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Chanelle Hayes’ Bikini Bump

Big Brother U.K. star Chanelle Hayes, who is said to be seven months along into her first pregnancy, was seen enjoying the beach while on holiday in Greece today (June 17). The mom-to-be looked great in a bikini as she enjoyed the sand and surf with a pal.

The father of the baby is rumored to be Chanelle's ex-boyfriend, Middlesbrough football player Matthew Bates. Chanelle, 22, is now said to be dating Jade Goody's widower, Jack Tweed, 22. Jade had reportedly accused Jack of having an affair with Chanelle.


Jade Goody Leaves Entire Fortune To Sons

Although it's been almost one year since her death, the details of Jade Goody's last will have just been revealed.

And while she carried on a highly-publicized relationship with bad boy Jack Tweed in her final days, it seems the Big Brother star never lost focus on what was truly important and has left almost $6 million to her two adorable boys, Bobby Jack, 6, and Freddie, 5.

Her will states: "The wishes of my children should be regarded as paramount."

The late reality star's children are now living with their father, TV presenter Jeff Brazier, who will be their guardian until his death.

A friend says that Jade will be "smiling down from heaven" on her boys. "The bottom line of all this is that she'll have looked after her two young sons and no one has to worry about their financial security or education. They're very well provided for, and Jade will be smiling down from Heaven. It really was all she cared about in her final weeks - that her boys would have a proper schooling and not have to face the struggles she did growing up in a poor family in Bermondsey."

Jade's widower - who is awaiting trial after allegedly raping a 19-year-old - received her six year old Volkswagen, while her mother, Jackiey Budden, received $20,000.