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Quentin Tarantino is into choking chicks


We always knew Quentin Tarantino was a bit off, but we just thought it might have been that fall from his baby walker when he was 8 (ok, he was a late bloomer). Now we’re starting to think he has newspaper clippings and human fingers in embalming fluids in his mother’s basement…any maybe a few dead cats to practice his choking technique on. Because apparently he made a deal with Diane Kruger that if she was to be in his film, she had to let him choke her in one of the scenes.

Via OK Magazine:

DIANE KRUGER put her life in the hands of director QUENTIN TARANTINO on the set of war movie INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS – after agreeing to let the filmmaker choke her during a fight scene.

Kruger plays German spy Bridget von Hammersmark in the film about a group of Jewish-American Nazi killers.

In one brutal scene Kruger’s character is strangled – and Tarantino was convinced the only way to make the struggle realistic was to choke his leading lady himself.

He explains, “When you watch the film those are actually my hands that are on Diane Kruger’s throat strangling her. I made a deal with her early on. (I told her) ‘We’re gonna have to choke you if it’s gonna actually work and I don’t trust anybody but myself to do it.’ And she didn’t trust anybody but me to do it … so she was down (ok) with it but I remember talking to her about it (and saying) it’s going to be a little uncomfortable.”