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Lindsay Lohan To Get Protection Order Against Dad?

You know you might have one screwed up family when your mom is pressuring you to get a permanent order of protection against your own father.

Dina Lohan wants Lindsay to do just that to her father, Michael Lohan. The order would make it just about impossible for Michael to contact Lindsay in anyway; no texts, no phones calls and no e-mails. Dina claims that it is best for everyone involved, and that Michael is behind most of the family drama. She feels this order will bring Lindsay and her closer together.

However, Lindsay is not on board with this protection order business. Sources tell TMZ that Lindsay thinks the order of protection is a bit harsh; plus Lindsay has really spent enough time in the courtroom and she doesn’t want to go back in it. Dina also asked her other children to do the same, but we’re not sure how they responded to the idea.

As always with the Lohan group; it’s the battle of two insane parents. Michael says that Dina is the problem and Dina says that Michael is the problem. Have they ever thought that they might both be the problem? Or would that just make too much sense? dina mich


Is Amanda Bynes Going Insane?

We all know that there is something wrong with Amanda Bynes, but up until now we all just assumed she just partied a little too hard. However, there are now a few signs that may paint an even scarier picture. Could Amanda Bynes have legit mental issues? Well, according to several witnesses…yes.

TMZ spoke with several people from the gym Amanda works out in West Hollywood. The witnesses claim that that Amanda has been showing alarming signs of delusional behavior. Amanda has been having conversations with herself, making comments and then answering back, according to one witness. Another witness claims that Amanda will just start laughing hysterically for no reason while working out. This same witness also claims that Amanda has been getting worse over the last few months.

Even a few of Amanda’s neighbors have seen her doing very strange things. One of them being having long conversations with random inanimate objects. All of the witnesses seem to be worried for Amanda and some of them are not happy with the way the media has been covering this story. They say that she has real mental health issues, and that she’s not just another child star partying out of control.

This story is so sad that I wouldn’t feel right about making any jokes. There is certainly a lot of material here, but I’d feel too bad if it turns out she does have mental issues. Hopefully she gets the help she needs. aman amann


Fail Jumping Though Swing


Bruce Springsteen’s Insane Concert Video!

Bruce Springsteen is a freaking badass. He is 62 years old and is still doing crazy sh*t like this! In the video above you can see him go into the crowd and start singing, “Raise Your Hand” he was having himself a good ol’ time. But then halfway through the performance, Bruce got tired and decided to sit down (remember he is 62 years old) a very observant fan could see Bruce’s exhaustion and decided to hand him his beer. Bruce took the beer and chugged that thing down like a champ…then went back to performing.

Bruce Springsteen is clearly full of win. However, there is one big loser in this story. The fan who gave him the beer, do you know how much those things cost at concerts? He just wasted $10 on Bruce Springsteen and all he got from it was an empty cup and a sweaty seat.

Lame. Bruce Springsteen’s Insane Concert Video! Bruce Springsteen’s Insane Concert Video! Bruce Springsteen’s Insane Concert Video!


Charlie Sheen is Sane? Boooooo!

Well, it seems like our fun is over because Charlie Sheen is, “sane.” I guess not even Charlie Sheen could keep up his winning ways for too long. Charlie had a lot to say to reporters at Sunday night’s Fox Network Television Critics Association party, “I’m not crazy any more. That was an episode.” he said while laughing.  He goes on to say, “I think I’m a different person than I was yesterday. Everything is a lot more mellow and focused and much more rooted in reality.” How boring is that? I mean don’t get me wrong, I am glad he is no longer killing himself, but it’s kind of sad to see crazy Charlie Sheen slip away. Not because I support that behavior or anything, but because I feel like he did what every celebrity wants to do. I think every celebrity secretly wants to go nuts, just let it all go and not care what people think of them, and to see a celebrity finally snap and do it? Well, it was wonderful. When Charlie was asked if he had been in contact with Jon Cryer or Chuck Lorre he had this to say, “Jon and I text. Chuck, no but at some point we are going to have to get some closure there.” He also said he didn’t like the way his former show, “Two and a Half Men” killed him off. Saying, “It was a little mean spirited. But it’s dead and buried now, right?”

Gary Busey & His Insanity Go On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Has there ever been a better time in history to be mentally ill?

2 days ago, Gary Busey was fired on The Celebrity Apprentice. But fear not, dedicated fans, for he returned to TV screens last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live! And you know what? His interview with Kimmel, which ranged from a discussion of body language, to “Buseyisms,” to Meatloaf-bashing, was just as entertaining as Busey was in The Donald’s boardroom. Entertaining in that insane kinda way.


Nicolas Cage Goes Crazy Outside a Romanian Nightclub

Nicolas Cage channeled none other than Nicolas Cage in a Romanian nightclub freak out last Sunday night. He was caught on tape delivering a colourful and vocal tirade that appeared to be aimed at a man and a couple of women also outside the club. The outburst was caught by a passer-by on a mobile telephone, and the video footage then made its way onto the internet. Shown on Romanian television news the next day, it required frequent use of the bleep button as Nic rounded on the strangers, shouting at them awesome lines such as “Get in that car and walk away. I’ll f**king die because of honour. I’ll f**king die right now,” and, “See my eyes – respect them as you’d respect me.”

If anything this is the best performance Nic has been seen doing since Face Off. But we all know Nic is crazy, so this is hardly news. Next we are going to tell us that Gary Busey was caught on tape creeping out the local grocery store clerks.



Kanye West’s Craziest On-Air Moments

Kanye West has been the master of uncomfortable and outright douchetastic moments since his first album dropped 6 years ago. Especially when he goes on one of his little rants about how he’s Jesus incarnated as a golden statue covered in diamonds and awesomeness.

I don’t really see the “eccentric and tortured artist” in Kanye at all. All I see is a spoiled and petulant rapper with delusions of grandeur… pretty much a grown man with Peter Pan syndrome. But I guess like many other celebrities he feel that they are part of a different class of people and as such are allowed to get away with all sorts of bullshit. That’s why Geffen thought he could get away with murder, Polanski thought he could get away with rape, and Gibson thought he could threaten to bury a woman in a rose garden, they live in a bubble surrounded by “Yes men” and lose touch with society and order.

Anyways enough of that rant, here are some of his most ridiculous moments to date.


Spencer Pratt is ‘King’ of the douche bags


Known for being a royal pain in the ass, Spencer Pratt has declared his plans to give himself a new name: King.  “I’ve decided since there is a Queen of England and a Prince William that there should be a king of America,” he told Us Magazine. “I nominate myself for that role.”

Uh huh.  We’ll believe that when we see Spencer file the legal documents; until then we won’t humor his silly request for a new public title.

After closer inspection, we’re thinking ‘The Hills’ star is on the verge of losing his mind.  He also proclaimed his wife Heidi Montag has absorbed some of the late King of Pop’s mojo in a recent interview with ‘The Hills: The After Show’: “Michael Jackson’s in heaven,” King Douche Bag said. “The Holy Spirit now has extra Michael Jackson juice, so boom! For all we know, Heidi gets possessed with some of that Michael Jackson divine spirit.”

Maybe Heidi is using her MJ magic to feed her hubby buckets of Jesus juice.  That’s the only way to explain these bizarre statements that keep falling out of Spencer’s mouth.