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Celebrity Cribs: Janet Jackson Renting Her Trump Plaza Condo For The Mere Sum Of $35,000 Per Month! [Photos]


If you got a enough money, you can get busy in Janet Jackson’s bedroom…

Janet Jackson Puts Trump Plaza Condo Up For Rent

Via RealtyToday

Janet Jackson is looking to rent out her 2,093-square-foot New York City apartment, The Real Deal reported.

The 1 Central Park West three-bedroom apartment located in Trump International Hotel & Tower comes with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Central Park, three and a half bathrooms and a master suite complete with a walk-in closet and marble bath – all for $35,000 per month, according to StreetEasy.

Residents will also have access to Trump International hotel services. Maid service, 24-hour room service, a health club complete with a pool and spa, and valet parking are among the many perks of calling 1 Central Park West home.

The apartment, listed Feb. 3 by Kyle W. Blackmon and John Burger of Brown Harris Stevens, was bought in 1998 by Jackson’s Puffy Trust, although it’s unclear how much the singer paid for it, The Real Deal reported.

Other active rentals listed for Trump International include a five-bedroom, 1,800-square-foot apartment for $19,900 a month, a two-bedroom for $16,900 a month and a one-bedroom for $8,900 a month, among others. There are currently seven active sales, including a 2,255-square-foot, three-bedroom apartment for just under $9 million and a 450-square-foot, one-bedroom for $949,000.

Flip it to see more pics of the crib


Celebs Be Lyin: 8 Big-Name Artists Who Canceled Shows Due To A “Mystery Illness”


Neo-Soul GOD/recovering dope fiend D’Angelo recently canceled five shows on his tour due to a “mystery illness” that left him confined to a Maryland-area hospital. Whether it’s SARS, a legit sickness or drug-related, no one knows, but folks rarely believe artists when they claim to be “sick” and “unable to perform.”

Here are eight big-name artists who canceled shows due to a “mystery illness.” Take a look.

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Britney Spears will be joining X Factor for $16 Million

You all heard the rumors a few weeks back and it looks like they were true. Britney Spears is close to signing a $16 million deal to become a judge on the X Factor, a source told Us Weekly. “No paperwork has actually been signed yet, but they finally came to terms.” the source says.

X Factor is refusing to confirm the details of the report. All they will say is that “nothing has happened and nothing has changed” but we all know that is not true. When the rumors first came out a few weeks ago, it was reported that Britney might be getting $10 million, so if she really did end up getting $16 million….then go Britney!

Simon probably didn’t mind the extra $6 million, it seemed like he was almost becoming desperate. He had attempted to get several other big name celebrities, like Janet Jackson who respectfully declined their offer. Cowell knew he had to get at least one big name to save his show — after a very disappointing first season. It looks he has finally found that big name; Britney Spears will certainly get more people to watch the show.

Will it be enough to keep up with Idol and The Voice? We’ll find out soon enough. Britney Spears Will be joining X Factor for $16 Million Britney Spears Will be joining X Factor for $16 Million Britney Spears Will be joining X Factor for $16 Million Britney Spears Will be joining X Factor for $16 Million


And The Super Bowl Champs Are…


The game started off on a very odd note. The first points of the game were from a safety! Surely no one would have bet on that happening, but wait! Apparently someone did bet on that exact thing happening, a very lucky person turned $200 on a 1st safety score bet into $15,000! A very merry Super Bowl for them.

The game quickly settled down after the safety. It was pretty lackluster for most of the first half, that is until the Patriots had a fantastic drive late in the 2nd quarter. The Patriots were down 9-3 before they put together a magical and record tying 96-yard scoring drive to end the 2nd quarter.  Surprisingly, running back Danny Woodhead was the one who caught the touchdown pass.

The Patriots kicked the extra point, which made the score 10-9 going into halftime. I would breakdown the halftime show for you all, but I turned it off after the first few minutes. Ever since Janet Jackson showed her nipple, the Super Bowl halftime shows have sucked. Bring back the nipples! Although, I am sure Madonna was better than the Black Eyed Peas…good lord they were horrible last year. If you want more info on the halftime show click here.

Anyway, back to the game. The Patriots opened up the second half right where they left off in the first half. Brady took them down the field, and they scored on another touchdown pass by Tom Brady. That touchdown stretched their lead to 17-9. However, they didn’t do much after that. The Giants went on to kick two field goals, shrinking the Patriots lead to 17-15.

Then things got really interesting…

Late in the 4th quarter the Patriots had a chance to extend their 17-15 lead, but they failed. The Patriots ended up having to punt the ball, which gave the Giants a chance for the ultimate comeback victory.

The drive started off with an incredible catch by Mario Manningham. The Giants then proceeded to drive all the way down to the goal line — with less than two minutes to play they could have drained most of the time off the clock. However, the Patriots basically let Ahmad Bradshaw walk into the end zone. You could tell Bradshaw tried to stop himself before getting into the end zone but he failed miserably;  it was one of the most awkward touchdowns, ever.

That play opened the door for the Patriots. After a failed two point conversion from the Giants, the Patriots were down 21-17 with less than a minute on the clock. Brady had one more chance to be the hero of the game. One more chance to lead his team to victory, but it just didn’t happen. The Patriots managed to move the ball close to the 50 yard line, but that is as far as they would get.

Giants win, Giants win, Giants win. I guess the jinx wasn’t so bad after all. I apologize to all the Giants fans. Have fun celebrating…just don’t start setting cars on fire.


And The Super Bowl Champs Are… And The Super Bowl Champs Are… And The Super Bowl Champs Are… And The Super Bowl Champs Are… And The Super Bowl Champs Are… And The Super Bowl Champs Are...

Who Swirled Harder??

After the AMA’s, Janet Jackson threw a party. Russell Simmons showed up wth his long time escort girl and Johnny Gill came faking the funk, like he enjoys womb. SMH

Who Swirled Harder??

Pop the top for Janet, Ciara, Melody Thornton and Venus Williams sporting something most people didn’t mention… her natural hair