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Courtney Stodden gets ultrasound on Dr.Drew, proves those massive boobs are real?

America was collectively holding its breath yesterday and it sure as hell wasn’t because of the pending verdict in Michael Jackson’s case. No, our priorities are damn straight, we were all aching to find out if Courtney Stodden’s ridiculously large breasts were the work of a crafty plastic surgeon. Well, we can all breath again, because those bazukas are real. That is if you disregard that mysterious unidentified object the ultrasound picked up under her muscle. So either Dr. Drew picked up a homeless guy from the street, gave him a robe and told him to point a pointy thingy at someone’s boobs and he’d get a bowl of soup for lunch, or CIA secretly implanted a monitoring device to study the effects of abnormal levels of estrogen in the underage mentally retarded. That’s always valuable knowledge in the fight against terror.

Via NYDailyNews:

Initially, plastic surgeon Dr. John Diaz seemed to find a “round object” under her muscle in the images, but an indignant Stodden again insisted that she had never gotten plastic surgery.

The technician then tilted the transducer to a different angle and after much probing, Dr. Diaz took another good look at Stodden’s supposedly all-natural frame with the machine and confirmed that the images indeed proved that the fame-seeker had been telling the truth.

“This is all normal tissue we are looking at,” Dr. Drew said.

“I guess she was telling us the truth,” agreed Dr. Diaz. “She doesn’t look like she has an implant.”

Hutchinson, who stood by as the procedure took place onstage, looked smug. He once said in an interview that “her plastic surgeon was God.”

Asked if she was relieved to finally set the record straight about her body, Stodden played coy.

“It is. Yes. Thank you,” she smiled.

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Elle MacPherson got a boob job

When we first looked at these bikini pics of 48-year old Elle MacPherson on a yacht in Sydney last week, we just assumed she and Naomi Campbell are still on a strict diet of eating newborns and placenta to cheat death and sagginess, but when we dug up bikini pics from a few months ago, well it was obvious that the woman who said back in 2006 “I don’t put anything foreign in my body, not even aspirin” just ingested half a gallon of silicone. You know what they say, the proof’s in the saggy A-cup tits, or the breast pudding, whatever.

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Nicole Richie’s breasts are looking unusually attractive (hint:implants)

Nicole Richie is celebrating her 30th birthday vacationing in Los Cabos, Mexico together with Ashlee and Jessica Simpson (yes, she hates Jessica, but after she figured out that standing next to a poncho-clad Forest Gump makes you look like Einstein and at least 10 times sexier than you are, she almost pushed her on the plane to Mexico herself). Anyway, here she is sporting actual breasts instead of her usual pancakes. If you don’t believe us, check out these pics of hers in a bikini just four months ago (it’s the blurry ones).

PS: Samantha Ronson was also there as a guest. Because they needed a scarecrow to chase any pestering penises away.  

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Teen Mom Farrah in a Bikini and Sporting New Implants

This here is Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham, one of the latest reality stars created by the peeps over at MTV, and just like any good MTV whore she’s got herself some brand new fake titties and  hired a photographer to pretend to be a paparazzi…  Now I know where my morning breakfast grapefruit went. It was cut in half and more or less shoved into her chest. Just begs the question, when is she getting her face fixed? She pretty much has the perfect little body but she should have had that beak worked on before the tits.

I really hope the surgery is featured on the show. I can see it now. She cries to the camera about how she can’t find love since her boyfriend was killed in a car accident and the wreck and her flat chest are both her mom’s fault and the only way to fix the situation is to get fake tits. She goes for her consultation, sits her daughter Sophia on the desk while she talks to the surgeon but the baby puts one of those sample implants in her mouth and starts choking on it. Farrah rolls her eyes and snatches the implant out of her mouth. The baby cries, falls off the desk and cracks her head open. Farrah rolls her eyes some more… That’s how all of her little episodes go right?

Oh and MTV, I got an idea for you… Music Videos!!! All you have to do is show music videos 24/7. It’s a crazy idea I know, but it just might work.

♫♫…Reality killed the video star…♫♫

Teen Mom Farrah in a Bikini with Fake Boobs Teen Mom Farrah in a Bikini with Fake Boobs Teen Mom Farrah in a Bikini with Fake Boobs Teen Mom Farrah in a Bikini with Fake Boobs Teen Mom Farrah in a Bikini with Fake Boobs Teen Mom Farrah in a Bikini with Fake Boobs Teen Mom Farrah in a Bikini with Fake Boobs Teen Mom Farrah in a Bikini with Fake Boobs Teen Mom Farrah in a Bikini with Fake Boobs Teen Mom Farrah in a Bikini with Fake Boobs

Amy Winehouse nips out yet again

article-1286989-0A0E0AD7000005DC-114_468x557Amy Winehouse flailed her completely desensitized bolt-ons around some more last night at a Universal Music party in London (with her new boyfriend Reg Traviss) making this the 100th time her nipples failed to distract us from her face. *superimposes Nicole Scherzinger’s face on hers, starts touchin…..* What? We said we love breasts. Even ones with two kilos of crack in them.


Debate over, Kate Hudson got herself some tiny implants

article-0-096DCFEA000005DC-1955_468x629Here’s Kate Hudson during yesterday’s filming of Something Borrowed in NYC and again at the MET’s Costume Institute Gala on Monday night, and we can all stop expending massive amounts of energy stipulating as to whether the rise of her boobs from tiny AAs to tiny Bs was due to an excessive amount of chicken wings, some unknown guy’s penis playing tricks in her, or the world’s smallest silicone bags. Phew! Now we can go back to our posts on the state of our economy. Or Coco’s massive tits. They’re both equally important to this nation.