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Is Melissa Rivers Going to Do Porn? Would We Even Want Her To?

Only recently did it come out that Melissa Rivers got with Vivid Entertainment powerhouse, Steven Hirsch. And now, mere days after the relationship hit the media, esteemed (pah!) porn website has approached Rivers about doing a video featuring her and Hirsch. Steven Hirsch, in case you’ve forgotten, is the man behind Pamela Anderson and Kim Kardashian’s sex tapes. Melissa, the infamous Joan Rivers’ only daughter, broke up with her long-time beau Jason Zimmerman only a few months ago; unbelievably, the reason for the split was Zimmerman’s appearance on an adult site. Wow… girl gets around, doesn’t she? There is still no word on whether Rivers and Hirsch are actually going to do the video (Dear God, I hope not…), but I do have for you the text of the letter to Melissa from PornHub.   ‘First off, Congratulations on your recent “Shidduch” with Mr. Steven Hirsch “The King of Porn”! We are very happy to see that you two have hit it off, and are getting to know each other better. I don’t need to tell you that this is big news, and over 16 million visitors who frequent our site everyday are curious to see more of you…. literally. We love our loyal visitors, and always strive to give them what they want to see, and they want to see a celebrity sex tape with YOU! I know your new boyfriend is very well versed in the legalities of these kinds of tapes, and he will explain to you what we’d need in terms of documentation to put this out legally. We would also like to encourage you to include Mr. Hirsch in this tape, since our audience is very curious to see not only how a “Porn King” performs, but what turns HIM on! We at believe that you are more than just Joan River’s daughter, we believe you are a sexy Jewish American Princess, and to date, there has never been a celebrity sex tape that exploited this genre. We would be willing to offer you a compensation package that could make you well over a million dollars with a generous advance, and 30% of the back end profits, of course this is negotiable. Please get back to us soon, as we’d like to give our visitors the ultimate holiday “stocking stuffer”. Happy Hanukkah to you both, Corey Price VP Marketing’  

Malcolm at the End – Frankie Muniz Hit His Girlfriend Elycia Turnbow

Frankie Muniz allegedly put a gun to his head and threatened to pull the trigger during a fight with his girlfriend Elycia Turnbow at their home in Phoenix, Arizona on Friday night. I guess he wanted to make a stand that she was not the boss of him, now… More like “Napoleon Complex in the Middle”. Amirite?

100 bucks says he will be joining Macaulay Culkin in a Barcelona sex club by Friday and then Charlie Sheen in rehab on Sunday.

TMZ reports:

TMZ obtained a police report filed in Phoenix, AZ last Friday. According to the report, Muniz and his girlfriend, Elycia Turnbow, were arguing in their home about “prior relationships.” Elycia told cops, Frankie “grabbed a gun and held it to his head, possibly with the intent of committing suicide.”
Elycia says she became worried and called one of Frankie’s bandmates to take him to the hospital.
Frankie tells a different story, claiming Elycia was screaming and yelling at him when he “fell and hit his head.” Muniz says that’s why he went to the hospital. Muniz denied putting a gun to his head, but did say, “I grabbed the case, but not the gun … it isn’t even loaded.”
In fact … the cops did find the gun and it was loaded.
Muniz was released a short time later, went home, and just after 10PM the same night, things exploded back at the house. According to the police report, Elycia says, Frankie “punched her in the back of the head, and threw her into a wall while in the downstairs bedroom.”

Dear Frankie,

I know exactly what you’re going through. Women just don’t understand­. No one does. But If you ever need to talk, grab a drink or yell at some prostitute­s, I’d be more than happy to help you get through this.

Charlie Sheen

Frankie Muniz and his girlfriend Elycia Turnbo Frankie Muniz and his girlfriend Elycia Turnbo Frankie Muniz and his girlfriend Elycia Turnbo Frankie Muniz and his girlfriend Elycia Turnbo Frankie Muniz and his girlfriend Elycia Turnbo Frankie Muniz and his girlfriend Elycia Turnbo

Suge Knight accused of ordering a hit


Rapper Suge Knight [real name: Marion Hugh Knight Jr.] is being accused of ordering a hit on a Los Angeles man. Knight was just released from jail last week after an arrest for assault with a deadly weapon. Now a man has allegedly accused Suge Knight of trying to have him murdered.

According to court documents filed on Monday, a Los Angeles man claims the co-founder and former CEO of Death Row Records ordered a murder hit on him. The man claims Knight sent “8 guys to come to my house and told them to get me or kill me.” It is unknown whether the man was in any way involved with Knight’s arrest last week on assault charges.

He also claimed he has been assaulted and threatened twice before and has “an open case with LAPD for an assault” that occurred April 4. He does not state if Knight was his alleged assailant on the previous occasions.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Carol Boas Goodson, in an order handed down Monday, directed that Knight stay at least 100 yards from Elwood E. Chatman, his wife, Kitty Chatman, and the man’s 12-year-old son. Chatman wrote in his court papers that Knight told him Friday “he was out now and (was) going to take my life.”

Knight is scheduled to appear in court on June 8 in response to the allegations against him.