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Will Smith And Family Hit Paris

Will Smith and his family continued on their world wind tour promoting The Karate Kid on Sunday (July 25).

They posed along with Jackie Chan on the red carpet at the Le Grand Rex premiere in Paris. The actor, his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith, and their two kids, Jaden, 12, and Willow, 9, were recently in Madrid.

Jada once spoke about being active with her children in an interview with Shape magazine.

Sitting at home on a Saturday or Sunday was never an option.[The kids] love to go to the gym with Will and me, but surfing and snowboarding is what we do together as a family for fun."


Will Smith & His Madrid Premiere Pals

They're bringing the movie to the world! The Smith family posed for photographers at the Madrid, Spain premiere of The Karate Kid on Wednesday (July 21). Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith - who co-produced the film - smiled alongside their two kids, Jaden, 12, and Willow, 9, and their friend Jackie Chan.

Prior to the premiere, the showbiz family visited La Casa de Correos, the city's historic post office building.

Jaden, who's becoming quite the Hollywood star, recently said his A-list papa taught him how to kiss for the big screen.

My dad said, 'Don't kiss with your mouth open, you're definitely too young for that!' I'm good at kissing, so it wasn't as challenging as it could've been had I not had previous experience."


The Smith Family Take Berlin

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith posed with their two kids - son Jaden, 12, and daughter Willow, 9 - along with costar Jackie Chan at The Karate Kid premiere in in Berlin, Germany on Monday (July 19). Will and Jada co-produced the film, while Jaden starred in the popular flick.

Yesterday, we saw Jaden rock his afro alongside co-star Chan. The 12-year-old star posed for pictures and then signed autographs in the German capital.

Jada recently opened up about his son's first star role:

That experience was quite unique, and that was probably one of the most difficult projects I have worked on because this was my son’s first starring role, and it was for such a classic movie. He was working in China away from his friends and family."


Jet-Setting Jaden Smith Hits Germany

Berlin is the latest stop on Jaden Smith's Karate Kid promotional tour. The 12-year-old actor and his co-star Jackie Chan posed for pics and then signed autographs in the German capital yesterday (July 18). Last week we saw Jaden, along with his parents Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith and little sister Willow, 8, on the red carpet in London, England.

Will recently joked that he's worried that his son is already surpassing him:

The Karate Kid three day box office was 56 million in the United States which was bigger than any of my movies other than Hancock and I Am Legend, so for me I'm wondering if he even still needs to live at our house. People started calling me the Karate Kid's dad, I was like alright, Men In Black 3 is out immediately!"


Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Carpet Kids

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith posed with their two kids - son Jaden, 11, and daughter Willow, 9 - along with costar Jackie Chan at The Karate Kid premiere in London, England on Thursday (July 15). Will and Jada co-produced the film, while Jaden starred in the popular flick.

Jada said the film was taxing on the entire family, but they are proud of the finished product:

It was hard, but I’m really proud of the product we were able to create as a family. I’m extremely proud, and I’m sure we will be doing a lot more of that."


Jaden Smith Greets His Fans

Will who? It was the I Am Legend actor's 11-year-old son Jaden Smith who stole the spotlight in London, England today, stopping to sign autographs for his adoring fans as he headed into BBC Radio 1 with his Karate Kid co-star Jackie Chan (July 15).

Jaden's proud mom Jada Pinkett-Smith recently revealed that she always knew her son would be a star:

I knew when I was carrying him. You know, it's Will and I... I just felt like two artists would create a little artist. When he was born he used to love dancing to Michael Jackson.... And then as he got older, he had some real skills."


Jaden Smith Will Continue Martial Arts Training

It's a case of life imitating art! The Karate Kid star , 11-year-old Jaden Smith loved learning martial arts so much he is returning to China to deepen his study of the form!

This should come as no surprise to his co-star Jackie Chan, who was recently quoted as saying that he told Jaden's dad Will Smith that Jaden was "so good" and that he should "not waste his talent."

Jada Pinkett-Smith, Jaden's mom, is now planning on going to Hong Kong for two months so Jaden can continue to foster his love for martial arts. And don't worry about Jaden's sister, 9-year-old Willow; Jada says she'll come along as well: "I'll take Willow because she's learning Mandarin. She loves to learn Mandarin."


Jaden Smith: Little Sister Willow Is A Bully!

It looks like a case of friendly sibling rivalry for Willow and Jaden Smith, the children of Will and Jada-Pinkett Smith!While on the red carpet for the premiere of The Karate Kid, Jaden, 11 told People that he is bullied by his 9-year-old sister, Willow.

"I scream for my mom," he said. "She usually takes Willow's side. My dad takes Willow's side, too." Even his co-star Jackie Chan agreed with Jaden:"Jaden's a good kid, [but] he's always bullied by his sister."

Luckily, Jaden has another Smith sibling he can hang out with without any fear, his older brother, 17-year-old Trey Smith. As for Jaden, he says he's a nice kid, and tells People he "doesn't bully anyone."


Ralph Macchio & His Karate Kid

Ralph Macchio, 48, attended the Los Angeles premiere of The Karate Kid with his 14-year-old son Daniel on Monday (June 7). Ralph and his wife of 23 years, Phyllis, are also parents to 17-year-old daughter Julia.

Ralph and Pat Morita were the stars of the original Karate Kid film, which reached incredible popularity in the '80s. Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan have some huge shoes to fill!

Ralph talked about the moment Daniel discovered he was once a teen idol:

One of my favorite moments was when my son found a whole bunch of newspaper clippings and magazines when he was 7, and didn’t know I was in the business. He came up, and was like ‘oh my God, dad was huge, and we missed it!’"

Do you think the new Karate Kid will be as good as the first?


Will Smith & Family Attend ‘Karate Kid’ Premiere

Will Smith, wife Jada Pinkett Smith, their two children - Jaden, 11, and Willow, 9 - along with Will's son Trey, 17, and Jackie Chan rocked the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere of The Karate Kid at the Mann Village Theatre in Westwood, Calif. on Monday (June 7).

Jaden, who stars as the karate kid, was dressed in a Michael Jackson-inspired red leather jacket. Little sister Willow rocked a mohawk and animal prints.

Will said that they are proud of Jaden's discipline and performance in the remake of the popular '80s film.

We're very excited, we think he did a brilliant job. We're happy that he's a disciplined man and I think people are going to love this movie."


Willow Smith Makes A Fashion Statement

Willow Smith showed off her funky sense of style at last night's Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards in Los Angeles, California (March 27). The 9-year-old aspiring actress posed with her movie star mom Jada Pinkett-Smith wearing an outfit designed for her by celebrity stylists Mariel Haenn and Rob Zangardi.

Dad Will Smith was also at last night's star-studded event, as were big brothers Trey, 17, and Jaden, 11. Look for Jaden to hit the big screen this summer, co-starring with Jackie Chan in the new Karate Kid movie.


Billy Ray Cryus’ Grove Girls

Billy Ray Cyrus and wife Tish took a trip to the Grove in Los Angeles, Calif. this afternoon (January 10) with their youngest daughter Noah, who celebrated her 10th birthday yesterday.

The 48-year-old Achy Breaky Heart singer took time to sign autographs and posed beside a posted for his newest flick, The Spy Next Door, with costar Jackie Chan.

Billy Ray and Tish are also parents to 17-year-old Miley and 15-year-old Braison Chance. In addition, Billy has two adopted stepchildren, Trace, 20, and Brandi, 22, and one son from a previous relationship, 16-year-old Christopher Cody.


Dave Foley & Daughter Strike A Pose

The Kids in the Hall star, Dave Foley, and his 6 1/2-year-old daughter Alina posed on the red carpet at the world premiere of The Spy Next Door in Los Angeles on Saturday (January 9).

Alina stars in the new Jackie Chan film and has previously appeared as Claire Brady on the soap opera Days of Our Lives.

Alina's mother is Foley's ex-wife Crissy Guerrero. The Canadian comedian also has two sons from his previous marriage to Tabatha Southey: Ned, 18, and Basil, 14.