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Heather Mills Wants To Adopt A Child

One of the most famous ex-wives in the world, model Heather Mills, has revealed she wants another child! Heather already has a 6-year-old, Beatrice, with ex-husband Sir Paul McCartney, but it looks like she misses having a baby around!

Always the activist, the proud and vocal vegan (she owns her own line of vegan food called VBites and a vegan restaurant) would rather adopt, saying "I wouldn’t have another child because the world is already too overpopulated. But I might adopt one.”

Beatrice herself is also taking after her mother's vegetarianism. Heather says, "she goes up to people in restaurants and says, ‘You know that’s a baby cow?’". But, Heather insists she didn't get that from her: "People must think that is what I tell her at home, but it’s not.” A love for animals just runs in the family!


Heather Mills is trully a one-legged wonder

article-1276720-09842626000005DC-991_224x561Remember Heather Mills, the gold-digger ex of Paul McCartney who got so angry over being awarded only $48.6 million she dumped water over the head of his attorney in court? Well, apparently she’s still alive and well and invited to premieres and such despite the risk she’ll get pissed off at someone on the red carpet and knock them unconscious with her pirate leg. Here she is in London last night in an outfit that probably required the bloody sweat of her seven slave dwarfs to fasten on, and seriously at this point, we’re freaked out by the things that thing of hers can do. Can someone fill it up with termites so it doesn’t stare us in the face so blatantly ever again? Paul, you can do it. It only requires courage. Ok, and very strong sorcery.


Paul McCartney set to marry for the third time

macca nancy

After having experienced two extremely different scenarios with his previous two marriages, Sir Paul McCartney is all set to experience the rollercoaster adventure for a third time. Reportedly, the Beatles legend is planning to marry his girlfriend Nancy Shevell in a secret ceremony. The 67-year-old musician and Nancy, 48, a New York businesswoman, have been dating for nearly two years.

Daily Express quotes a friend of Paul as saying,

Paul and Nancy’s relationship is rock solid and there’s no mad hurry for a wedding. Next year has certainly been mentioned as the most likely time, but neither of them want some big hoo-ha. It’s almost certainly going to be done very discreetly over in the US and Paul would ideally like to do it without any publicity beforehand. Whether he could pull that off is another matter.

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Here’s one prosthetic limb that can’t stay out of the limelight


Heather Mills was a sight for sore ice as she shoved SpongeBob in her ass and stuck her pirate leg into a rollerskate in preparation for her part in Dancing On Ice (on British ITV which starts in January). And in case you didn’t catch the prosthetic part when she told you it’s fake and it might fall off on Dancing With The Stars she rolled up her pants sensing you needed to see more of it. Just so you can finally stop thinking she’s a gold digger who ended up with $40million of Paul McCartney’s dow and see her for the strong and daring attention-lusting cripple that she trully is.


Heather Mills falls for hunky racecar driver!

If rumors are to be believed then Heather Mills, ex-wife of Beatle Paul McCartney, is ready to shock the world and rock the boat of love with a much younger hunk - 28-year-old racecar driver Tim George, Jr.

The story goes that the 41-year-old divorcee showed up to the Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge at Blue Star Jets Field in New York’s Hamptons on August 8 and singled out Tim from the crowd. The odd couple were totally into each other during the match and later that night at the Social Life Magazine party for the mag’s August issue, which features Tim on the cover.
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