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Jodie Foster Sticks Up For Kristen Stewart

Everyone seems to be ganging up on Kristen Stewart (us included) but not Jodie Foster. She is calling for an end to it all. The Oscar winning actress wrote a passionate article for The Daily Beast, defending Kristen Stewart and slamming the media.

Jodie claims that if she were a young actor today in Hollywood she would quit and run far away. “If I had to grow up in this media culture, I don’t think I could survive it emotionally.” she writes. Jodie also talks about when she first met Kristen Stewart on the set of the movie, “Panic Room”


“In 2001 I spent 5 months with Kristen Stewart on the set of the Panic Room mostly holed up in a space the size of a Manhattan closet. We talked and laughed for hours, sharing spontaneous mysteries and venting our boredom. I grew to love that kid” she recalled.

You can read the full article here. Jodie actually spends less time defending Kristen and more time bashing today’s media — and she does have a point. However, a lot of celebrities love the attention and those that don’t are usually smart enough to avoid areas where the paparazzi hang out. It’s true, sometimes celebrities do get unfairly targeted and sometimes the paparazzi cross the line, but Kristen is the one who caused all of this. Well, Kristen and the director she had the affair with.

This was not some story that the media just created; it actually happened! I like to think of the paparazzi as a swarm of flies; they’re extremely annoying, but usually harmless. You just swat them away and get on with your day, but it gets harder to swat them away when you’re covered in trash. The flies will not stop following you ‘til the trash is gone.

Now, it’s true that the flies don’t have any business following you around, but when you get caught playing in the garbage…what do you expect? Jodie Foster Jodie Foster1


A Look At Celeb Parents Who Are Gay & Transgendered

After two years of intense debate, Proposition 8 – a measure passed in November 2008 banning same-sex marriage in the state of California – was ruled unconstitutional earlier this month by a federal judge. Three cheers for equality!

And with the recent news that Neil Patrick Harris and his longtime partner David Burtka are expecting twins later this year, we became inspired to take a look at celebrity parents who are gay and transgendered.

Read on and celebrate diversity with us....


5 Reasons to Feel Bad for Lindsay Lohan

So maybe we were a little harsh on Fire Crotch Lindsay Lohan. She obviously has a big f’n problem and her career is going down the shitter faster than.. something going down a toilet . Keli Goff from The Huffington Post makes some completely valid points about Lohan’s troubles… and it makes her seem more like a person and less like someone we like to make fun of. Sigh. We’ll miss those warm and fuzzies.

5. We All Saw this Coming

Any of us who read the Vanity Fair cover story in which a defiant Lohan proclaimed, “Yeah, motherf*%ker I’m fine,” (a catchphrase that even inspired its own shirt), all knew that “Uh … no Lindsay, you’re not.” And yet it were as though — like watching a slow-moving, multi-year train wreck — we were powerless stop it, yet that didn’t stop us from watching all along and remarking on the potential casualties.

4. Unlike Fellow Trainwreck Paris Hilton, Lohan Never Seemed Like A Real Life Mean Girl

I’ll admit to not shedding a tear when Paris Hilton was sentenced to jail time. (Okay I might have let out a giggle or two.) What’s the difference between the two equally trouble-prone paparazzi magnets? Well, aside from the fact that Lohan actually has some talent, the real difference is that Hilton’s various racial epithets and numerous spats (including helping to couch an unfortunate, infamous nickname for Lohan) seemed to indicate that she had less than zero to contribute to society (besides an unfortunate cd.) Lohan, on the other hand, is an arguable talent whose charming turns alongside everyone from Meryl Streep to Tina Fey seemed to portend a promising future — if only she had the stability to keep it all together. Furthermore, it appears that all of the trouble that Lohan has had — most of them substance abuse related — never came from a malicious place. Watching Lohan descend even further into her abyss was sort of like watching Amy Winhouse — an also talented yet tragic figure — do the same. What they both have in common is that they have never seemed mean at all, just sick and very, very sad.

3. Her Wildly Entertaining Turn In Mean Girls (And Stint On SNL)

Not much to add here, except to say it’s hard to remember the days when Lindsay Lohan was actually known for her acting ability. It almost seems a lifetime ago. Who knows? Maybe one day we’ll be putting her in the same category as Mickey Rourke for Talent-turned-disaster-turned-comeback of the century.

2. Her Family

No one’s family is perfect. In fact the definition of a “normal” American family is usually one that has simply mastered the art of being functionally dysfunctional. (Shout out to my own.) But when you look at Lohan’s family, from the mother who’s exploited her as a meal ticket (and most recently as an ice-cream ticket) for much of her life, to the father who’s pimped out her privacy to the highest bidder in exchange for his own shot at Z-list fame, it’s enough to drive any sane person to insanity…and frankly to drive a sober person to drink. The biggest difference between the child stars who become Ron Howard or Jodie Foster, versus those who become Gary Coleman? You guessed it. The fam.

1. Because Going To Jail Is The Best Thing That’s Happened To This Girl In Years

Though definitely a good thing for those of us who don’t want to face drunk drivers on the road, being sentenced to jail time could also quite possibly save Lindsay Lohan’s life, forcing her to take a break from the host of apparently unhealthy influences around her, from controlled (and not controlled) substances, to her family. Just think about that for a moment. By going to jail and rehab this person might actually be happier, healthier and better off than by being a celebrity who’s free to walk the streets.

Just for the record, Lindsay is still a brat who is delusional for thinking that she’d get away with her crimes. But, just for a sense of fairness. A change of opinion. An article without Fire Crotch thrown around.


Ellen DeGeneres named the most inspiring gay icon

ellen gay icon
Ellen DeGeneres has been named the most influential gay personality in America in a recent poll by Out magazine. DeGeneres beat Adam Lambert, Marc Jacobs and Neil Patrick Harris to clinch the top spot on the magazine’s annual Power 50 list.

According to Contactmusic,

The star, who is married to actress Portia de Rossi, claimed the top spot in Out’s annual Power 50 rundown. Singer Adam Lambert and How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris featured in the top ten, claiming fifth and seventh place respectively. Fashion designers Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford were also high in the rundown - at 11 and 13. Moviemaker Lee Daniels was at 25, while comedienne Wanda Sykes featured at 36. Jodie Foster was placed 41st and Milk director Gus Van Sant came in at 43.

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Uma Thurman movie is mother of all flops


A film about a stressed-out mother, featuring Hollywood superstar Uma Thurman, has been withdrawn from show in Britain after just 11 cinema goers turned up to see it in its opening weekend.

Motherhood managed to gross $14 from the lone viewer who turned up on the British debut Sunday. Takings for the full weekend hit $140.

The figures mean the film outflopped even its dismal performance back in the U.S, where it took just over $65,000 when it opened last September.

Kill Bill 2, by contrast, one of Thurman’s greatest hits, made $22.3m in America on its opening weekend in 2004.

Motherhood also has appearances by Minnie Driver and Jodie Foster.

British critic Barry Norman, said it was “astonishing” that only 11 people could be bothered to go and see a film starring Thurman. “The reviews were very poor indeed but that alone isn’t enough to explain it.”

Metrodome, the firm responsible for marketing the film, said it believed the DVD would do better than the cinema release.

When told of the takings in Britain, Jana Edelbaum, the film’s producer, replied: “You’re kidding? We must have broken a new record for grosses.”

She said she would demand an explanation from Metrodome. “Motherhood is not bad. It’s a very decent movie.”


Jodie Foster & Son’s Bubble Tea Break

Actress Jodie Foster, 47, and her son Christopher “Kit” Foster, 8, grabbed a refreshing drink from Urth Caffe on Melrose Avenue this afternoon (January 11). The happy duo walked hand in hand as they enjoyed the sunny day.

Jodie, who is also mom to 11-year-old Charles, is very private when it comes to her family life and has never revealed the identity of her childrens’ father.


Mel Gibson caught with his hand up a beaver


Wow…how many times do you get a picture that creates a remarkable parallel to what that person is all about? Meet Mel Gibson running around with his favorite thing in the world…the vagina. Mel was pictured jogging somewhere in upstate New York with his fingers up the beaver’s colon in order to please Jodie Foster who seems to think that a story about a man obsessed with a puppet is a fantastic idea for a movie (well, maybe if Mel has sex with it and they produce a little Beaverheart and is also caught in DUI with it…oh, and preferably the beaver spits on the cop and starts yelling “damn Jews”…you know, just to portray the bond between the two in a more dynamic way).

And those of you who said you’d believe Mel Gibson’s lead casting in The Beaver when you saw it, here you go: The man behind Mad Max, Lethal Weapon and Malibu’s most dramatic DUI arrest is currently trotting around director Jodie Foster’s set, somewhere in New York, with a beaver puppet on his hand.