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Halle Berry celebrates her Decade of Hotness by making out with Jamie Foxx


It was an interesting night at the Spikes TV Guys Choice Awards on Saturday to say the least. Halle Berry, who seemed ready for another decade of hotness, this time as a MILF, was too eager to prove she earned the prize fair and square by licking Jamie Foxx’s face, and letting him grab her ass.

This was much appreciated by the audience who were expecting to see Hottest Woman On The Planet Megan Fox maybe making out with a chick on stage but lucked out since she chose to land her hot asteroid somewhere else on the planet that night.

Mel Gibson opened the show by riding a horse (it would be more on the mark if he came out with a pregnant belly and the sign Octo-Dad stapled to his forehead…unless the name of the horse was Oksana) and Sacha Baron Cohen, who won the Funniest M.F Award came as his new alter ego, Bruno, in a leopard print outfit/speedo sure to become a staple at Walmart’s during Halloween time.

Angelina Jolie won the Hot Mother Theresa Award (just joking, it was the Femme Fatale award) and Mila Kunis won the Hottest Mila award (?).