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Slore Air: Slizzard British Becky Traveling With Parents Caught Getting Chopped Down In Airplane Bathroom By A Stranger!

mile high club

Do you get extra frequent flyer miles for being a ho?

British Girl Caught Having Sex On Airplane With Man She Just Met

Via DailyMail

A ‘drunken’ British woman was questioned by police in the US after reportedly having sex with a man in the toilets of an airliner.

Cabin crew had to intervene after the woman, said to be in her 20s and flying with her parents, disappeared into the toilets with a man sitting next to her.

After a row broke out with air stewards following the incident on a Virgin Atlantic flight, the woman was taken away for questioning by US authorities.

Another passenger told The Sun: ‘She started getting heated with the guy next to her.

‘They went into the bathroom and people could hear loud noises. The cabin crew forced to door open, then she really kicked off.’

The paper reported the incident happened on a flight from London Gatwick to Las Vegas in the US last week.

The woman was questioned by police but released with a warning before continuing her holiday in the notorious Navada resort.

We would whoop our daughter’s AZZ if she was slurpin’ schlong on the airplane while we’re going on a wholesome family vacation!

Image via Shutterstock

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Yeah Right!: Rapper Kurupt Sports V. Stiviano Hat And Tells Paps He Supports Him Her “She’s A Good Lady” [Video]

Rap star Corrupt who is a member of the Dogg Pound supports V. Stiviano wearing her hat and talking to photographers. He talks about Sterling’s racist rant and V. Stiviano while leaving her home in Los Angeles, CA.


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Is He For Real??? Schlong Sharin’ Baller Chad Johnson Justifies Dirty Dog Ways “MLK Was Ho’ing!” [Video]

Chad Johnson Peter Bailey


Did he just invoke the name of Martin Luther the King?!?

Last time Peter Bailey and Chad Johnson sat down to have some real talk, Chad let loose some very controversial opinions and this time is no different…

Hit the following page to watch Peter’s sit down with Miami Mayor Olive Gilbert about variety to topics affecting the African-American community including the Trayvon Martin and apathy among blacks.

Image via YouTube

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Hoes Must Be Stopped: Thirsty Instagram Jawn Posts Screenshots Of Freaky Facetime Convo With Richard Sherman And Darelle Revis

Richard Sherman Darrelle Revis Sade Bagnerise

These hoes be actin’ up

Groupie Posts Facetime Screenshots Of Richard Sherman And Darrelle Revis

Via BlackSportsOnline

Usually these stories come to light and we bash the athletes for being dumb or doing something wrong. Not this time.

Richard Sherman and Darrelle Revis were just trying to talk to a woman over Facetime and ended up being screencapped and put on Instagram for the world to see. They did nothing wrong besides trust a Twodel to have a normal conversation and to get to know them like she would any other man.

The girl in question, Sade Bagnerise, is just one of the latest Twitter or Instagram “models” that think they deserve to be known because an athlete gives them the time of day. They fail to realize that nothing about them is intriguing or special and that people are only clicking because of the athlete. They are in fact faceless and nameless. The story would blow up whether it was them or the next half nude woman online.

This janky broad is so delusional that she actually feels empowered when she “cuts ho n****s off”, all while being nothing more in life but a smart phone selfie bird.

Flip the page to peep the pics of her screenshots and a few pics of her badly manufactured frame.

Images via YouTube/Instagram

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Is That Yo Chick? Can You Guess Which Famous Pimp Posted This Pic Of Donald Sterling’s Bird Boo Vanessa Stiviano “Fellowshipping”

Guess who V Stiviano

Big pimpin’

In the wake of the Donald Sterling bigotry scandal the mysterious background of his apologetic mistress Vanessa Stiviano is under the media microscope. Based strictly off her appearance, most of us assumed that she was some sort of thottie, “model”, wannabe singer, slorey SoCal socialite. Conveniently enough, an Instagram photo posted by a well-known punanny panderer helped confirm that our theory wasn’t totally off-base.

The caption to said photo reads as follows:


Any idea who he is? Flip it on over to find out for sure.

Image via Instagram

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Money, Cash, Hoes: Freaky Flick Star Layton Benton Says Chase Closed Her Skank Account Because Of Her Schlong Slurpin’

Layton Benton 2

Hoes need bank accounts too!

Layton Benton Says Chase Closed Her Bank Account Because Of Her Adult Video Profession

According to TMZ reports:

Adult star Layton Benton is getting screwed with her pants on … by her bank … because she claims they closed her account without warning because she does freak flicks.

Benton just called in to “TMZ Live” to talk about the Chase Bank scandal that’s rocking the adult biz. Benton, and several other freaky stars, have gone public with claims that Chase has been closing their bank accounts for no reason.

Benton told us she only learned her account was closed when she tried to take money out of an ATM … but was denied. She says the bank told her they were closing her account because “it’s a risk” … but never explained further.

Sources in the adult biz tell TMZ, this has been happening to a lot of stars and has been going on for quite some time. We’re told performers who have had accounts for a long time are not affected, but newer stars are having difficulties.

Our sources say banks are tracking specific types of transactions — such as deposits from webcam work — and are flagging them as “irregular activity” because they’re paid out so sporadically (on a minute-by-minute basis).

We reached out to Chase for comment … asking them directly if they have been closing the accounts of adult stars or if they close accounts based on profession … they had no comment.

Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames.

Schlong swallower, or not, Layton and all the other ladies in the freaky sisterhood of adult film deserve to have the same access to banking as the more modest civilians who don’t get chopped for gwap. We’ve never heard of them closing any male “actors” bank accounts…just sayin’.

Image via Twitter

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Caught Creeping? Kris Humphries’ Attention Slorin’ Ex-Boo Myla Says Kanye Is Cheating On Kimmy Cakes

KimYe KimK Kanye Yeezy Kardashian

Hoes will be hoes.

Kanye West Allegedly Cheating on Kim Kardashian

We all know about the rumors of Kanye cheating with that Canadian model turning out to be bullisht. However, Kris Humphries’ ex-boo Myla took to Twitter to put Kanye on blast for allegedly still cheating on Kimmy Cakes with a girl in New York.

myla 1

myla 2

These desert thirsty hoes stay wanting attention. Do you think she’s telling the truth or is she just a bitter bird?


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Angry Bird Beef: Amanda Bynes Tweets Courtney Love Is The “Ugliest Woman Alive” After Courtney Tells Her To “Pull It Together”

courtney and amanda

Courtney Love is the last person to be giving Amanda Bynes advice.

Courtney Love Tells Amanda Bynes To Pull It Together

According to US Magazine

From one unpredictable to another! Courtney Love took it upon herself to tweet Amanda Bynes some advice following her Thursday, May 23 arrest.

“Amanda Bynes pull it together dude,” the 48-year-old singer, who has famously struggled with substance abuse for much of her public life, wrote early in the morning on Tuesday, May 28.

Though it may have been coming from a good place, Bynes, 27, wasn’t very receptive to fellow New Yorker Love’s message. “Courtney Love is the ugliest woman I’ve ever seen,” she tweeted back. “To be mentioned by her at all makes me and all my friends laugh!”

Others also found Love’s tweet laughable. Actor/comedian Joel McHale tweeted, “My largest spit-take since 1988. Thank you Courtney.”

Bynes was arrested in New York City on May 23 for drug possession, reckless endangerment and tampering with evidence — all of which she vehemently denies. Shortly after her arrest, an NYPD rep told Us Weekly, “Officers and building personnel went up to her apartment and she invited them in. There was a smell of drugs and a bong in the apartment, at which point Bynes picked up and threw out the window.”

Bynes, however, argued in court that the alleged bong was “just a vase.” On Tuesday, TMZ posted a photo of the broken object in question, suggesting it looks like a bong.

The former Nickelodeon star responded to the article on Twitter: “TMZ is being sued as we speak. That’s fake! They and NYPD is trying to frame me for a crime I didn’t commit. There was no drug paraphernalia in or around my apartment on the day I was arrested . . . I’m drug free and love talking about it!”

It’s not a good look when Courtney Love is your adviser. Amanda will indefinitely self-destruct in 4, 3, 2, 1….

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White Lesbian Drug Dealer Says “I Don’t Want To Be Gay.. It’s Wrong To God!” [Video]

This is an interview with Mary Jane Wyatt and Erica Wilson…Two women who lived their lives on the streets. Mary Jane admits selling drugs and counterfeit products while Erica says she sold her body, did drugs, and worked as a stripper. Mary Jane is also struggling with another issue. She says she’s been a lesbian since her teens but she wants to be with a man as God demands. This is their stories from the streets of Houston. By the way, both are turning their lives around!

Below is the story on “Peachez”

Isiah Carey youtube

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Family Feud: NeNe Leakes Calls Her Family And Bitter Sisters “Thirsty” For Trying To Steal Her Money Making Fame


NeNe vs. Her entire family!

NeNe’s Sisters Talk About Her And Not Having A Relationship With Her

NeNe Leakes beefed with Phaedra Parks on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion show for contacting her estranged sisters to help bring some old skeleton’s out NeNe’s wig closet.

The reality star’s family didn’t need to be on TV to put her out there. NeNe’s sisters didn’t take too kindly to NeNe calling them half and saying they were jealous of her money makin’ fame. Well, her sister is still putting her on blast



Hit the flip to peep more of what NeNe’s “half” sister had to say about the reality angry bird and NeNe’s response as to who her REAL sisters are…

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Ho Sit Down: Tiger’s Main Ho In Talks With Playboy Now

This Attention Whore is doing what ever it takes to cash in on this Tiger scandal. Now ,Rachel Uchitel is trying to get into Playboy:

The woman who sparked the TIGER WOODS cheating scandal has offered to bare all for Playboy.

Nightclub hostess Rachel Uchitel, who is yet to officially speak out about her alleged romance with the golf star, is in negotiations with the men’s magazine, according to U.S. TV news show Extra.  Uchitel, 34, was the first woman publicly outed as one of Tiger Woods’ alleged mistresses. She has denied a relationship with the golfer.
TV legal analyst Lisa Bloom, whose mother Gloria Allred represents Uchitel, says Woods struck a deal with Uchitel to keep her quiet about their alleged affair. Bloom believes the settlement was worth “at least a million dollars”.

This guy shows his true trashy side by getting with females of this caliber. Tiger has no clue what “quality over quantity” means. SMH



Ho Sit Down: Rachel Uchitel Says She “IS NOT A HO” (Video Included)

We don’t know how Tiger didn’t see this cheap trick coming. Just look at her… she oozes whoredom. Anyway, Rachel and her attorney are pissed off that one of the women from The View called her what she is:

Rachel Uchitel is threatening to sue the ladies at “The View” – or at least one of them — for suggesting she’s a hooker. Gloria Allred, lawyer for Tiger Wood’s alleged mistress #1, is pissed that Joy Behar joked on the show today, “Yeah, you-ka-tell she’s a hooker.”

Gloria says the statement was false, defamatory and highly offensive — and hurtful, too. G.A. says Rachel is “not amused” because “she values her reputation and her reputation has been damaged…” Gloria wants a retraction, or else.

What a ho!


Tiger Was Hitting Them All: Pictures and Names of All 7 Of Tiger’s Hoes

Tiger Woods has just about chopped all the trees in the forest down. Seven hoes have come to the forefront claiming to have had their pale loins plastered by Tiger, the family man and role model from O.C.

Bossip has the names and pictures of all of these tricks.

Pop the hood to peep a collage of the females and their names

How could any wife overlook all these names: Rachel Uchitel, Jaimee Grubbs, Kalika Moquin, Mindy Lawton—a staffer at Perkins restaurant in Orlando, Holly Sampson a porn star, Jamie Jungers—a waitress in Vegas, and lastly, Cori Rist who Tiger met in Manhattan.

Wow. That’s a lot. Poor Elin…it’s going to take more than some marriage counseling to save Tiger. Seven broads??? That’s a d*mn shame.


Ho Sit Down: Tila Tequila Goes on Naked Spiel About Shawne Merriman and Rihanna Then Says it’s Black Folks’ Fault She is Having Mental Issues

Tila had another mental breakdown on her Ustream Wednesday night. She rambled on about Shawne Merriman, pranced around naked, and after all that… had the nerve to complain about being labeled an attention whore. She has since blamed it all on black folks, Rihanna and Shawne Merriman:

Tila Tequila had a naked, ranting meltdown Wednesday night on her UStream channel, where she danced around and complained about ex-boyfriend, NFL star Shawne Merriman, whom she says beat her.

At one point, she rambled: “People call me an attention whore … or whatever … but excuse me, I’m a grown a– woman and I’m confident in myself … I think a woman’s body is a beautiful thing … that’s why I’m a lesbian … I was born naked … anybody who is against that is gay and in denial.”

The 28-year-old MTV reality star — real name: Tila Nguyen — now says Merriman’s alleged abuse prompted the bizarre video (which has been taken down). “Well, you know, I couldn’t sleep, and I started getting anxiety,” she tells TMZ of why she made the tape. “I just kind of flipped out a little bit.”

Tila — who is currently filing a $1.5 million lawsuit against Merriman for battery and false imprisonment — said she is “doing OK now.” “When my case first came out, everyone was calling me a liar because [they said] if he really did beat you, you wouldn’t have said anything because Rihanna never said anything [at first],” Tila went on.

“But I am not her,” Tila said. “No offense to Rihanna, but because of what she did, it sends out a message to everyone … ‘When you get beat or abused, keep your mouth shut.”

“So I decided I am going to come out and speak about it and fight for it…” she went on.

“What Rihanna did … her message was to stay quiet,” Tila said, “and that’s not OK.”

Is this broad serious? This stupid b*tch does not get it… YOU ARE IGNORANT AND A HO! (Frankly Put)