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“Top Guns” is The Latest Hilarious Porn Parody

Digital Playground’s latest movie parody feature is a high-flying action film with fast jets, slutty USAF women, and only vague connections to a Tom Cruise/Val Kilmer movie. (Digital Playground doesn’t make parodies, so they say.) Anyway, here’s the awesome SFW trailer

Wow, That men’s locker-room scene with the four dudes in towels “high-fiving” really stays true to the original Top Gun. The volleyball game, as well.

We love movies that make us go “Ptchoo! Ptchoo!” and we can’t remember the last time we’ve gone from saying “Ptchoo!” to “Maybe this is a no-pants movie.” Because of that, we’re totally willing to overlook the fact that this is “Top Gun” pluralized (cause of boobs, get it? Yeah don’t have to be a genius to get it). Plus, it’s got all of our favorite Digital Playground contract girls – Stoya, Jesse Jane, Riley Steele, Selena Rose, and Kayden Kross – and even Raven Alexis! What more could you want? ‘Splosions? You got it.

See the uncensored trailer at


Pornstar Jesse Jane psyched for the strip club


Jesse Jane, who claims she’s broken into the mainstream, rocked her tiny Barbie bod down the red carpet catwalk at a strip club party in Cali on Saturday (August 15). The only thing we see that’s broken is her sense of reality, but nice try.

Jesse was recently quoted as saying, “I still have sex every day with my husband, and we’ve been together for five years. I just like sex that much. I learned, with my own body, what I liked and I tried new things. It’s just something I like. I guess you could say I’m kind of a nympho.”

No kidding. You’d better be a nympho if your day job involves letting random dudes stick it to you in impossible positions!  She definitely showed off her porn star curves as well as a poster of her upcoming cinematic treat, “Teachers,” while sashaying down the red carpet.  Maybe you’re right, Jesse, this look like the one that’ll break you into the Big Time.


John Mayer on the Prowl, Next Target Jessie James

Let me fuck you tuck you in! John Mayer, tried to pull the ole one-two-I'm-a-celebrity punch card, the other night at Hotel Cafe in Hollywood. The musician was trying to score some bonus points with up-and-coming pop-star Jessie James (not to be confused with motorcycle enthusiast Jesse James or Adult film star Jesse Jane). The two were...