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In Crazy White Folks News: British Woman Set Up Coworker’s Assault By Posing As Cougar Interested In Violent Freaky Role Play


The “catfishery” is hitting whole new levels out here…

Woman Uses Cougar Fantasy Websites To Set Up Freaky Assault On Coworker

Man, how much do you have to hate your coworker to set her up like this? She must have stolen her lunch out of the break room one time too many… DailyMail reports:

A woman arranged for her work colleague to be raped at home by men she tricked on online sex chatrooms, a court heard today.

Joanne Berry, 30, is alleged to have posed on websites including Cougar Shag as a woman who liked ‘role play’ in sex and wanted ‘to create some sort of rape scenario’. On one occasion she instructed a man, Dean Hicks, to knock at her front door and then burst in and ‘rape’ her.

But Berry, a temporary administrator from Grove Park, south east London, didn’t give Mr Hicks her own address, but that of a female acquaintance, who cannot be identified for legal reasons.

‘How did she do it? She went on various sex chat websites. She pretended she was [the victim], she gave [the victim's] address, she used her name, she gave the registration of her car which was going to be parked outside, pretended to be her.

‘She then told the men to come round and engage in a fantasy rape game with her, basically to rape her.’

Not only was she determined to get her colleague assaulted, she was doing so at the cost of some innocent superfreak looking for a little random rough cougar action. Cold world.


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In White Folks News: Seth Rogen Explains Exactly Why He Hates Punk Azz Justin Bieber

Seth Rogen Justin Bieber

What’s not to hate?

Seth Rogen Finally Explains His Hate For Justin Bieber

Via ABCNews

Seth Rogen is opening up about his tweet earlier this year that Justin Bieber was a “piece of s***.”

“I met him a few times,” Rogen told Howard Stern on Monday on his Sirius show. “He’s a good example of someone, who you meet, who you think you are going to hate and then you get to hate him … you meet him and he lives up to every one of your expectations.”

Rogen added that he first met Bieber backstage at some German talk show just at the very beginning of the Bieber craze.

“Someone came to the door and was like ‘Justin Bieber wants to meet you,’” Rogen said.

The actor agreed and said when he went outside to meet the young pop star, Bieber made it seem like Rogen had wanted to meet him, instead of the other way around.

“What the f***, I don’t want to meet you!” Rogen said of the first encounter. “Don’t act all nonplussed to meet me. I didn’t want to meet you.”

Ouch. To his credit, Seth says he chalked his initial experience up to Bieber’s youth, but then…

“I saw him again at like an MTV awards show, he literally had a snake wrapped around his f****** wrist that he was wearing,” Rogen explained. “I talked to him for like five minutes. … No humility, no awareness, no sense that ‘I appeal to young, young people, maybe a grown man who works in comedy doesn’t f****** give a s*** about me. Maybe I should act in such a way that perhaps this isn’t the great experience of his f****** life.’”

He added, “I remember thinking ‘He’s a piece of s***’”

Rogen then said he wouldn’t have said anything but Bieber started drag racing and egging people’s houses.

“Then I came out of the meeting and it had been retweeted like 200,000 times,” Rogen said. “I seemed to have tapped into something here.”


Yes, Seth, we all think the Biebs is a world-class d-bag. ESPECIALLY after seeing the outfit he wore walking into the ring with Floyd Mayweather this past weekend. SMH

Images via WENN

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When The Checks Stop Coming In: Joan Rivers Dropped By Norwegian Cruise Line Over Kidnapping Joke

Celebrities make appearances on Exrta tv show

Joan Rivers mouth has cost her a paycheck and a summer vacation cruise to Alaska.

Norwegian Cruise Lines Drops Joan Rivers From Alaska Trip

Rivers jokes about Ariel Castro’s kidnapping victims weren’t funny to a “family friendly” cruise line, and now she’s out of a job!

According to Page Six reports:

She said on “Today,” when she was asked what it’s like living with her daughter, Melissa: “I’m still in the same stupid little room. Those women in the basement in Cleveland had more space.”

Reps for two of the women, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus, demanded an apology, but Rivers refused, saying, “I’m a comedienne . . . There is nothing to apologize for. I made a joke. That’s what I do.”

She later reportedly said, “One of them has a book deal. Neither are in a psych ward. They’re OK . . . I bet you within three years, one of them will be on ‘Dancing With the Stars.’ ”

But as a result of the drama, her summer vacation plans have now been scuttled. Joan and Melissa were booked on a July cruise to Alaska where they’d give lectures on board and travel in style with Melissa’s son, Cooper, 13.

But the cruise line called Rivers Friday to say the ship had already sailed. “Someone from their marketing team called Joan and said they didn’t want her,” said a source. “They said they’re a family-friendly brand.”

When contacted for comment, “Fashion Police” star Rivers told us, “Of course they canceled me! They were terrified what I would say after seeing the size of their cabins. They should be featured on ‘Orange Is the New Black.’ ”

She added of the boat ban, “It’s insane. Why would [the joke] affect anyone in Norway?”

But she figured it was all for the best since “they would have had some very nervous Jews. When I got on board, I would have given the captain a Breathalyzer test. We would have brought our own life jackets, and slept in the lifeboats.”

Rivers told us of the Cleveland comment that if she should apologize to anyone, it would be to Melissa, with whom she stars in a WE tv reality series, “for insulting the size of her guest room.”

Norwegian Cruise Line’s rep didn’t return calls.

SMH. Leave it to Joan Rivers to get the boot and keep the jokes coming. She always takes it a bit far but we are inclined that these jokes were tasteless.


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In “WTF?” White Folks News: Adam Levine Goes Bleach Blonde…Are You Feelin’ This Look?


Adam Levine Dyes His Hair Bleach Blonde

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine recently made a drastic style change and needless to say, many of his fans aren’t feeling his new look. Adam, who also serves as a judge on NBC’s “The Voice” took to his Twitter to reveal his new bleach blonde hair over the weekend with this photo and caption:


Once the unfavorable reactions started rolling in, Adam responded with this Tweet:


Are you feelin’ Adam’s blonde-hair-don’t-care steez?


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Self Hate Is A Muhfugga: Anti-Gay GOP Senate Candidate Previously Worked At A Drag Bar

North Carolina Senate Candidate worked as drag queen

People can change though, riiiiiiight?

NC Senate Candidate Against Marriage Equality Previously Worked As Drag Queen

Another politician has been caught lying about a past that clashes with his conservative beliefs.

According to NY Daily News reports:

Steve Wiles, a conservative North Carolina state Senate candidate who has been outspoken in his support of the state’s same-sex marriage ban, worked as a female impersonator and drag-show emcee earlier in his life, the Winston-Salem Journal reported over the weekend.

Wiles, 34, worked at a gay-friendly Winston-Salem lounge called Club Odyssey from 2002 to 2010, where he directed a weekly drag show, the club’s former owner Randy Duggins told the Journal.

Prior to his directorial debut, Wiles had been a frequent attendee at the weekly soirée which featured men dressed as women. He later starred as the show’s emcee under the stage name, ‘Miss Mona Sinclair,’ Duggins said.

Wiles, who has campaigned primarily on his support of the state’s ban on gay marriage, confirmed to Business Insider that he used to perform as “Miss Mona Sinclair” at the now-defunct bar but later decided that the role “just was not something that I wanted to continue.”

“I think that everyone has their own choices to make and I’m fine with everyone making their own,” he said. “For me, from a religious standpoint, just for my life, for me, it just was not something that I wanted to continue.”

He has previously denied his affiliation with the club.

When Business Insider asked if he was gay, Wiles responded, “no, I really won’t make any comments on that.”

Wiles also worked as a promoter for the 2011 Miss Gay America pageant, but was dismissed for “conduct unbecoming to” the organization, according to the Journal.

SMH… This guy right here. Gotta wonder what got him booted from Miss Gay America. Sounds like Steve still has more skeletons waiting to “come out” his closet.


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In White Folks News: Name These Pancakes In A ‘Kini [Photos]

kate hudson bikini body

These little cakes were spotted in Malibu enjoying the beach and such.

Can you guess to whom they belong????? Hit the flip to find out who!!!!

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Less Is More: Nicki Minaj’s Stunning Transformation Back Into A Black Woman [Photos]


There’s no doubting Nicki Minaj’s beauty which was often hidden under layers of ashy clown makeup and hideous circus costumes during her now infamous white woman phase. Why she refused to ditch her Bozo the Clownette look, only she (or her label) knows, but her new natural look has the industry on fire.

Hit the jump for Nicki Minaj’s stunning transformation back into a Black woman.

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Dirty Dog Diaries: Wealthy White Casino Boss Accused Of Forcing Smash Session On Sister After Getting Slizzed

Michael Treanor

Yuck Daddy… This is some real life Jamie and Cersei Lannister isht!

Casino Developer Pled Guilty To Assault On Sister

Ladies and gents, allow us to introduce you to Nevele Investors and Claremont Partners CEO Michael Treanor, who is currently working to restore the Nevele Grande hotel and resort in the Catskills with a $420 million proposal to turn it into a casino. The 466-room luxury resort closed in 2009 with $21 million in debt.

Considering Michael just dropped a cool milli last week just to apply to bid against some 21 casino developers for one of the four casino licenses being granted in upstate NYC, he better hope that his sordid past isn’t held against him.

What past you ask? Well according to NY Post reports, Treanor pled guilty to third-degree assault in 2007 ­after a boozy night of carousing in New York City with his full-blood sister, according to a lawsuit she filed against him in 2008.

Here are the details:

Treanor, now 48, was drinking at the now-shuttered Red Rock West Saloon in Chelsea in January 2007 when he got frisky with his inebriated sibling, according to court documents.

The married father of three daughters, ages 10, 15 and 17, who resides in Bernardsville, NJ, followed his sister back to her apartment at around 3 a.m. and allegedly pounced on her after she fell asleep.

“I remember suddenly being shoved across my bed and into the wall on the other side of the bed,” the sister, now 41, said in an affidavit.

“The knuckles on my right hand smashed into the wall. Michael pulled off my pajama bottoms.”

When she awoke, her brother was still in her bed. He then showered and left.

Treanor admitted to “having made intentional contact with the victim in this case recklessly causing injury to her genitals,” but he shockingly claimed it was consensual, according to a court memorandum.

His sister told The Post: “I stand by everything that’s in those ­papers . . . I have nothing to hide.”

The casino creep pleaded guilty to a lesser offense of third-degree assault in Manhattan Criminal Court and was sentenced to three years of probation and one year of psychological counseling.

He tested positive for cocaine twice during the first year of his three-year probationary period, according to court papers.

His sister then filed a civil suit against Treanor in 2008, the outcome of which was sealed by the court. She says she no longer speaks to her brother and that he remained married.

Yikes — causing injury to her genitals though??? And what’s up with these weak a$$ wives who stand by their dirty dog hubbies despite the scandals surrounding them? Sounds like Michael Treanor’s wife needs to meet Shelly Sterling.

Oh, btw, Treanor’s lawyer is denying the nasty rape/incest allegations:

Treanor’s attorney, Joe Tacopina, said the alleged sexual assault was “a dispute over money, and I believe the allegations were engineered by a financial dispute. And he resolved this by deciding not to drag this up by going to trial, and he did so with a plea to a reckless offense. It was not a sex offense.”

Nice try… Do you think money can buy someone out of any bad situation? This definitely seems to be the case here.

But hey Mike, good luck getting that casino now that everyone knows your perverted past!!!

AP Images

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Dirty Dog Diaries: Did Robin Thicke Chop Down Five Women In One Night?


Dayum, five women in one night Robin? Paula’s not going to like this.

Robin Thicke Hooks Up With Five Women In One Night

We thought Robin was trying to fight for Paula’s swirly love–guess not.

According to Life And Style:

Robin Thicke may still be wearing his ring, but he certainly isn’t acting like a husband who wants his wife back!

An insider exclusively reveals to Life & Style that on April 19, the “Blurred Lines” singer invited 10 beauties back to his marital home after a night out at 1Oak nightclub in West Hollywood — and he hooked up with half of them.

“Robin didn’t force anything, but he made it clear he wanted to have sex with everyone there. He was drunk and clearly enjoying himself,” an insider exclusively tells Life & Style in the new issue — on newsstands now.

According to the insider, Robin declared it a “no-pants party” while pouring drinks for his guests, and stripped down to his boxer briefs.

“All of the girls were sitting on his bed; some of them were naked, and he asked each to kiss him on the lips,” another insider dishes to Life & Style.

“He kissed five of them in a row. Eventually most people left, but some stayed behind. It was all uncomfortable to watch.”

Paula run as far as you can…Robin doesn’t look like he’s going to stop slinging peen anytime soon.

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In Not-Quite-White Folks News: Selena Gomes Catches Kylie Jenner Sending Freaky Flicks To Justin Bieber?


Selena Gomez Caught Kylie Jenner Sending Pics To Justin Bieber

For the past few weeks, the rumor mill has been buzzing with talk that Hollyweird bad boy Justin Bieber is the reason for the fallout between his ex-lady love Selena Gomez and Karadashian mini-me Kylie Jenner. Earlier reports had suggested that Selena was none too happy over alleged texts between the Biebs and Kylie, but the new word on the street is that there was a little more to the story.

via Hollywood Life

We knew that something had caused Selena to unfollow the Jenners and Justin – and now we know it’s actually because Kylie sent Justin sexy pics… and Selena found them!

Selena Gomez partied non-stop with Kendall and Kylie Jenner at Coachella, and then was joined by Justin Bieber there — and it looked like one big happy family. However, has now learned that it turned into a family feud, and Selena actually “freaked out!”

“Kylie sent sexy pics of herself to Justin and that’s what started the fight. Selena saw the pictures on Justin’s phone and she freaked out and left immediately,” the source close to Justin told exclusively.

The Jenners, who posted a ton of pics with Selena while they were at Coachella together, have now dissed Selena, and have always been so close with Justin. So, this would make sense that Selena unfollowed them all after seeing the pics on Justin’s phone!

“Kendall and Kylie pretty much adore Justin and he can do no bad in their eyes. Selena feels like she doesn’t have any support right now and it sucks,” a source told exclusively.

Hmmmm. If there’s any truth to these reports, Biebs will wanna slow his roll cause the last time we checked, Kylie Jenner is only SIXTEEN. SMH.

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Guess Who: Which Black Television Star STILL Supports Donald Sterling??

Donald Sterling, V. Stiviano

Sterling’s still got at least one negro in his corner… Despite the recent uproar about Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s anti-Black remarks made on-tape to his half-Black girlfriend, one African American TV star not only supports Sterling, but is 100% behind everything he said! The self-hatred is SO real. Come and get your uncle…


We all know how The Boondocks‘ Uncle Ruckus (no relation) really feels about Black folks, so no surprise here!

That cartoon was created by Kevin Eason, a freelance editorial cartoonist and illustrator from New Jersey. His brand of satire covers news events in politics, entertainment, sports and much more. Kevin’s work features include: Gannett, TVOne, Uptown, The Urban Daily, NAACP, Cengage Publishing, BOSSIP, WBLS_107.5FM, and various newspapers and magazines throughout the country.

You can follow him on Facebook.

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No Isht Sherlock: NBA Lawyers Authenticate Donald Sterling’s Racist Rant Recording

Donald Sterling, V. Stiviano

In obvious as hell news…

Lawyers From The NBA Say Racist Donald Sterling Tape Is Real

According to TMZ reports:

Two NBA lawyers left the law firm representing V. Stiviano Monday … and sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ Sports … the lawyers are now convinced — the racist audio of Donald Sterling is REAL.

NBA lawyer David Anders and another NBA lawyer went to the law office of Mac Nehoray Monday afternoon. Stiviano was also there for the purpose of authenticating the audio.

We’re told there was NO doubt by anyone the recording is the real deal. The NBA lawyers heard the 15 minutes that have been made public, but not the remaining 45. And we’re told … based on conversations along with analysis … they’re satisfied about authenticity.

Neither Stiviano nor Anders had comments for our photog as they left the building.

TMZ Sports has also learned … people who have heard the entire recording say there is “NO DOUBT” Donald Sterling KNEW he was being recorded.

Great, now that there has been “due diligence” let’s get beyotch azz Donald up out the paint!

Image via AP

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Shook Ones: L.A. Clipper’s Bigot Owner Donald Sterling Asks Girlfriend “How Can We Make This Go Away?”

Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Clippers

Nah, don’t try to run now, talk that isht you were talkin’ before

Donald Sterling Asks Girlfriend How To Make Racism Scandal Go Away</h2?

According to TMZ reports:

Donald Sterling contacted his ex-girlfriend Sunday and asked her flatly, “How can we make this go away?” … sources connected with Sterling tell TMZ Sports.

Our sources say … Sterling is keenly aware V. Stiviano is in possession of more than 100 hours of recordings … some of which are extremely damaging to Sterling’s reputation.

Our sources say Stiviano told Sterling to call her lawyer … and thereby opened the door to settlement discussions. It’s obvious the incentive for Sterling is to make sure the rest of the tapes never see the light of day.

TMZ Sports contacted Stiviano’s lawyer Mac E. Nehoray … who had no comment.

We know Stiviano is extremely upset that the Clippers and Donald Sterling publicly embraced a lawsuit filed by Sterling’s wife Shelly against Stivianio, claiming she stole $1.8 million from Donald.

As for why Stiviano taped so many conversations … as TMZ Sports reported, she told friends the Clippers owner WANTED her to record him and he knew he was being recorded … partly because he frequently forgot what he said and the tapes refreshed his memory … at least that’s her story.

And this is interesting … on Stiviano’s Instagram page, she constantly tagged photos with “#RandomHouse” and “#Simon&Schuster” … both large book publishing companies.

Sources connected with Stiviano tell us … she IS in the process of writing a book “about life” — but she insists it is not about Sterling.

Thank God for Donald’s silly THOT boo. Without her we might not have ever gotten to see Donald’s prejudice live and in living color.

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In White Folks News: George Clooney Is Engaged To British Lawyer Amal Alamuddin [Photos]

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin Engaged

George Clooney Is Engaged To British Lawyer Amal Alamuddin

Looks like Georgie has finally found “the one”

According to People:

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin are engaged. A source with knowledge of the situation confirms Clooney popped the question and exclusively tells PEOPLE, “George and Amal are trying to keep things very low-key but they also aren’t really trying to hide this, it doesn’t seem. I think it’s like they want the people they love to know that this is real, that they plan on being together forever.”

The engagement happened “not that long ago, I think,” the source adds, and the couple don’t appear to have wedding plans in the works – yet. On Thursday, the pair were spotted at Malibu hot spot Nobu with Cindy Crawford and husband Rande Gerber, who are longtime pals of Clooney’s. At the dinner, Alamuddin had a conspicuous ring on her left ring finger, a different source tells PEOPLE.

In addition, two sources say that witnesses at another L.A. restaurant, Craig’s, reported seeing the pair apparently celebrating their engagement with friends on Wednesday night, with Alamuddin sporting a “huge ring,” according to one.

A rep for the actor has only said, “I don’t comment on my client’s personal life.”

Clooney, 52, and Alamuddin, 36, a British attorney who specializes in international law and human rights, were first photographed stepping out together in London in October. The two have since been spotted embarking on romantic, globe-trotting jaunts.

It’s about time. Congrats to them. Check out some flicks of the two below:

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin Engaged George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin Engaged George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin Engaged George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin Engaged George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin Engaged George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin Engaged George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin Engaged George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin Engaged George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin Engaged



Rumor Control: “X-Men” Director Denies Allegations He Drugged & Raped Underage California Boy

bryan singer

The “X-Men” director finally addresses the pedo accusations.

X-Men Director Denies Sexually Abusing Underage Boy

We wonder why it took him so long to make a statement?

According to US Magazine:

X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer responded to the sexual abuse allegations against him on Thursday, calling them “outrageous” and “vicious.” He also announced his decision to bow out of promotional appearances for his latest superhero sequel amid the scandal.

“The allegations against me are outrageous, vicious, and completely false,” Singer, 48, said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter on April 24. “I do not want these fictitious claims to divert ANY attention from X-Men: Days of Future Past. This fantastic film is a labor of love and one of the greatest experiences of my career.”

The statement continued: “So, out of respect to all of the extraordinary contributions from the incredibly talented actors and crew involved, I’ve decided not to participate in the upcoming media events for the film. However, I promise when this situation is over, the facts will show this to be the sick twisted shakedown it is. I want to thank fans, friends, and family for all their amazing and overwhelming support.”

Singer’s statement comes one week after his accuser, former child model Michael Egan III, filed a lawsuit alleging that the director had coerced him into having o**l and a**l sex when he was 17. The suit also claims that Egan was “lured into a sex ring” with promises of future jobs in the entertainment industry, though it does not accuse Singer of pressuring him into the ring.

“It is obvious that this case was filed in an attempt to get publicity at the time when Bryan’s new movie is about to open in a few weeks,” Singer’s attorney Marty Singer (no relation) said in a statement at the time. He noted, too, that he was “very confident that Bryan will be vindicated in this absurd and defamatory lawsuit.”

Despite him denying it, accusations like this tend to stick to a person like white on rice. Do you believe him?

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Perverts: Youth Pastor Posed As Teen Girl Online To Trick Underage Boys Into Sending Nekked Pics


Lawd, not the pastor….you can’t trust anyone.

Pastors Admits To Posing As Girl Online To Get Nekkid Photos Of Boys

It’s disgusting that a man of the cloth could do something so twisted.

According to Raw Story:

A former Campus Life Director for Youth for Christ from Huntington, Indiana pleaded guilty Wednesday to charges that he sexually exploited a minor.

Nathan Hasty used a fake Facebook page to solicit nekked photographs from children, including ones who belonged to Youth for Christ. An FBI agent tasked to the case told WANE that Hasty established multiple Facebook accounts under false names in order to initiate conversations of a sexual nature with underage boys.

Eventually, he would attempt to coerce the boys into sending him nekked photographs.

In the fake accounts, Hasty pretended to be a lascivious sixteen-year-old girl and struck up conversations with boys, mostly between the ages of 12 and 14. He would eventually ask them to send nekked photographs, and even enticed some of them into webcam sessions in which he watched them masturbate while claiming he didn’t have a camera.

According to the FBI affidavit, Facebook cooperated with the investigation, providing authorities with the IP address of the accounts. Because the same IP address was used for all accounts, authorities believed they all originated from the same computer.

Hasty was suspended from Youth for Christ as soon as the organization learned of the FBI investigation.

They need to throw him underneath the jail and make sure he never has contact with children again.

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Watch Ya Mouth: Ariel Castro Victims Demand Apology From Joan Rivers For Joking About Their Horrific Experience


Ariel Castro Victims Demand Apology From Joan Rivers

Resident Hollyweird loud mouth Joan Rivers has yet again found herself at the center of a mess, as the victims of scumbag Cleveland man Ariel Castro are demanding that she apologize after making a joke about their experience.

via Huffington Post

Attorneys for two women held in a Cleveland home and abused for a decade say Joan Rivers should apologize for comparing living in her daughter’s guest room with the captivity they experienced.

Rivers and her daughter were discussing their reality show Tuesday on NBC’s “Today” show when she complained about her living arrangements, saying, “Those women in the basement in Cleveland had more space.”

A Wednesday statement from attorneys for Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus calls Rivers’ remark hurtful and shocking. The attorneys say the women have endured painful media attention and the comment is “a new low” that warrants an apology.

Rivers’ publicist hasn’t responded to messages seeking comment.

Of all the things in the world to make light of, Joan should have known this one was off limits. SMH.

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In White Folks News: Kanye West Asks James Franco And Seth Rogen To Perform Gay “Bound 3″ At Kim’s Attention-Sloring Wedding!


Send in the royal fools!

Kanye West Wants James Franco And Seth Rogen To Perform “Bound 2″ At Wedding

Via NYDailyNews

Kanye West had quite the humorous request for his upcoming wedding to Kim Kardashian.

According to James Franco, the 36-year-old rapper reached out to him and Seth Rogen and asked them to perform their spoof version of his “Bound 2″ music video the night before the expected lavish affair.

“Kim loved the video and we didn’t hear back from Kanye. … We kind of felt like he’s not bashing us, but he probably hates it, but he’s not going to say anything,” Franco said on an appearance on Tuesday’s “The View,” alongside the cast of Broadway’s “Of Mice and Men.”

“But then two weeks ago, we got a call from Kanye. Seth and I were on the phone. We thought he was just going to let us have it. But he loved it,” he explained.

“And I’m pretty sure I can say it now because I’m pretty sure it’s not going to happen — he wanted us to perform it live the night before his wedding at Versailles.”

Kimye have yet to confirm their wedding venue. The Palace of Versailles was a rumored location, however, the palace tweeted in January that the nuptials would not be held there.
Kardashian and West are set to wed on May 24 somewhere in France.

So Kanye is gonna have a gay performance at his wedding? Surprise, surprise…

Image via YouTube

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Congratulations! Drew Barrymore Gives Birth To Second Daughter “Frankie” With Husband Will Kopelman

It’s another girl for Drew and hubby Will!

Drew Barrymore Gives Birth To Second Daughter

Hollyweird actress Drew Barrymore and her husband are yet again the proud parents of a new baby girl.

via THG

Drew Barrymore and husband of two years, Will Kopelman, just welcomed their second child. A beautiful baby girl joined the growing family earlier today.

Olive Barrymore Kopelman just became a big sister to little … Frankie.

“Happy to announce that today we became the proud parents of our second daughter, Frankie Barrymore Kopelman,” the couple told People in a statement.

“Olive has a new little sister, and everyone is healthy and happy!”

Congrats to Drew and Will on their little bundle!

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In White Folks News: Lindsay Lohan Accused Of “Faking” Pregnancy & Miscarriage To Boost Reality Show Ratings

Do you believe Lindsay?

Lindsay Lohan Accused Of Faking Pregnancy And Miscarriage

Last week, troubled Hollyweird wild child Lindsay Lohan revealed on her OWN TV docu-series that she’d suffered a miscarriage, but apparently more than a few folks are calling her bluff.

via THG

Lindsay Lohan stunned viewers at the tail end of her docu-series Lindsay Sunday by revealing she suffered a miscarriage … but is that even accurate?

The Lindsay Lohan miscarriage reveal was intended as a dramatic moment to cap the controversial (albeit seldom-seen) series on Oprah’s OWN network.

Mission accomplished there, but now two sources close to the star are alleging what we’re all wondering – that she fabricated the whole sob story.

The insiders tell celebrity gossip site Radar Online that they believe she was never pregnant and bafflingly concocted the tale just to garner sympathy.

“She absolutely made it up,” said one source, adding that it conveniently helps her explain the unprofessional behavior documented on the reality show.

“Lindsay was never pregnant during filming, or in the months after. Lindsay knew she was being perceived as a total slacker … so this is what Lindsay does.”

“She lies! Her family and friends all had no clue about her ‘pregnancy’ and subsequent miscarriage. Lindsay is once again her own worst enemy.”

Revealed a second Lohan insider: “Lindsay has continued to smoke through-out this entire series and has admitted to relapsing and drinking alcohol.”

“Quite simply, Lindsay never acted like someone who was pregnant. It’s just sad that anything that comes out of her mouth is considered to be a lie.”

Lindsay has definitely done some crazy things in recent years…..but do you think Lindsay would go as far as to fake a pregnancy an miscarriage to boost her struggly show ratings?


Dirty Dog Diaries: Tori Spelling’s Hubby Blames Her For His Cheating “We Had Sex Once Every 2 Weeks, It Wasn’t Fantastic” [Video]

His wife wasn’t giving him enough box so he got it poppin’ with someone else.

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In White Folks News: Lindsay Lohan Admits That She Suffered Traumatizing Miscarriage While Filming OWN Reality Show!


Damn! Really???

Lindsay Lohan Says She Had Miscarriage During Filming Of Reality Show

According to TMZ reports:

Lindsay Lohan says she suffered a miscarriage during the taping of her reality show.

Lohan dropped the bombshell during the final episode of the OWN show Sunday night … when asked to reflect on her experience with the reality show.

“No one knows this,” Lohan said … “I had a miscarriage for those two weeks that I took off.”

She continued, “It’s a very long story, but that’s why on the show when it says she doesn’t want to come down, I couldn’t move, I was sick. Mentally, that messes with you.”

Lindsay did not identify the FATHER of the child.

Hell, based on that list she wrote, the father could be ANYBODY.

Wonder if all those years of drugs had anything to do with it?

Image via Terry Richardson

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Get Well Soon: Miley Cyrus Hospitalized For Severe Allergic Reaction To Antibiotics

miley cyrus sick

She’s got to be more careful about what she puts in her mouth…

Miley Cyrus Hospitalized After Allergic Reaction To Antibiotics

Hopefully, Miley will be able to “twerk” it off.

According to US Weekly:

Miley Cyrus’ bad month just keeps getting worse. The “Wrecking Ball” singer, 21, was hospitalized on Tuesday, April 15, because of a severe allergic reaction to some antibiotics she was taking, a press release stated.

The release — from Kansas City’s Sprint Center, where Cyrus was supposed to perform her Bangerz tour show on Tuesday night — said that the pop star had been “placed on medical rest by her doctors” and would not be able to go on as scheduled.

Cyrus herself tweeted a message to fans from her hospital bed, apologizing for the canceled concert. “Kansas I promise I’m as heartbroken as you are. I wanted to badly 2 b there 2night,” she wrote. “Not being with yall makes me feel s—tier than I already do.”

A follow-up tweet included a photo of the singer in a hospital gown, with a toy octopus partially covering her face. “Mr. Octopussy & some amazing Drs are taking good care of me,” she wrote alongside the pic.

Cyrus has been under the weather for a few days now. On Monday, April 14, she tweeted, “I woke up like disssss #SICK,” followed by a message several hours later reading, “Fever fever go away.” She has also been dealing with the grief of losing her beloved dog Floyd on April 1.

Miley sucks random people’s g-string, who knows what she was really on antibiotics for.


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Really??? GOP Congressman Implies The Civil Rights Act Which Ended Black Employment Discrimination Might Be Unconstitutional [Video]

Ted Yoho

And these creepy azz…people expect to lead our country??

Republican Congressman Ted Yoho Suggests Unconstitutionality Of Civil Rights Act

Via ThinkProgress

Last week, former presidents and dignitaries celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, which bans many forms of employment discrimination and whites-only lunch counters, among other things. This week, a Republican congressman declared that he’s not sure if the Civil Rights Act is even constitutional.

Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL), a freshman congressman aligned with the Tea Party, held a town hall Monday evening in Gainesville where he fielded a wide range of questions from constituents. One such voter was Melvin Flournoy, a 57-year-old African American from Gainesville, who asked Yoho whether he believes the Civil Rights Act is constitutional.

The easy answer in this case — “yes” — has the benefit of also being correct. But Yoho found the question surprisingly difficult.

“Is it constitutional, the Civil Rights Act?” Yoho repeated before giving his reply: “I wish I could answer that 100 percent.” The Florida Republican then went on to strongly imply it may be unconstitutional: “I know a lot of things that were passed are not constitutional, but I know it’s the law of the land.”

Hear the racist undertones spill from horse’s mouth below


Image via YouTube

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Jesus Take The Wheel: Mother Of Two Brutally Beaten And Dragged To Death By Boyfriend After Argument

bf kills gf

This was heartless and cruel.

Woman Brutally Beaten And Left For Dead

It’s a shame she won’t get to see her babies grow up.

According to My Fox:

A missing Richardson ISD teacher was found dead Monday in New Mexico, and her boyfriend now faces a murder charge.

Emily Lambert, 30, was on a weekend trip to New Mexico to join her boyfriend who was there on a job assignment. On Sunday morning, her boyfriend reported her missing.

Eddy County authorities said Wednesday they have Robert Earley in custody on three charges: murder, fugitive from justice and tampering with evidence. Legal documents indicate Earley was arrested after taking a polygraph test and giving investigators at least one false version of what happened to Lambert.

An arrest warrant affidavit states Earley got into a fight with Lambert on Saturday evening where she bit him and he punched and kicked her in the mouth multiple times. She became unconscious, and Earley loaded her into his car and drove her to a remote location.

Lambert regained consciousness and began to fight Earley again. Earley hit her multiple times with an air pump he had in the back of his car.

Earley then took some rope, made a loop and put it around Lambert’s neck. He wedged the rope in the car door and dragged her behind a metal shed and left her.

Earley returned the next day and saw that Lambert was dead.

Lambert has two daughters, ages 4 and 5, from a previous marriage.

The bastard had the nerve to kill her then report her missing. SMH..


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Jesus Take The Wheel: Woman Offers $1,000 And Sex To Gunman To Murder Her Fiance– “Blow His Brains Out And Walk Out”

woman screenshot

Why not just break off the engagement instead of trying to murder the poor fella?

Woman Offered $1,000 To Gunman To Kill Her Fiancé


According to The Smoking Gun:

Though she claimed to be willing to kill her fiancé herself, a Wisconsin woman opted instead to offer an informant $1000 plus sexual favors to carry out the murder, police charge.

Jessica Strom, 33, allegedly wanted her beau, lawyer John Schellpfeffer, clipped at his office, according to Wausau Police Department reports. To help guide the gunman, Strom, a mother of three young children, provided a diagram of the 49-year-old Schellpfeffer’s workplace, as well as details about the daily routine of some of the attorney’s neighbors, cops noted.

The gunman, Strom remarked, could “blow his brains out and walk out.”

Police learned of the murder-for-hire plot last week, when the informant–a former classmate of Strom–contacted investigators. The informant, a licensed pilot, told cops that Strom asked to meet in person so that they could discuss a “business proposal.”

When they got together last Wednesday evening, the man told cops, Strom asked, “Would you ever kill anybody?” When the pilot said no, Strom replied, “Well, what would it take to do it?” She added, “You’re very thorough and you’re very neat and I think you would be a good person to do this for me.”

Though he had initially asked for $50,000 to kill Schellpfeffer, the informant told Strom that he would settle for $1000, adding “It’s better than nothing, I guess.” Strom replied, “And some sex!” At some point after the killing, Strom told the informant that she would meet up with him and “pay you and f**k you and whatever.”

Locked up in lieu of $250,000 cash bond, Strom is scheduled for a March 12 preliminary hearing.

Her dumbazz actually thought she would get away with it.


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Congratulations: Simon Cowell And His Girlfriend Welcome Baby Boy

Simon Cowell at Mousetrap

Big news for Simon and his boo thang.

Simon Cowell Welcomes Baby Boy

Now that all the shadiness is out of the way…they can enjoy their bundle of joy.

According to TMZ:

Simon Cowell is officially a father … his pregnant GF Lauren Silverman has finally popped in NYC.

36-year-old Silverman just gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Eric after Simon’s father at Lenox Hill Hospital — after Simon flew across the ocean from London to be by her side for the delivery. As we reported, Lauren went into labor early this morning and Simon hopped on a plane as soon as he heard.

The boy is 54-year-old Simon’s first child and Lauren’s second — she also has an 8-year-old son with her ex Andrew Silverman.

Congrats again to the happy couple.


bossiprss?d=yIl2AUoC8zA bossiprss?i=EgZMTKIPVq4:LLJOwohDknk:D7Dq bossiprss?d=qj6IDK7rITs bossiprss?i=EgZMTKIPVq4:LLJOwohDknk:gIN9

In White Folks News: TLC Reality Star Michelle Duggar Says Wives Should Submit To Sex Whenever Their Husbands Want


Now, we know why she keeps poppin’ kids out her vajajay like it’s nothing.

Michelle Duggar Says Wives Should Submit To Sex With Their Husbands

Won’t be long before she is knocked up with baby number 21…

According to Radar Online:

Michelle Duggar has been happily married to her husband Jim Bob for 30 years and she shared the secrets to her successful relationship, saying that a surefire way to stay together is for the wife to always submit to sex whenever the husbands wants.

The 19 Kids and Counting TLC reality star reveals that keeping things hot and heavy between the sheets at Jim Bob’s request, even when she’s tired, is the glue for their decades long union.

The conservative Christian mother explained her reasoning to the Today Show, saying a friend gave her the wise advice before her 1994 marriage.

“She said, ‘In your marriage there will be times you’re going to be very exhausted. Your hubby comes home after a hard day’s work, you get the baby to bed, and he is going to be looking forward to that time with you. Be available.’”

So Michelle has taken that advice to heart, telling other women: “Anyone can fix him lunch, but only one person can meet that physical need of love that he has, and you always need to be available when he calls.’”

Even though she has 19 children, a daughter-in-law and three grandbabies to love, Michelle has said that always being available for sex works for the Duggar parents.

“That has been such a lifesaver for our marriage,” she tells TODAY.

And her smitten husband agrees, saying: “We’re like a newlywed couple every day!”

Do you agree with Michelle?

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Jesus Take The Wheel: Wrong-Way Teen Driver Kills Bride Three Days After Her Wedding

married couple

This is so sad.

Teen Kills Bride After Driving Wrong Way On Road

She was looking forward to growing old with her husband and then this happened.

According to M Live:

Mariah Bailey-Collins wanted a fresh start.

So two months ago, the Mt. Morris Township woman escaped the cold Michigan winter for the warmth of Florida. Soon after, she met Bryan Collins on a beach and it was love at first sight.

The pair married in a small ceremony in Indiana last week and readied plans for a new life together in Florida.

Those dreams were ended Sunday night by a teen driving the wrong way on U.S. 23 in Mundy Township.

Police say the Swartz Creek teen, 18, was driving south on the northbound lanes about 10:15 p.m. Feb. 9 when he crashed into an oncoming car, killing Bailey-Collins and injuring her 11-year-old son and her new husband.

Bryan Collins, 28, was listed in fair condition while her 11-year-old son was in critical condition, police said. The Swartz Creek teen, who police believe got on the freeway at Hill Road, was treated for minor injuries, according to police.

Mundy Township Detective Mike Neering said the teen is in police custody. Investigators are awaiting toxicology results and will submit the case to the prosecutor’s office for review.

The poor child now has to grow up without his mother. SMH.


bossiprss?d=yIl2AUoC8zA bossiprss?i=LO7skZzRdxY:qTpc0XtIvSE:D7Dq bossiprss?d=qj6IDK7rITs bossiprss?i=LO7skZzRdxY:qTpc0XtIvSE:gIN9

In White Folks News: Miley Cyrus Quits Smoking Cigarettes

What she needs to quit is twerking.

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Dirty Puppy Love Diaries: Justin Bieber Knew Selena Gomez Was In Love When She Gave Him Her V-Card

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez on a romantic Hawaiian holiday, where they were seen hugging and kissing in a bikini and surf trunks.

SMH. That kid has no couth. Justin Bieber once bragged to his homeboys about taking Selena Gomez’s innocence.

According to RadarOnline reports:

After Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez consummated their relationship in 2011, the pint-sized pop brat bragged to a pal, “I knew she was in love with me when she gave me her virginity.”

A source close to the on-again, off-again couple exclusively tells of Bieber and Gomez’s “first time,” claiming the pair escaped to Palm Springs, Calif. for a few days to first do the deed.

“It was in the summer of 2011. They flew to Palm Springs for a couple days and had a super private place to stay,” the pal told Radar.

“The purpose of the trip was 100 percent because Selena finally said ‘yes’ to having sex with him. They agreed because they both said they were in love.”

Bieber, 19, and Gomez, 21, confirmed their relationship by attending the Vanity Fair Oscar Party together in Feb. 2011 — and it was that same month that the “Baby” singer told Rolling Stone magazine, ”I don’t think you should have sex with anyone unless you love them.”

And according to the insider, it was Gomez’s display of affection that let Bieber know she loved him.

“Justin told me, ‘I knew she was in love with me when she gave me her virginity,’” the source told Radar. “He said it with no embarrassment or shyness whatsoever.”

SMH. Poor Selena didn’t know her Romeo would turn out to be a “Homie” Bro! Homeboy went from a sweetheart to a skankazoid.




In White Folks News: Tori Spelling’s Dirty Dog Husband Enters Rehab For “Health And Personal Issues”


Do those personal issues have something to do with him slinging peen to his slorey mistress?

Tori Spelling’s Husband Enters Rehab

Time to run Tori.

According to US Weekly:

Dean McDermott is trying to earn back his family’s trust. The 47-year-old Chopped Canada star has entered rehab, his rep confirms to Us Weekly.

“I am truly sorry for the mistakes I have made and for the pain I’ve caused my family,” McDermott tells Us in a statement. “I take full responsibility for my actions and have voluntarily checked myself into a treatment center to address some health and personal issues. I am grateful to be getting the help I need so I can become the husband and father my family deserves.”

Us exclusively broke news in its Dec. 26 cover story that McDermott cheated on wife Tori Spelling with a 28-year-old woman named Emily Goodhand in Toronto on Dec. 6. At the time, McDermott was in town to promote his series Chopped Canada.

Tori should take notes from Khloe Kardashian and get the F outta Dodge.

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People Ain’t Isht: Mom Leaves Children Alone In Freezing Car To Hunt For Hogs

hog hunt mom 3

She chose hogs over her babies….she needs her azz whooped.

Mom Leaves Children In Freezing Car To Go Hunt

Those poor babies must have been wondering why their mommy would leave them alone in a cold azz car.

According to ABC Action News:

A Pasco County woman was arrested and charged with child neglect for leaving her two young children in the car to go hog hunting Thursday.

Deputies said Kayla Marie Shavers, 31, left her 9-year-old and 8-month-old children alone in the car in 38 degree weather while she went into the woods to hunt hogs. The 9-year-old called 911 because he was cold and said, “A police car would be warmer.”

When deputies arrived, they found the children in the car and waited for Shavers to return. Shavers claimed she was close enough to the car to respond if the children needed her, but deputies said it took her over 40 minutes to return to the car.

Deputies say when Shavers finally came out of the woods, she was dressed in camouflage and told them she was hunting hogs because they were tearing up her property.

“She said she left the keys for her son to start the car if it got cold. He didn’t start the car, he couldn’t,” said Corporal Sean Kennedy.

Sheriff Chris Nocco credited the boy for having the presence of mind to pick up the phone and call for help. “He may have saved that 8 month old baby’s life. So kudos to that little 9-year-old boy,” Nocco said.

The sheriff’s office says the children are with family. Shavers faces two charges of child neglect.



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“Calogero” Back! “Bronx Tale” Actor Released From Prison After Serving 8 Years For Cop-Killin’ Burglary!

Screen shot 2013-12-31 at 1.12.18 PM

He might have been better off in jail...

Bronx Tale Actor Lillo Brancato Jr. Released From Prison After 8 Year Sentence

According to TMZ reports:

Lillo Brancato Jr. — who starred in “The Sopranos” and “A Bronx Tale” — has been released from prison on parole … 8 years after he was involved in the killing of an off-duty NYPD officer.

Brancato was sentenced to 10 years in prison back in 2009 after he was convicted of attempted burglary in a 2005 incident that resulted in the death of Officer Daniel Enchautegui.

Brancato was acquitted of murder, but his co-defendant was found guilty of shooting and killing the officer and was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Brancato was considered a rising star in Hollywood before the incident … playing Calogero Anello in 1993′s “A Bronx Tale” and Christopher Moltisanti’s mob lackey Matthew Bevilaqua in “The Sopranos.”

The 37-year-old actor was released on parole early this morning. So far, he has yet to comment.

As you might guess, the cops aren’t too happy about his release.

Says NYC Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association:

“It is our firm belief that Lillo Brancato is guilty of the murder of police officer Daniel Enchautegui even though he was only convicted of attempted burglary.”

“The entire law enforcement community will be watching and the minute he steps out of line, we’ll be sure that he is returned to prison to finish out the rest of his sentence.”

He might wanna find a place to lay low for while, or better yet, MOVE!

Image via YouTube

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In White Folks News: Momager Kris Jenner Claims Fights With Bruce Were So Bad “I Didn’t Like Me”


Having Bruce and Kanye in the same household was probably too much for her.

Kris Jenner Says She Didn’t Like Fighting With Bruce

No one in this family succeeds in love.

According to Radar Online:

Meet the Bickersons!

Kris and Bruce Jenner’s relationship had deteriorated so much before the ultimate split that she says she didn’t even like listening to herself fight with her hubby.

The matriarch of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians family hid their troubles for months, but now she says that since they are the type of couple that is just “better apart.”

“We’re great. He’s great and I’m great and we’re such good friends,” Kris reportedly said at the #cirocthenewyear anti drinking and driving pledge party at L.A.’s Mixology 101 on Tuesday.

“Sometimes people are just better apart and have better energy.”

Kris revealed that while their romance has fizzled their friendship has not.

“We don’t bicker as much,” Kim Kardashian’s 57-year-old mother explained.

“We were starting to sound like some old sitcom from the ’50s. I listened to myself and didn’t like me. Everyone is happier.”

They share two daughters, and Kris said they are happier with their parents separated.

“They notice the difference and how the energy in the house has shifted and how great everyone is.”

However, there’s not a Grinch in the bunch.

“Bruce came over last night because he just had to see the tree again! It’s really fun. I get so excited during the holidays,” Kris said.

At least they are on good terms.

bossiprss?d=yIl2AUoC8zA bossiprss?i=mKiHPN0ZRio:zJjEeHT6sd0:D7Dq bossiprss?d=qj6IDK7rITs bossiprss?i=mKiHPN0ZRio:zJjEeHT6sd0:gIN9

SMH: Teacher’s Aide Gets Probation For Chopping Down Underage Student With Learning Disability


Only probation? Where’s the justice?

Teacher’s Aide Gets Probation After Sex With Student

Authority figures getting off this easy only encourages this disgusting behavior.

According to St. Louis Post Dispatch reports:

A former teacher’s aide with the Wentzville School District won’t spend any time in jail after pleading guilty to having sex with one of her students.

Victoria Reinke, 30, of the 600 block of Aster Lane in O’Fallon, could have been sentenced to four years in prison, but on Monday, Circuit Judge Rick Zerr placed her on five year’s probation instead. Prosecutors had sought a prison sentence of two years.

Reinke had been working at Timberland High School at the time of the relationship with the student in March 2012, police said.

According to prosecutors, the victim was a teen in the special education program. The boy, who initially was 16 when he met Reinke, has a learning disability with an IQ of 70.

He told prosecutors that the two did not have sexual intercourse until he was 17.

The encounters took place after school in Reinke’s van, police said. The two communicated via phone calls and text messages, which numbered more than 400 between December 2011 and March 2012, according to court documents.

Reinke pleaded guilty to one count of sexual contact with a student by a school employee on Oct. 23.

Reinke apologized in a short statement before the court.

“I was the responsible, mature one and should have never let anything happen,” she said.

Zerr said a suspended sentence will still leave Reinke with a felony conviction but will allow her to take care of her children.

“I’m sorry for the loss of relationship with your son,” he told the teen’s parents, “but I don’t think sending this lady to prison is going to fix that.”

SMH. She picked on a student with a learning disability.

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Miley Cyrus Goes Back To Her Roots And Rocks A New Bob! [Video]

Miley Cyrus shows off her longer hairstyle after twerking onstage with Santa Clause at Kiss FM’s Jingle Ball.

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Jesus Take The Wheel: Toddler Dies After Grandmother Gives Her Morphine To Ease Teething Pain

grandmother and baby

Poor baby.

Toddler Dies After Grandmother Gives Her Morphine

Who gives a baby morphine for teething pain?

According to Reading Eagle:

A 53-year-old woman told a Berks County judge Friday that she wished she would have died instead of her 1-year-old granddaughter who she gave a fatal dose of morphine to ease the baby’s teething pain in 2009.

“I often wish I could trade places with her and that everything would be all right,” Penny S. Kochel said before she was sentenced by President Judge Paul M. Yatron to two to 23 months in the county jail for killing her 1-year-old granddaughter on May 8, 2009.

Kochel of the first block of Jay Bee Drive, Heidelberg Township, pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter in the death of Leanna E. McEntee of Levittown, Bucks County.

Kochel said not a day goes by that she does not think of her granddaughter who she was baby-sitting for while the baby’s parents, Colleen R. Long and her husband, Matthew N. McEntee, went on weekend vacation.

“Leanna was my beautiful angel,” Kochel said during the sentencing. “I would never have done anything to her that I thought would hurt or kill her.”

But Kochel said she accepts responsibility.

“I loved Leanna as much as anything in the world,” Kochel said.

Kochel’s lawyer, James M. Polyak, said Kochel had morphine in her home because she was helping to care for her brother, Norman M. Anderson Jr. of Robesonia. Anderson died two weeks after Leanna.

Yatron said the case is tragic.

“I offer my sincerest condolences for your loss,” Yatron said to the baby’s family. “Obviously, there was no intention to hurt the child.”



When The Checks Stop Coming In: Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt Nearly Broke After Blowing Through $10 Million

hedi montag

Somebody should have enrolled in a money management class.

Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt Blowed Through $10 Million

They should have known reality TV doesn’t last forever. Heidi needed to take the money she spent on plastic surgery and put it in a trust fund.

According to TV Guide:

Former The Hills stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt say they’re nearly broke after blowing through $10 million.

“We were immature and we got caught up,” Pratt tells In Touch. “Every time we’d go out to eat, we’d order $4,000 bottles of wine. Heidi was going to the mall and dropping $20,000 to $30,000 a day. We thought we were Jay Z and Beyonce.”

In 2011, the couple came close to filing for bankruptcy after Montag spent $30,000 on plastic surgery the year prior.

Their financial woes will be outlined in the upcoming E! special After Shock: Heidi & Spencer, which premieres Monday, Dec. 9.  Montag tells In Touch she feels “like a different person” with her more frugal spending habits now that the paychecks have stopped coming in.

Dropping $20,000 at the mall? Yea, she was out of touch with reality.


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Jesus Take The Wheel: Teen Mother Stabbed To Death By Ex-Boyfriend While Holding Her 11-Month-Old Daughter

mother stabbed

This is so sad.

Young Mother Stabbed To Death While Holding Daughter

It takes a cold-hearted person to stab a mother to death while she’s holding her child.

According to My San Antonio:

Megan Hernandez’s family will always be grateful for those who tried to save her from the attack that would take her life, especially Robert Ortiz, the 15-year-old boy they have never met but who was injured as he intervened.

“He’s very brave and I appreciate him,” said Hernandez’s aunt Marybelle Hernandez. “He gave my niece extra time so she didn’t have to die in the street.”

Marybelle Hernandez said it was her niece’s friend who called her Tuesday afternoon to tell her that Hernandez had been attacked and stabbed by her ex-boyfriend as she held the couple’s 11-month-old daughter, Aliya Rae Reyes.

“I guess he kept wanting her to be with him again and she kept saying no,” Marybelle Hernandez said she heard from the friend.

The argument began around 3 p.m. as classes let out at Por Vida Academy Charter High School where Hernandez, 17, attended school. Students and staff were mingling and filing out of the parking lot into the residential area when they heard the commotion at the bus stop directly across the street in the 1100 block of Mission Road, officials and witnesses said.

And within seconds the argument turned violent, leaving Hernandez bleeding to the death, her baby girl rushed away to safety, the Good Samaritan injured and Eduardo Reyes, also 17, charged in the slaying.

He remained in jail Wednesday night on a combined bail of $400,000 for charges of murder, endangering a child and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The school also had counselors available and a moment of silence on Wednesday.

“So many of our students witnessed the incident,” Rendon said. “Scores of students told us they just couldn’t sleep because of what they saw.”



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