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Barclays Center Gives Drake The Jay Z Summer Jam Screen Treatment [Video]


Poor Drake!

While the Brooklyn Nets were busy forcing a critical Game 7 against the Toronto Raptors in the first round of the 2014 NBA Playoffs, the Barclays Center helped their own brand ambassador Jay Z one-up his battle with the away team’s human mascot, Drake…. Continue

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8 Things We Learned From The Breakfast Club Omarion Interview [Photos]


While the majority of the public still view Omarion as boy band singer, he has very much come into his own as a man. He discusses this and more with The Breakfast Club…. Continue

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Nicki Minaj ft. Soulja Boy – “Yasss B***h!!”

Nicki Minaj in Moschino 2

The hook on this song is hella suspect, but whatever

Last night, each of YMCMB’s biggest stars appeared on wax. While Lil Wayne and Drake appeared on the former’s official single, Nicki Minaj debuted a new freestyle to appease her fans titled “Yasss B*tch!!”

See more at: Hip Hop Wired

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Throw It Back Thursday: YG Hosts Twerk Contest, Gets Down With Contestant [Video]


Amid the momentum of his chart-topping debut LP, My Krazy Life, West Coast rapper YG performed at Theatre of Living Arts in Philly where he also hosted a “twerking” contest before a buzzing crowd…Continue

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Shaquille O’Neal, Trey Burke & Waka Flocka Slandered For Mocking Disabled Man [Photos]


It’s easy to get caught up in the allure of Internet meme culture without thinking of any sorts of consequences. That is the predicament NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, Utah Jazz G Trey Burke and Waka Flocka Flame found themselves in when they mocked a man with a rare disability on their Instagram accounts…Continue

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Danny Brown Quit Lean Because Of Diarrhea [Video]


In a casual conversation with Tim Westwood, a down-to-earth Danny Brown exposed the very ugly side to using lean (aka sizzurp) and revealed just why he had to give up the purple Sprite…Continue

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Big Sean’s Ex-Fiancée Naya Rivera Fired From Glee? [Photos]


Columbus Short isn’t the only struggle actor who television producers are out to prove they aren’t bigger than the show this year. After beefing with her co-star Lea Michele for far too long, it’s being reported that Naya Rivera may have been fired from Glee…Continue

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The Finale: 13 Things We Learned From Black Ink Crew [Photos}


The season 2 finale of Black Ink Crew went down last night and while some season long issues were resolved, unnecessary but entertaining drama prevailed…Continue

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DJ Khaled ft. Jay Z, Meek Mill, Rick Ross & French Montana – “They Don’t Love You No More” [Listen]

khaled-eviction Dj Khaled is back with “They Don’t Love You No More” which features Meek Mill, Rick Ross, French Montana, and wait for it wait for it… Jay Z!!!!!! The record was produced by Mike Zombie who did Drake’s “Started From The Bottom.” Looks like DJ Khaled is hitting it running. Yesterday, he released a vblog. He trailed through Marcy projects just as Jay did as he was coming out in the early 90′s. Dj Khaled has been known to work with some of the same artists and the records are mostly major hits and anthems. [HipHopWired]

“I’m So Proud Of Myself”: A Tearful NeNe Leakes Kicked Off During Week 7 Of “Dancing With The Stars”

nene-leakes Ne Ne Leakes has been voted off Dancing With The Stars last night in week 7. She came in at 7th place and was in tears. Her partner, Tony Dovolani,told said that before the show started he thought going in that NeNe would end up in the middle of the pack on “Dancing With the Stars.” He thought she could actually make it to the finals after he rehearsed with her… At least until he saw her competitors. After the show she said, “I’m so proud of myself. I hope that I have inspired women all over the world. This has been an amazing, positive experience for me. I want to just thank my husband and my children who are here supporting me every single week after week. All of my family, all of my friends, all of my fans. And I thank all of you judges who judged me every week. I am so proud of myself to stand here and compete with Olympians with no dancing experience at all. I am proud of NeNe Leakes!” Awww!!! Kudos to Ne Ne. Wonder whats next for her? She’s already wrapped up this season for Atlanta Housewives and there have been talk of a clothing line but no official word.

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Getting Married This Week? Attention Attention Attention!!!! Kim and Kanye may be geting married this week. Supposedly they are on the hush hush about it and want it to be a private matter. They got confidential married license so no one will know exactly when. Based on news from people close to them, it’ll be more of a courthouse wedding and big show/part afterwards. There have been old reports on the couple getting married in Paris sometime in May. Of course because of taping and the TV drama, Kanye’s “big brother”, Jay Z and his wife, Beyonce will not be in attendance. Maybe they’ll join them now since its supposedly private now. There wouldn be a surprise to the people if Kim and Kanye does two weddings. Weeks ago they stirred up fuss because they were granted the fron cover of Vogue Magazine. Some people were mad while others were happy. Either way it goes, Kim and Kanye know how to start a mess of noise.Kanye Shrug!!!! Ok “KK” lets see what yall will do. [HipHopWired]
  • Oprah Winfrey To Donald Sterling … The Plantation Days Are Over![Video] [TMZ]
  • Rihanna Sued By Former Bodyguard [VibeVixen]
  • This Is What Discrimination In Schools Looks Like [HuffingtonPost]
  • Emma Stone Beats Jimmy Fallon In The Latest ‘Tonight Show’ Lip-Sync Battle (Video) [StarPulse]
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Barack Obama Says Donald Sterling Comments “Incredibly Offensive” [Video]

President Barack Obama In Rome

President Barack Obama is on the other side of the world, but still the topic of LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s racist comments came up. Needless to say, Obama was keen on pointing out Sterling’s ignorance… Continue


Lil Wayne & Mannie Fresh Spotted In The Studio [Photo]


Could a real Hot Boys, or maybe Big Tymers, reunion be in the works? That’s what plenty of people are wishing for after Lil Wayne and Mannie Fresh were spotted in the studio together…. Continue


13 Photos Of Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik Era OutKast


Twenty years ago, OutKast released their landmark debut album and ushered in a new sound for Hip-Hop with Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik. Arguably one of the greatest Hip-Hop group’s of all time, OutKast – who hail from the East Point section of Atlanta, GA – audaciously kicked in the door for Southern rap…Continue

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Westside Connection: Twitter Counters #myNYPD Hashtag With #myLAPD [Photos]


It should come as no surprise that Los Angeles to want to get in on the discussion when it comes to police brutality…Continue

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Joey Bada$$ – “Mr. Wonderful” [Listen]


UFC 172 will have a little Brooklyn flavor on Saturday, April 26, thanks to rapper Joey Bada$$, who teamed up with #UFCyphertrack to create “Mr. Wonderful.” Mixed martial artist Phil Davis will walk out to the song before going toe to toe with Anthony Johnson…Continue

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Where Are They Now?: The Cast Of The Inkwell [Photos]


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Struggle Times Square Rappers Suing NYPD


You know those annoying struggle rappers that ask “Do you like Hip-Hop?” before trying to sell you their music?Well a bunch of them that ply their trade in Times Square are suing NYPD…Continue

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South Carolina Mother Arrested For Dumping Newborn Baby In Trash Can [Photos]

ViviCam 6300

A 28-year-old South Carolina woman who had just given birth yesterday afternoon is now in the custody of law enforcementafter she stands accused of dumping her newborn son in the trash can…Continue

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Nas Teams With Google & Microsoft To Offer Tech Scholarships


They say Nas’ lyrics are borderline scientific, but we’re willing to bet you didn’t see this coming. The Queensbridge rapper has teamed with Microsoft and Google to offer tech scholarships, and the rapper’s financial aid will specifically cater to African-Americans and Latinos…. Continue

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Drake Tells NBA Announcers Jay Z Is Off Eating Fondue [Video]


That Drake is a crafty one. During yesterday’s (April 19) opening game of the NBA playoffs that set the Brooklyn Nets vs. the Toronto Raptors, Drizzy lobbed a jab at Jay Z. Emphasis on lobbed. (It was actually a joke, but this is the Internets where everything gets blown out of proportion)…. Continue

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Watch The 10 Best Dunks Of The 2013-2014 NBA Season

Top 10 Dunks of the NBA season

Look out below

The NBA playoffs kick off today (April 19) so it’s a good time to reflect on the past season. Actually, let’s just get to the top 10 dunks of the 2013-2914 NBA season.

See more at: Hip Hop Wired

Image via YouTube

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The Combat Jack Show Discusses The N-Word With Hakim Green [Listen]


The Combat Jack Show has a collective willingness to speak on topics of a greater purpose. With past shows highlighting cultural events like the Trayvon Martin case, the importance of therapy, and much more, Combat Jack and company took an episode to discuss a word with an unparalleled history — the n-word…. Continue

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April Rap Fools: Hip-Hop’s 15 Most Foolish Moves Of All Time [Photos]


While most rappers profess to be strategical in their every move, a lot of them still end up doing a lot of dumb ish.

Some of their actions are so idiotic they fall into the April Fools’ category…. Continue

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Lil Boosie ft. TD Mr. Fox 5 & Mandigo – “Same Game” [Listen]


Well that was fast. Lil Boosie released music at a high volume prior to serving nearly five years in prison, so we expected nothing less after he was freed…. Continue

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Migos – “Emmitt Smith” [Video]


Most didn’t know what Migos would become following the fanfare around their Drake-assisted hit, “Versace,” but the Georgia crew have carved a lane for themselves in the months since the aforementioned remix debuted with a string of street heaters. Their latest release is a visual for their football-turned-trap metaphor, “Emmitt Smith.”… Continue

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Cam’ron & The Diplomats Unveil DIPSET USA Clothing Line [Photos]


At this rate, 2014 will be known as the year that Cam’ron made a supreme resurgence. Though his cape line with Mark McNairy will be a hard act to follow, Killa and The Diplomats unveil their latest business venture: a clothing line called DIPSET USA. Continue

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The Struggle Files: Azealia Banks’ Soundcloud Terminated For Copyright Infringement

Paris Fashion

Another day, another struggle is becoming an old adage for MC, Azealia Banks. Today, she announced that her Soundcloud page has been deleted after two previous red flags on songs posted…. Continue

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Young Money Reveals Rise Of An Empire Tracklist


Young mula, baby

Young Money is an army, better yet a navy. As you may or may not know, the collective banded together to create a compilation LP titled Rise Of An Empire, which they revealed the official tracklist for today.

Read more at Hip Hop Wired

Image via Vibe

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Drake, Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz Attend Trukfit NBA All-Star Event [Photos]


Talent Resources Sports made the most of NBA All-Star Weekend being in New Orleans as they nabbed Lil Wayne and Trukfit to help host a gigantic party with the help of 1OAK... Continue

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Man Charged With Grand Theft After Taking Selfie With Stolen iPhone [Photos]


A Florida teen criminal has proven himself too dumb to use a smartphone. Most likely because it wasn’t his to begin with…. Continue

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Flight 23 At Footaction Jordan Brand Retail Store Opens In NYC [Photos]

50 at Flight 23


12 Enlightening Quotes From Kanye West’s Interview Magazine Feature

kanye west interview thumb


B-Listed: Black Film Actors Who Won Golden Globes [Photos]



Pusha T Confirms Clipse Reunion


Their name is their name

Pusha T, who’s in Miami working on his King Push album with The Neptunes, took to Facebook to confirm that he and his brother No Malice are reuniting. This follows days of speculation stemming from reports by Karen Civil and Pow TV Rap Show.

See more at: Hip Hop Wired

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Tyga Drops $2.2M On New Maybach [Photos]

Tyga flossin

Tyga is as flashy as you would expect any 20-something rapper to be so his latest act of self-gratification should come as no surprise, regardless of the gift carrying a gaudy price tag… Continue

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Juvenile ft. 2 Chainz – “Booty” [LISTEN]


All praise due to the cakes

Wait, Juvenile and 2 Chainz are on the same track? That’s a scary sight.

Consider this is a case of bad not meaning bad, but bad meaning good. The song, titled “Booty,” has one intention: to move the club.

- See more at: HipHopWired

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10 Perfect Christmas Gifts For Your Favorite Struggle Celebrities [Photos]


Now that 2013 is almost in the books and Christmas day is upon us, it is only fitting that Hip-Hop Wired also get into the holiday spirit. As we all know giving good gifts is all about personalization. Who doesn’t want something that really speaks to their interests and or needs? Continue

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Madiba: 15 Things You May Not Know About Nelson Mandela [Photos]


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The 12 Most Ungrateful Rappers In The Game


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Meet Nate Hill, The Man Who Wears Naked White Women As Scarves [Photos]


Although acceptance for interracial dating is at an all-time high, the notion of the swirl still draws ire from various gene pools. Enter Nate Hill, who set out to make a statement in an unusual way…. Continue

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Big Sean & KiD CuDi Perform “First Chain” On Fallon [Video]


Things were all G.O.O.D. on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon yesterday, as Big Sean appeared to perform “First Chain” with his former label mate KiD CuDi... Continue