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Tiger Woods’ madam in recent mugshot;her full celebrity client list to emerge soon


Here is Hollywood madam Michelle Braun in a less glamorous pose – her mugshot from an arrest earlier this year.

Braun was busted in California in May for running two escort services that introduced the most desirable Playmates, Pets and porn stars to millionaires who would splash out up to $500,000 for her services.She cut a plea deal with the federal court in Santa Ana, forfeiting $325,425 of her fortune, as well as paying a $30,000 fine and spending six months under house arrest.

In 2008, the US Government claimed that Braun made around $8.5 million from her escort agencies in Miami and Los Angeles.

A source quite close to Braun says that Woods is just one of many recognizable names on her roster.

“If she went public with the whole list, people would be utterly shocked,” said the source.

It’s possible that Braun may end up discussing more of those names. According to text messages between the source and Braun, Braun is negotiating a $500,000 deal to give a tell-all interview.

Six Degrees of Paris Hilton’ author Mark Ebner once said of Braun: “The things she knows makes Heidi Fleis look like Mary Poppins.”

According to reports, Mickey Rourke, Charlie Sheen and Courtney Love were among those whose names are mentioned as clients in records provided to authorities.