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Justin Timberlake still very much craving Rihanna’s nookie


Now we can all stop wondering whether Rihanna has aspirations to be a Parisian street hooker. All that display of nakedness during fashion week in Paris was really one giant neon billboard for Justin Timberlake’s dick satellite to capture. Unfortunately Justin has gay feminine sensibilities and does not want to upset Jessica Biel by breaking up with her too abruptly (translation:he’s just doesn’t want to end up in ER with a broken pelvis and his balls shoved deep into his eye sockets).

This according to TransworldNews:

Justin Timberlake and Rihanna are ready to take their relationship to the next level. Sources say the couple has been keeping their “fling” secret by sneaking dates but they are getting ready to go public and commit to one another.

“They liked the excitement of sneaking around. They got off on keeping it on the down low,” says an insider.

Before they get serious, Rihanna is reportedly demanding Timberlake end his relationship with Jessica Biel for good. “She asked him on the phone, ‘Are you still with Jessica?’ And he hinted that things were cooling off between them,” says the source. “She wants it to be publicly out there they JT’s single before she commits to him.”

Meanwhile, Timberlake and Biel fueled rumors they have split by spending the weekend apart. Biel headed to Vancouver to film ‘The A Team’ while Timberlake stayed in Los Angeles to play golf. Neither Timberlake nor Biel has commented.

And this according to Closer magazine which interviewed Justin’s grandmother (?) Sadie Bomar:

‘Jessica was keen to marry, but Justin isn’t ready.

‘He’s busy writing new material and he works hard to be successful – he’s really focused on that.’

She added: ‘As far as we’re concerned, he’s always been single.

‘The girlfriends come and go, but we believe nothing has ever been serious.’

‘Justin does his own thing and he isn’t ready to marry just yet.’

Enjoy Rihanna and her rubber suspenders at yet another fashion show in Paris.