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Helena Christensen Slays Me

Helena Christensen was one of the first models I really fell in love with. Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game video had more than a little something to do with that. It’s clear from these photos that my devotion to her over the years has been well worth it. The woman is still absolutely stunning and these photos are so hot they could melt butter. Helena still has a knack for posing in the sexiest possible ways and I think that’s fantastic. When I look at this woman, I see a killer body, a beautiful face and a true legend in the modeling industry. I don’t think it would be possible for me to love her more than I already do but hey, never say never. This woman is just as hot now as she was when Wicked Game first made me question how straight I actually am.

Helena Christensen Slays Me

Helena Christensen Slays Me Helena Christensen Slays Me Helena Christensen Slays Me
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Helena Christensen Defends Kim Kardashian’s Weight Gain


Celebrity moms unite!

In an open letter posted on Huffington Post, former Victoria’s Secret Angel Helena Christensen addresses the media’s obsession with Kim Kardashian‘s pregnancy weight gain, calling it “disgusting and despicable.”

“It is disgusting and despicable the way that certain media constantly harass the pregnant Kim Kardashian,” she writes. “It’s enough that they persistently project a negative focus on women’s physical shapes; but a public bullying and attacking of a pregnant woman because of her growing shape is just lower than low.”

“Whatever else the tabloid-media feel a sick need to spew out of their venomous bowels, let that be their lame choice. But there should be some moral compass,” Helena continues. “It doesn’t matter who the woman is or what she does. No one should ever be publicly judged for their body, but to attack an expecting mother is sacrilegious and just plain wrong. A pregnant woman should not be criticized for her shape, period!!”

Another person defending Kim’s pregnancy curves? Her boyfriend, rapper Kanye West.

“It’s just such an exciting thing, I think, for the guys to see our bodies go through all these different changes,” Kim said. “He loves it and just embraces it. And he’s helped me to really feel sexy and embrace it.”

And during a Thursday appearance on The Tonight Show, Kim addressed the ongoing criticism she’s receiving for her weight.

“I think it’s a little bully-ish to call a pregnant woman fat. I mean, what do you expect? I hope I gain weight. I’m a little heavy,” Kim said. “There’s just more to love right now. I have the rest of my life to be skinny and to lose weight and I’m not really worrying about it. If I have a craving I’ll go for it.”


Friday’s Miscellaneous Junk You Might Like (09.23.2011)

Kendra Wilkinson is in dire need of Playboy Yoda and his freeze-dried balls to bring back the sexy.

Helena Christensen is Sarah Palin with long legs but without the snowmobile, the shotgun and the bag of coke.

Yes, Pippa Middleton flashed her panties. We ascertained that through an incredibly shitty resolution. God Save The Queen!

Busy Phillips did the exact same thing.

Sofia Vergara is promoting her new clothing line in a way that could only be described as marketing magic.

Our favorite orange ewok doing what she does best. Fall on her ass.

You had your chance Kris Humphries, you had your chance.

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Celebrity Parenting Advice: The Good, The Bad, & The Questionable

Celebrity parents are always sounding off on their children and their role as parents... some more than others. Angelina Jolie's latest promotional tour for her film, Salt included her opening up to every major news source about intimate details of her family, which included her opinions on the widely speculated fashion choices made by her biological daughter, Shiloh, with partner Brad Pitt.

Jolie is constantly dispensing personal facts about her home life that make many of us scratch our heads in confusion. Meanwhile, other celebrity parents also offer up good, bad or questionable advice when it comes to mommy or daddy duty.

Click below to read the advice several famous moms and dads suggest when it comes to child-rearing. Some of their insight is spot-on, while some of it is downright cuckoo or questionable!


Helena Christensen Opens Up About Parenting

Supermodel Helena Christensen has had a busy modeling career, being one of the most recognizable faces around. She is also a respected photographer, and actually began modeling to allow her to fund her passion for photography.

Christensen keeps a relatively low-key lifestyle and stays out of the spotlight. She is occasionally spotted with her son Mingus, 10, whose father is her ex-husband Norman Reedus. In an interview with Babble, Christensen opened up about parenting her son, and giving advice to other parents.

On her biggest parenting challenge: Giving birth. Everything after that is a breeze! But really, [parenting] is the best thing ever. It’s the only true miracle still left in this world — that as a women you can give birth to another human being and get to be with this little person and watch them evolve. Everyday is exciting. Kids are so smart; it’s crazy.

On her advice for parents: I don’t know how to give advice. When you have a child, you learn something new every day and I couldn’t give any precise rules because there aren’t any. Every child is different. You’re different. I worried a lot when I had Mingus; the responsibility is so heavy if you think about it. If you think too much about it, it drives you crazy, so just let it happen. All [kids] really want is love and routine and a good night’s sleep and delicious food. He certainly complains if there’s not enough garlic in the food.

For the complete interview with Helena, visit Babble...


Helena Christensen & Her Playful Pals

Model mom Helena Christensen was pictured pushing her bicycle with her 10 1/2-year-old son Mingus in the West Village, New York City on Thursday (May 20).

Mingus pushed his scooter alongside his pals while they had some fun goofing around for the paparazzi.

Mingus' father is Helena's ex, actor Norman Reedus.


Helena Christensen poses naked to promote Reebok trainers

article-1270226-0961FD03000005DC-52_468x699Here’s 41-year old ex-supermodel Helena Christensen stretching her calves in the buff and damn are we impressed with Reebok EasyTone trainer’s ability to keep a woman above 35 in great shape. Which is why we’re definitely getting these for the two supermodels we have waiting for us at home. Being chained on a pole in our basement is starting to turn some of their parts doughy. Plus, the neighbor keeps giving them bigger portions despite are strict instructions.

PS: This is the second time in a matter of months that Helena has posed completely nude (see ID magazine shoot with Herzigova and Schiffer) plus, she told Elle Magazine she doesn’t give a shit about being naked, which proves our theory that aging models are the perfect target. To romance that is. Don’t worry, we keep those chains relatively loose. And we bring them flowers every Saturday.


GQ Russia recycles topless supermodels of the 90’s

13768_Supermodels_GQ_Magazine_Russia_April_2010_1_122_370loGQ Russia had a spectacular idea about how to deal with the recession hitting their frozen tundras and still get their comrades’ woodpecker ready for drilling. Put a semi-current photo of three topless aging supermodels, Helena Christensen, Claudia Schiffer and Eva Herzigova as your cover and then fill your pages with topless pictures of them from 20 years ago. Hey, why not? Who said being current and factual even matters when we’re talking about staring at breasts? And on that note, if you’ll excuse us, we’re getting ready to go into our time machine and visit Rachel Welch on the set of One Million Years B.C. See, we’ve been dying to ask her out on a date since 1970.


The complete ID mag picture set of “Old Supermodels Gone Wild”


After giving you a teaser yesterday, we were determined to find the entire naked truth about whether Eva Herzigova, Claudia Schiffer and Helena Christensen are worth getting out of bed for no less than $10,000 (although nowadays and with inflation accounted for, that’s less than what Josh Duhamel’s stripper demands for giving husbands like him some well deserved relief from the penis they share a bed with at home)…that is assuming their hips don’t crackle and their faces don’t look like  Droopy The Dog in which case they might just want to stay in bed and work on their voodoo dolls that they’re going to leave on Naomi Campbell’s doorstep (because after all her ass is still the balcony of a first floor building and their boobs are now the pavement and, yes, she is dating a multi billionaire).

In Helena’s defense, she’s the only one brave enough to bare her boobs without an inanimate object to hide behind. Which begs the question as to what kind of sorry sag bags, stretchmarks and gigantic breast-feeding nipples the other two are hiding from the world…but, we’ll never know, will we?


It’s Naked Veteran Supermodel Day;they might be old, but they’re not done taking their clothes off just yet


Here’s veteran supermodels Eva Herzigova, 36, and Claudia Schiffer, 39, in their leather thigh boots looking like they had a stroke or mild aneurysm that left them with a lazy eye (or was that winking) and Helena Christensen, 40, sandwiched in between them with a migraine that Tylenol couldn’t cure. Oh, and they’re naked, like the good old days. And because we don’t discriminate when it comes to breasts of a ripe age as long as they can slap our forehead senseless we’re going to go ahead and forget that in real life Eva’s and Claudia’s teeth have gone rogue and attacked the rest of their face, that Helena’s chin is now the size of a healthy mule’s penis and that in general the three of them look like the ghosts of Vooju island in Pirates of The Caribbean and cock-us as to whether they can still make us want to drill a hole into our neighbor’s apartment with our penis just to blow off some steam.

FYI, the photo shoot was created for I-D magazine and in one of the individual shots Claudia Schiffer is completely naked let for a small handbag that’s covering her crotch.