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Celebrities Read Mean Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Jimmy Kimmel may not have the best late night talk show currently on the air (shout-out Craig Ferguson) but Kimmel does have some of the best ideas. And he had a pretty great one on Wednesday night. Jimmy thought it would be fun to have celebrities read mean tweets about themselves to celebrate Twitter’s 6th anniversary.

Kristen Bell, Joel McHale, Louis C.K., David Cross, Roseanne, Jason Bateman, Kevin Nealon, Anna Faris and Will Ferrell all take part in the video. Some of the tweets are actually pretty clever, but some are just flat out nasty. Someone told Kevin Nealon that he sucked fat balls…ouch. We are assuming sucking on fat balls is worse than sucking on skinny balls, right? Fat balls probably take up way too much space in the mouth. Are we getting a bit too graphic? Sorry.

You can watch the hilarious video above. Celebrities Read Mean Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Celebrities Read Mean Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Celebrities Read Mean Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Celebrities Read Mean Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live!


Gary Busey & His Insanity Go On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Has there ever been a better time in history to be mentally ill?

2 days ago, Gary Busey was fired on The Celebrity Apprentice. But fear not, dedicated fans, for he returned to TV screens last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live! And you know what? His interview with Kimmel, which ranged from a discussion of body language, to “Buseyisms,” to Meatloaf-bashing, was just as entertaining as Busey was in The Donald’s boardroom. Entertaining in that insane kinda way.


Britney Spears Was in Jackass 3 – “Deleted Scene”

“Shit Me Baby, One More Time” – “I’m a slaaaave for poo

Last night Johnny Knoxville and Britney Spears were both guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where they aired a skit of Britney performing one of the stunts from Jackass 3D, “The Poo Cocktail Extreme.” It doesn’t appear as though they used actual poop in the bungee porta potty, like they did with Steve-O in the movie, but she got wet with something, and then punched Knoxville in the balls…

…Feels like we’re leaving something out here. Oh that’s right. Britney didn’t actually do that stunt. Nor was that her running there at the end attacking the Jackass guys. She did however lie to our faces and for that she can go and die.

The only thing real here was the set up to the skit and the actual outside view of the port-a-potty going up, that was the footage taken from the movie when Steve-O did it, he was also strapped in using a 5 point harness in the actual stunt.



Gay Fish is FUR real YO! Seen here leaving a New York Hotel wearing baggy leather pants, a snakeskin backpack and some sort of a pimped out man-fur coat before kicking a kitten in the face. I sure hope he isn’t allergic to red paint.

You just gotta love when uber rich douchebag celebrities spend more money than me and you make in a year on a single outfit… and it ends up looking like a rejected pimp Halloween costume.

Just so this post isn’t solely about Kanye West being a douche, here is Josh Groban on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night singing some of Gay Fish’s random tweets. I would totally buy all 48 CDs.

Kanye West Wearing a Fur Coat Kanye West Wearing a Fur Coat Kanye West Wearing a Fur Coat

‘s Autumn Reeser is preggers

autumn reeser preggers
Can you imagine the expressions on your husband’s face if he finds out the exciting news of your pregnancy while surfing channels on TV? Autumn Reeser just had the privilege of enjoying these expressions. The No Ordinary Family star is expecting her first baby and according to her, her husband, writer-director Jesse Warren, got the news while watching TV!

The gorgeous actress was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday night and broke the news that she’s expecting her first baby. I seriously believe she was joking when she said her husband stumbled upon the news on television, but I can’t stop myself from smiling. Congratulations, Autumn! Check out the video after the jump.
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Ke$ha – Now Available With 3D Glasses

Holy crap, it’s Geordi La Forge… wait no, that is Ke$ha stumbling around like a tard while wearing ridiculous looking 3D glasses after leaving Jimmy Kimmel Live the other night, and since that wasn’t hilariously retarded enough for her she decided to go with the always classy double pair. Which I guess makes sense because we already live in a three dimensional world so there isn’t much point in  walking around with 3D glasses. But if you walk around with two… now that’s when shit gets real and you enter the sixth dimension full of hardcore shit, like umm, glitter on the floor.

Yes, hardcore. That’s the first word that springs to mind when I see glitter on the floor… deal with it.

Kesha wearing 3D Glasses Kesha wearing 3D Glasses Kesha wearing 3D Glasses Kesha wearing 3D Glasses Kesha wearing 3D Glasses Kesha wearing 3D Glasses Kesha wearing 3D Glasses Kesha wearing 3D Glasses Kesha wearing 3D Glasses

Video: What do you get when you cross and ?!

Sesame Shore! It’s official! Nobody does it better than Jimmy Kimmel. Dissecting current affairs and filling hilarious shades in any sucking issue is his specialty. Katy Perry’s Hot and Cold affair with Elmo dragged Sesame Street in the news for all the wrong reasons, and Jimmy Kimmel grabbed the chance to debut the trailer for Jersey Shore’s kids version of Sesame Street on his late night show. Learning was never so fun. Enjoy the video.

P.S. This video gives me a fresh reason to love Snooki.


Tom Cruise and Jimmy Kimmel –

Tom Cruise was Jimmy Kimmel’s guest on his show on Friday, and Jimmy decided to lure Tommy boy into making chicken carbona - a dish that Tom expertly makes for his kids - for himself. Jimmy did succeed in getting Tom do the job for him, but not before pumping in some adrenaline and zipping across Hollywood Blvd. with Tom, who wanted some fresher eggs for the dish. There’s no doubt about Tom’s ability at doing such stunts, but we have to give credit to Jimmy too. He has shown that he’s the best when it comes to handle a dozen eggs at one go! Pretty hilarious episode. Hit the jump for part II and III of Tom and Jimmy’s Mission: Chicken Carbona.
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Video: Kate is Enough: The Kate Gosselin Story

What’s the best thing to do when you are surrounded by a bevy of fake reality TV stars whose only mission is to hunt for cheap publicity, earn some easy money and torture your brain cells in the process? Call Jimmy Kimmel. That’s it! He is sweet, no doubt, but he is the only antidote for such brain-eating pests. If he can slam Kate Gosselin, he can slam just anyone! Sigh... I wish this was a real movie. Anyway, love you Jimmy. You are a gem, a real one!

P.S. Special thanks to Kathy Griffin and George Takei.

Best moment: Totally hilarious!