or in a nurse’s hat) so that’s definitely suspicious. Someone quickly do an MRI for god’s sake!!

Via The Sun:

Amy Winehouse was back in hospital last night suffering fresh agony from her new boobs – after she drunkenly fell and bruised them.

The pop diva, 26 – who just weeks ago told doctors the 32D implants were giving her gyp – landed flat on her face, also cutting her forehead.

She summoned minders to whisk her back to the private clinic in London’s Harley Street where she had her boob job seven months ago. She was diagnosed with bruised ribs, kept in overnight on Sunday – but yesterday was still refusing to leave.

Her injuries were described as “not serious” but her agent said: “She really likes the clinic so may stay a few days.”

A hospital source told how the Back To Black singer – who fell over while drinking alone at her North London flat – was brought in plastered and caused chaos.

The witness said: “Amy was running up and down the corridors with her top off and reeking of booze.


“She has been heard complaining of pain caused by bruising on her breasts and around her ribs. The nurses had to step in and ask her to calm down. Eventually she had to be taken back to her room. The ward sister was absolutely fuming.”

Another source said of the tumble: “She’d had a few.

“At first she thought she had broken something, so got her security to take her to hospital. The doctors were worried she might be concussed because she had a big bump on her head and a cut above her eye.”

When Amy returned to the clinic earlier this month she feared she might have to get the implants removed.

But doctors gave her the all clear.


Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale’s Fauxhawk Fella

Rock royalty, Gwen Stefani and hubby Gavin Rossdale, took their 3 1/2-year-old son Kingston to see How The Grinch Stole Christmas! at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood on Saturday (November 28). Kingston - who stuck out his tongue at the paparazzi - was sporting a funky fauxhawk. And not to mention those Harley-Davidson boots!

Gwen and Gavin are also parents to 15-month-old son Zuma.

What do you think of Kingston's fauxhawk?


Linda wants the Hulk in prison

hulk linda
Hulk Hogan and ex-wife Linda Bollea are not yet ready to hang their gloves. Within weeks of their “amicable” divorce settlement, the divorced couple have once again positioned themselves in the opposite corners of the ring. Reportedly, Linda has sued the Hulkster for not honoring the confidential marital settlement and wants him in prison.

Fox News reports,

Bollea filed a motion against Hulk in the Pinellas County Superior Court in Florida on Tuesday for the “Enforcement of the Confidential Marital Settlement.” In the suit, Bollea claims her ex has failed to release her Harley Davidson motorcycle and pay her $225,000 due on August 7 as promised in the settlement.

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Nude Bruno hijacks cover

I don’t want to start a debate whether Bruno is looking cute or cold on the cover of GQ magazine because that’s akin to deciding whether you get turned on by the sight of a hot babe or a nude dude. It totally depends on your preference, so let’s avoid that topic altogether. All I want you to do is hit the jump and compare the two pics and tell me which one you dig - Bruno riding that Harley, or that dude riding Bruno. Come on, get going.
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