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Lindsay Lohan shows her mellons for Jason McDonald Shoot

34560_Lohan2_123_216loWith Lindsay Lohan slated to earn around $100 for playing Linda Lovelace in Inferno (a little over the going rate for gang-bangs, but she’s a celebrity after all), it’s no wonder she’s doing one naked photoshoot after another. Except in this one the nipples are covered. Because showing them at this stage would definitely be improper for a junkie on her way to recovery. So she’s just going to stick to gang-rape scenes with men in suits for the time being. Wise thing to do, if you ask us. And it definitely won’t lead to hooking, it’s been tested.

PS: Second set of pics is of Lindsay showing her hunting skills in underwear on Maliby Beach (and trying to cover her SCRAM bracelet with furry boots). Which is very realistic considering that’s exactly what she does when she realizes the coke supply in her cupboard is down to 20%.